Thursday, July 01, 2004


July 1 First Thursday

Erin Kennedy's deceptively simple schematic compositions are the perfect mixer for summer love. "he loves me he loves me not" daisies abound.
Pulliam Deffenbaugh Gallery 522 NW 12th opening until 8:30

Mail art show - buy good art here cheap - Zine Central:Reading Frenzy - 921 SE Oak opening til 9

Always a hit

Blue Sky/Nines Conceptual art space is hit or miss, but when it is a hit, how sweet; meanwhile the photos tend toward Arbus- style disaffection, be it David Lynchian suburbs or charmingly mythical images from South and Central America. 1231 NW Hoyt opening until 9:30

Compound/Just Be Toys/Video/Design/am I forgetting anything? The upstairs of this Japanese Action Figure Emporium is a great and affordable and very up to date gallery. A big hangout too for Japanese expats. corner NW Couch and 6th opening til 10

Motel - what can I say, the quintessential DIY spot for accessories and cool hand made household objects has a tiny gallery space with warm fuzzy art you would love to take home for a song. NW Couch between 5th and 6th

Fashion Incubator See and be seen - fashion, another of Portland's art forms. Every 2 months the laboratory store is remade by a new set of designers. corner NW 5th and Couch opening til 8ish

Always a party, sometimes a hit

Various Everett Station Lofts and Ogle corner NW Everett and Broadway opening til 10 or so

Group show Gallery 500 420 SW Washington, 5th floor opening til 2

Paintings of skateboarders? Mark Wooley Gallery 120 NW 9th til 10

First Friday July 2

Head over after taking in the SE - this is the big show of the evening

Uncle Unkeles - - a curated show of artists who rent space or who have in the past from this landlord to the warehouse artist Haze Gallery 6635 N Baltimore opens 7-11ish (see the press release below)

Start early in the SE

5d Show: Exploring Space. This work / exhibition space is open random last Fridays. Sometimes the quality is good. _Hall Gallery 630 SE 3rd opens Friday 7-10ish

Hot Girls Cool Guys New Space Photo 1632 SE 10th opens Friday 7-9ish

And (don't know the artists, so pot luck):

Photos, pastels, jewlery Studio 1636 1636 SE 10
Photos and Paintings tiny's 1412 SE 12th
Group show Studio 2507 2507 SE Clinton
Photos genie's Cafe 1101 SE Division

Our friends at Dragonlilly are considering joining the first Friday art showings, stay tuned...

Who/What: Twenty-One Years of Studios: Friends of Carton Service
A historic exhibition that celebrates the work of more than 150 artists who, at some point since 1983, have harbored their Portland studio in one the Unkeles Family’s buildings.

When: July 2, 2004 - Opening Party! – 7-11pm
Food, beverages, entertainment

Gallery hours continue from noon-6pm on Saturdays and Sundays
July 10/11, July 17/18 and July 24/25

Where: Cathedral Park Place - 6635 N. Baltimore
Near the East End of the historic St. Johns Bridge

*note: The St. Johns Bridge will be closed July 10, 11, 24, and 25, eliminating access from Hwy. 30. However, the site can still be found easily. Directions: take I-5 North to the Portland Blvd. exit. Take a left onto Portland Boulevard. It will curve right and become Willamette Blvd. Pass both water towers, go under the St. Johns Bridge and take a left onto Baltimore, towards the boat ramp. Cathedral Park Place is the orange building on the right. Parking is available inside.
In 1983 the Unkeles family bought a vacant, pigeon-infested industrial building that had previously been home to the "North Coast Seed Co." Their business, Carton Service, needed only part of the warehouse to store its inventory, so they ran an advertisement to rent the leftover space. Peter Teneau, a mid-career sculptor, answered the ad and became their first artist tenant. "I hate moving," he said. "What I need is a studio I can stay in for the rest of my career that I won't get priced out of." He trained them well. They agreed on a month-to-month lease, shook hands, and Peter moved out when he retired seventeen years later.
Since then the Unkeles family has rented space to over 400 artists in ten buildings throughout the city. The primary studio complexes today are: The North Coast Seed Co. Bldg., The Carton Service Bldg., The Northwest Marine Iron Works Complex, River St. Studios, and their newest project, in partnership with David Gold, Cathedral Park Place in St. Johns. Artists have included: Cynthia Lahti, Matt McCormick, Kristan Kennedy, Raul Mendez and Ed King, Dana Louis, Melody Owen, Stephen Hayes, Alex Hirsch, Scott Becker, Julie Keefe, Philip Krohn, Jerry Mayer, Whitney Nye, Meg Rowe, Cris Moss, Joe Thurston, Kelley Baker, Jacqueline Ehlis, the Pander Brothers. . . and the list goes on.
To celebrate their 21st year of working with artists, in commemoration of Carton Service's 50th anniversary, and because there is some vacant space to use out in St. Johns (40,000 sq. feet for this show!), the Unkeles family invites you to come celebrate the work of these artists and explore the history behind Twenty-One Years of Studios: Friends of Carton Service.

Wed July 7

Gallery CO7 hosts an opening of painting and sculpture + an ambient/radioheadish DJ Wednesday July 7 from 7-11PM at 2000 SE 7th

Extra credit:

PNCA NW Johnson and 13th has a group show of recent art school graduates across Oregon. Take a look at Jennifer Zimmerman’s work made of plain old window screen and a most outstanding piece by Renae Kowitz “field” - an about 15 foot square carpet of toy plastic army men, in a pattern of pink and green. The variety of profiles of the figures, standing, laying, etc. creates a varied texture as shaggy as our current foreign policy.