Sunday, September 27, 2015

September 27 YouWho, We're Back

Portland's adult-child variety show put on by artist-musicians returns. The thesis is that adults need not be bored to oblivion by childrens' material and the reverse, which is really more important. Small ones might need earplugs so bring them for the whole family. Follow them @youwhoportland. At the Crystal Ballroom. Doors noon, show one. $10

Saturday, September 26, 2015

September 26 Mysterious Mashups

Los Angeles artist Fay Ray and Seattle artist Robert Yoder, two very different generation artists, show together this evening. At Carl & Sloan Contemporary in the Disjecta building. 8371 N Interstate Ave #1 Map 6PM-10 Free

Johanna Barron has Acres of Walls. It is a project to document through Freedom of Information Act requests, the abstract art collection of the CIA. The CIA and the State Department considered American art a weapon against Communism.

The Book of Scores is a music, installation and performance event by Johannes Lund, T.R. Kirstein, Allan Wilson and Evan Spacht, Tobias Kirstein, Helga Fassonaki, Julia Santoli and Ellen Lesperance. It is very complicated, so take a look at the Disjecta web site.

At Disjecta, in the shadow of Paul Bunyan 8371 N. Interstate Map 6PM-10 Free

Friday, September 25, 2015

September 25 "Plastics"

Wynne Greenwood fits in perfectly with the current Alien She show now at PNCA. She was a riot grrrl artist in 90's Olympia, and she still is today, albeit in Seattle and an intervening MFA from Columbia.

One of her projects, on display as a video, was Tracy and the Plastics. All the band member roles were performed by Greenwood through the video equivalent of multitracking.

At the first of two members in Portland of the New Art Dealers Alliance, Fourteen30 Gallery 1501 SW Market Street Map 6PM-8

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 23 Women, (Data, and the Internet of) Things

Ethnography is one of the most useful tools in my toolbox. It is woven into design by pioneers and mentors like Robert Textor and Lucy Suchman. Portland has its own leader in the field, Australian Genevieve Bell. She has a talk tonight: Women, Data, and the Internet of Things. It has been a focus; her ideas of how it applies to domestic family life are explored in her book Divining a Digital Future: Mess and Mythology in Ubiquitous Computing.

The Internet of Things is an en vogue term for objects of all kinds to sense their surroundings or interact using a connection to the Internet to reach their "brain" in a data center. The Nest thermostat is an example. It uses computers in Google data centers to decide how to use energy efficiently while keeping the temperature comfortable. Exercise sensors like the Nike Fuel Band or the Jawbone Fit Bit would be other examples. The best design gives the devices a natural interface, like your phone or increasingly voice, and hides the complexity of the where, what and how of the "brain". Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke conceptualized it: "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Or another way of saying it is "it just works."

Videos of her talks are readily available on the Internet. Tonight she speaks to the Think and Drink audience in a series sponsored by Oregon Humanities.

Tickets online, phone (503) 764-4131, or in person at the Alberta Rose Theater box office.

At Alberta Rose Theatre, 3000 NE Alberta Doors 6PM talk 7 $10

September 22 Chit Chat

Pecha Kucha is a 20 slide x 20 seconds each presentation format developed for cross cultural creative presentations by architects and designers in Tokyo. It has spread worldwide. It is back on a more regular schedule in Portland. Presenters listed at Free tickets are required - get them at At Holocene 1001 SE Morrison. Doors 6PM Talks 6:30 Free with registration

Friday, September 18, 2015

September 20 Painting Experimental Pope

William Matheson opens a show of paintings, Night Was Already in My Hands. At Nationale 3360 SE Division Map 2PM-5 Free

The little Xhurch has Sanctuary Sunday, experimental music, tonight, with Northerndraw, Keith David Foster and Sundial plus visuals by Tape Jockey. At Xhurch 4550 NE 20th. Music 7PM-10 Free

September 19 Burning

Stewart Harvey and Marti open a show of photography imaged at the Burning Man festival in Nevada.

Photographer Harvey is the brother to the individual who has shaped the event since its Cacophony Society roots. So he has had access to the event from its early days. Marti is a Paris-based photographer.

At the Mark Woolley Gallery a gallery on the 3rd floor of the Pioneer Place Mall, with the People's art of Portland opening at the same time. If the mall appears closed, enter the film theater building adjacent, travel through the tunnel to the Place mall, and take the elevator to the 3rd floor, sometimes the bridge on the 3rd floor is open too. 700 SW Fifth 5PM-9 Free

September 18 Ernest Inca Donut

Demos: Wapato Correctional Facility is a video project by Ernest. They have been in residence in a new jail here. Built more than 10 years ago, it was never opened because the cost to operate it was not in the budget.

The artist residency has been sponsored by C3:initiative. The show opens tonight at 7326 N Chicago. 6:30PM-8:30 Free

Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas a cross continent artistic duo, split between Detroit and La Rioja, Spain, speak tonight about their work. They are known for their joint project INCA, sound works and now a publishing collaboration. At Publication Studio 717 SW Ankeny Map 6:30PM Free

And in the Keep Portland Weird spirit, a show of artwork made on donut shaped plaques is tonight. at Marrow PDX Ghost Sign Studios 7515 N Alma 6PM-9 Free & Free Donuts

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 16 Dark Matter

Dark Matter is a new show featuring Judy Cooke, Mary Henry, Justyn Hegreberg, James Minden, Pat Barrett, Eric Stotik, Molly Vidor, Kevin Kadar, Laura Fritz, Brian Borrello, Brad Mildrexler, James Lavadour, Ellen Wishnetsky-Mueller and Robert Motherwell.

Opening tonight at Jeffrey Thomas Fine Art 2219 NW Raleigh 6PM-8 Free

Saturday, September 12, 2015

September 12 Worksound Work

Worksound is having a rare open house tonight with art on the walls and studios neatened. At Worksound 820 SE Alder Map 7PM-10ish

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

September 9 SkyFootWater Fall

It is very difficult to see Willamette Falls in Oregon City up close. It has been industrial, with a power plant and a paper plant. The paper plant is closed now. Architects Snøhetta, Mayer/Reed and DIALOG present their plans tonight for the pedestrian walkways and an extension of downtown Oregon City to the Willamette islands in the stream. It is part of the Bright Lights series. At the Portland Art Museum in the Sunken Ballroom. 1219 SW Park Doors 5:30PM, talk 6:30 Free

Saturday, September 05, 2015

September 5 Purity

Pure Surface is a monthly collaborative performance by a movement artist, a writer and a filmmaker. Olivia Durif, writer; James Gendron, mover and Chaz Stobbs, filmmaker team this month. Pure Surface at Valentines 232 SW Ankeny. Doors 6:00PM, performance 7 sharp Free

September 5 Max MAX

Max is software for making music and visuals. The company that distributes it, Cycling '74 is visiting Portland to demonstrate it. Some of the presentations are Tom Hall demoing Max 7 and Modulars, Sue-C creating live handmade video
and Shawn Trail, with Electrified Acoustic Marimba and custom gesture sensors. There is more here: At Control Voltage 3742 NE Mississippi 7PM-9 Free

Friday, September 04, 2015

September 4 Eastside Art Openings

The Portland Museum of Modern Art opens a sexy presentation by Jibz Cameron as Dynasty Handbag. They also perform at PICA TBA. Show at the Portland Museum of Modern Art inside Mississippi Records 5202 N Albina Map 8PM-10

We always recommend the 811 block, down, up, front and back for shows.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

September 3 Westside Art Openings

Eyebeam is a famous experimental technology art residency in New York. The genre is under represented in Portland. So it is worth a look to see guest artists from Eyebeam: Chloë Bass, Zach Blas, James Bridle, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Zach Gage, Brian House and Addie Wagenknecht. At UpFor Gallery 929 NW Flanders early close 6PM-8 Free

Deepwater: Traces of the Arctic is a series of paintings-embroidered images by Lauren Hartman, It is inspired by the Deep Water Horizon oil and gas drilling ship disaster in 2010. The floating drilling platform in 5000 feet of water was destroyed by a natural gas explosion. The well lacked proper blowout preventers. The subsequent well blowout dumped oil for 87 days into the Gulf of Mexico until it was capped. A similar blowout in shallower waters of the Alaskan arctic would have only a few months without ice to cap, and the ice itself could impinge upon and break the well pipes, with any repair delayed until the ice melted. At Duplex Collective 219 NW Couch 6PM-9 Free

Longtime artists Laura Ross Paul, paintings, and Ronna Neuenschwander sculptures are at Froelick Gallery 714 NW Davis early close 8 Free

Kent Rogowski has Love = Love, jigsaw puzzle images constructed from mixed puzzles.

Peter Rock is a writer. Images from photographers Sophia Borazanian, Sara Lafleur-Vetter, Shaena Mallett, Peter Earl McCollough, and Colleen Plumb are on display, with his fictional narratives inspired by each work in show entitled Spell.

Who curated this show?

At Blue Sky Gallery map 122 NW 8th 6PM-9 Free

Ellen Lesperance has 2d work and textiles inspired by feminist artist Sylvia Sleigh (1916—2010) who painted males nude. At Adams and Ollman Gallery, the second of two members of the New Art Dealers Alliance, 209 SW 9th early close 6PM-8 Free

Holding Sway is a joint exhibition of 41 faculty members and 31 alumni.

Skinning Vision is a solo show by PNCA grad Rebecca Mackay Rosen Carlisle with a focus on the body.

At PNCA, always worth a visit for unlisted shows, and the Alien She show 511 NW Broadway Map

Everett Lofts are recommended as always. It's easier for you to see them all than for me to write suggestions. At the Everett Lofts 625 NW Everett. Bounded by NW Everett, Broadway, Flanders and 6th Map closing ranges from 9PM-10ish

September 3 Alien She

Alien She is an art show tracing the impact of the Riot Grrrl movement on culture, to now, with a focus on 7 multidisciplinary artists working now.

They are Ginger Brooks Takahashi, Pittsburgh; Tammy Rae Carland, Oakland; Miranda July, Los Angeles, nee Portland; Faythe Levine, Milwaukee; Allyson Mitchell, Toronto; L.J. Roberts, Brooklyn; and Stephanie Syjuco, San Francisco.

Olympia, WA was strongly involved in the early movement, influencing Portland and Seattle.

This show was curated through CMU by Astria Suparak and Ceci Moss, Riot Grrrls from that time, themselves.

It runs until January 9. First Thursdays are free at the Museum of Contemporary Craft. The curators lead a walkthrough Friday 12:30PM beginning at the 511 Gallery at PNCA free. The website has a more elegant explaination:

At the Museum of Contemporary Craft 724 NW Davis early close at 8 Free

And at PNCA 511 NW Broadway Map until 9+ Free

September 2 Confessions

Jessica Jackson Hutchins opens Confessions, a retrospective of work to date by the Portland artist. The work includes mixed media sculptures, 2d mixed media works and a video.

The show is distributed between the Lumber Room and the Reed College Cooley Gallery.

There is a reception September 27 at the Lumber Room 1PM-4. Talk September 29 6:30PM in the Reed College Chapel. Book Publication Party November 7 at Container Corps 4PM-6 800 SE 10th

At The Lumber Room 419 SW 9th, above Liz Leach Map Friday and Saturday noon-5 Free

At the Reed College Cooley Gallery 3203 SE Woodstock. Map Noon-5 Tuesday-Sunday Free

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

September 1 I am Curious Chroma

WTF is Money: The Past and Future of Cold, Hard Cash is a talk by Marcus Estes, cofounder of Portland startup Chroma Fund. It is a micro financing market for creative startups.

A presentation of the Curiosity Club, you can tune into the free live webcast, see the video archive on the Hand Eye Supply website, or visit the talk and demonstration in person at Hand Eye Supply 427 NW Broadway 6PM Free