Thursday, September 20, 2007

September 30 Morning Ragas

Ragas are a thing in Indian music I leave to non-analysis. They are to be performed at a specific time of day, so some for morning, some for evening, and so forth. There is no analogue in Western music.

Terry Riley is a force of nature in music. You know many justborn stars burning brightly in music. At age 72, Riley has been burning for some time, very, very brightly.

Musique concrète is very, very early electronic music. The most experimental musicians back in the day explored it using the first electronic music instruments and tape loops, an early sampling technology. John Cage, fellow Buddhist to Riley, was the first to incorporate chance into composition, ordering phrases into a piece by random processes such as the I-Ching, in 1951.

In the 1950's, Riley began experimenting with tape loops. Influenced by Stockhausen (I recorded once a Stockhausen piece, Kontakte, a piece for 4 electronic channels and a bevy of live percussion. Its score is a work of art), Riley, soon after, went much, much, further out.

Combining these influences, Riley produced the first minimalist composition mass released In C in 1964. Collaborator Steve Reich, and followers Philip Glass, John Adams, Robert Ashley, ultimately influenced Brian Eno's ambient music. That thread has continued in many forms of today's electronica.

Riley is somewhat infamous for all night improv concerts in the 60's. The audience camped in sleeping bags or bundled in blankets. In that time, he discovered Indian classical music. Studying under Pandit Pran Nath, Riley became primarily a classical Indian vocal musician. That is his long lived musical vector for this morning. His long lived friendships bring him here.

Riley sings morning ragas for an intimate audience at the Community Music Center, a beautiful thing in itself. It's 3350 SE Francis. Performance 11AM, $20, door only.

September 29 Movement St Johns Art

Construct/Re-Construct is a visual group show curated by Rhoda London. Artists include Josh Arseneau, Francesca Berrini, John Brodie, Tiffany Lee Brown, Clare Carpenter, Cathy Cleaver, Nancy Cushwa, Kristina DiTullo, Tore Djupedal, David Hacker, Helen Heibert, Harrison Higgs, Scott Wayne Indiana, James Jack, Horatio Law, Todd Leninger, Seth Nehil, Liz Obert, Kelly Rauer, Anya Shapiro, Benjamin Stagl, Andy Stout, Robert Wilhelm, Karen Willey, Linda Wysong. It is in the St Johns warehouse formerly occupied by Columbia Sportswear before they moved to th suburbs, Initially offered for lease to artists at $.25 per square foot month, it is what Portland needs more of.
In the Cathedral Park art warehouse megaplex. 6635 N Baltimore 5-8pm Free

Butoh is not for everyone. This butoh is not beginner's butoh either. I am not big into noise dark improv, but it has its adherents here. The musical lineup tonight is dark chaos and noise. Musical performers include A Minority of One, Sleeping With the Earth, Redbird, Critical Theatre, Cult of Zir. The butoh interest is Briana Chittenden performing with musician Poet Noise Body, who, despite the name, is more of an electroacoustic improviser. Chittenden's angular movement is not afraid of risk. It is fascinating and challenging, maybe like Hijikata's. He was the originator of the form.
At ROTTURE 315 SE 3rd Ave $5 10PM on

September 28 The Art of Travel

Travel is transformational. Art too. Combining the concepts, tonight is the opening of a show: The Art of Travel. Visual artists Amy Ruppel, Justin “Scrappers” Morrison, Evan B Harris, Shawn Wolfe, David Kaul, Brent Wick, Jeremy Pelley, Philip Iosca, Sarah Gottesdiener, Liza Rietz and Storm Tharp show work. Japanese design phenom Uniqlo, brings limited artist designed shirts. In Japan they are dispensed (as are many strange things) in nifty tubes from vending machines at any hour. Music by Kanda, the Chromatics, and Beyonda. The show runs Sepember 29-October 2, 11AM-7PM. For the opening RSVP is required to Ace Hotel Cleaners 10th and SE Stark 9:30PM on Free

September 27 Office Bellydance Musics

This Last Thursday on Alberta may be the last without rain for the season. There OfficePDX shows art by co-owner Tony Secolo: Typography of Typewriters. Those ancient text processors were a big thing in the day with over 300 brands spanning 125 years, just in North America! Blickensdorfer, Peoples and Crown Index, Merritt, Underwood, Columbia Barlock, Hammond, Remington, Oliver, Royal, Simplex - most of the old brands are relic. Those alien type balls from old electric IBM typewriters presaged our word processors with myriad typefaces. Olivetti engaged smart industrial designers to design their typewriters, a strategy copied by Apple. Secolo is trained as a graphic artist, that is the starting point for this work reprising the mechanical word processing age. At OfficePDX 2204 NE Alberta

Rererato continues its beautiful music series with Celesteville, Moodring and Very Stereo - artist, filmmaker, director, organizer, distributor Matt McCormick's musical unit. There is art on the wall too. Rererato 5135 NE 42 x Sumner $4 7PM

I often met really good creative people, later I find they study with one of the great creative belly dancing communities in the city. Performances are a treat, especially accompanied by live music. I believe there is a weekly at It's a Beautiful Pizza. I do not know these performers, but tonight musicians Al-Arwah performs live for belly dancers Tiffany, Tamara, Oberon & Eden. At Mississippi Pizza, 3552 N Mississippi $5 9PM

September 26-28 The Moon

On the 15th day of the eighth month, 909, in Kyoto, the court gathered to view the moon. That tradition, O-Tsukimi, has even more ancient roots in China in the period of the Zhou Dynasty, 1122-256BC. Chinese mythology holds stories of Chang-e, the immortal goddess of the moon, who is able to fly with the aid of a magic elixir. The moon festival tradition is found in many other Asian cultures, tied to the Autumn full moon. It is a celebration of harvest and the season's change parallel to the equinox, which is based on a non-lunar calendar.

The Portland Japanese Garden's O-Tsukimi is sublime. We stroll the garden in the early evening. It is lit by candles in the stone lanterns. Shakuhachi and koto duo En play quietly. We consume hot green tea, hot saki, vegan sushi and mooncakes. Sitting watching the moon rise in front of the pavilion, overlooking the city, or strolling, we write poetry, which is tied to the branches of a small tree for all to read.

There are details at The gardens are a walk up from the Rose Garden in Washington Park. Reservations required. $20 members, $25 non. 6:30-8:00PM.

September 26 Just be there #29

I was lucky to participate in a beautiful intimate class "Using Global Media" in the dining room of renaissance man Mathew Stadler. His book filled house, glowing woodstove, shy cats, awesome guests and tasty potlucks were the perfect complement to deep lively discussions on creating creative networks, in person and virtual, by the exchange of gifts and relation, worldwide.

One of our crew, Sarah Gottesdiener, is a renaissance woman, and musician - her band the Gay Deceivers, is just off performing at PICA's TBA. (The band story is sweet too.) Sarah is putting all of her global media skills to this event and it shows!

The party celebrates the release of PLAZM#29.

29 explores the theme of collective memory.

It includes art from Sue Coe, Art Chantry, Storm Tharp, Todd Haynes. It has interviews with JD Samson, Yoko Ono, and Jessica Jackson Hutchins. 29 contains writing from Robert Mackey and Domenick Ammirati. There is a PDX musical memory map documenting 30 years of independent music. Also a taxonomy of meth labs and thoughts on the End of War. More stuff too. I'll put all of the exclamation points for all of that here: !!!!!!!!! 29 you can buy and read anytime, and will be on sale at a discount tonight.

The night includes mad dancing to DJ BJ, DJ Linoleum, and DJ Girlfriends.

Fueled by Saint Cupcake, New Deal Vodka, New Belgium Brewing and Guayaki Yerba Maté.

With art by David Eckard, Art Chantry, Storm Tharp, Kristan Kennedy, Philip Iosca, Sam Gould, Horatio Law, Matthew Stadler, and others. It's themed "the end of war" and the art will be auctioned to benefit Veterans for Peace. Amen.

Wow music by Evolutionary Jass Band, Hooliganship, and Glass Candy.

Film by Vanessa Renwick.

Ok I'll put some more exclamation points here: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the Ace Hotel. Corner 10th and SW Stark. $3. all ages. Doors 8PM, bands 9.

Sept ember 25 Ponyghost Landuse Bus

Rererato continues David Kyle & The Invisables, Jenni Potts, True Tape Ponyghost. The art show Remembery is up too.

At Rererato 5135 NE 42nd $4 Starts 7

The Bus Project, of which we've written, has created a debate to make learning something about Oregon's land use planning undo redo exciting. Really. In the 70's?, Oregon put in place revolutionary land use laws to make Oregon beautiful and sustainable. Last year voters undid part of that. Now we get to vote on redoing part. If you don't completely understand, come to the debate at Rontoms. 6th & E Burnside. 21 and over, 7PM Free

September 24 Patient Sub Ocean

Rererato continues Patient Patient, Ocean Floor, Sub-Cons. The art show Remembery is up too.

At Rererato 5135 NE 42nd $4 Starts 7

September 23 Music East to West

Rererato hosts a special guest appearance by the owner's band THE COURIERS from NYC and the Synesthete Ensemble and Cars & Trains. Show starts at 7pm.

At Rererato 5135 NE 42nd Starts 7 Free

For something a little beautifully different, Gaurav Mazumdar, Sitar, West Bengal; Kuntal Roy, Tabla, Delhi; are accompanied by Portlander Rose Okada, tambura play Indian music. It is at the Nityananda Institute, NE 31st and Holiday. 4PM $20 donation

September 22 Music Art Rollerderby

Rererato continues with Dead Air Fresheners, Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, LA Lungs, M.E. & me. The art show Remembery is up too.

At Rererato 5135 NE 42nd $4 Starts 7

The Rose City Rollers roll on towards the end of the season. Check their website for details. Their shows often sell out without help from Andrew Dickson. At the Expo Center. Go By Train. Doors 5PM, roll 6. Tickets $15-25 often sell out.

September 21 Cut + Paste

Ever wonder the process of creation? It is probably both less and more mysterious than imagined. In the graphic design space some projects seem to take infinite time. Alternate ideas are devised, discussed, debated, discarded. What if there was no time for that? Tonight design enters the realm of sport with time limits and competition as variables in Cut + Paste. 8 designers have 3 rounds to convince 5 judges to award them, only one, 1 crown. Judges include Jose Cabaco, W+K; Kristan Kennedy, PICA; Josh Berger, Plazm; Eric Lawrence, Ziba; Jason Bacon, UNKL. DJ's Rev Shines, Kez and MC Omega Watts preside. At the Wonder 128 NE Russell $10 advance (website), $15 door. Doors 7PM, show 8.

September 20 graf-musics-performance + VJ Night

The ad agency has its ear to the ground, it has its ear to the sky and also its ear on the tracks of pop culture sensing the next train. They bring them there and you can see them for free.

Today it's graffiti+art+music+performance from david choe and saber live.

choe is somewhat infamous for the content of his books, calendars, murals, comics, toys, print design and animation

graf artist saber travels the world making it beautiful. saber has executed the largest piece in the world ever - it required 97 gallons of paint, took 35 nights and covers the size of a football field!

In the W+K atrium 224 NW 13th 3PM Free

In Seattle, the 911 Media Arts Center presents their monthly VJ night hosted by VJ scobot. This month is a little different in that it is a screening of a documentary on VJing, "Video Out" by Paul Vlachos and Meredith Finkelstein (13Bit Productions, ). The filmmakers will also show work in progress "Lumia".

911 Media Arts Center 402 9th Ave N. Seattle, WA 7:30PM

Friday, September 14, 2007

September 15 Who is the Fairest of them All

Dueling street fairs, which is so unnecessary, unfold North and South. The Alberta Street Fair continues with, well, the Alberta Street Fair vibe. I'm voting for the underdog, the Foster Road Fo-Po fair Many artists live in each area because the rent is or was cheap. Details on their websites

Rererato continues its music and art with an art show themed on memory - Remembery - including artists Megan Berner (Iowa), Megan Jacobs(Georgia), Ann Mansolino (Michigan), and Rob Southard (Kentucky). Jacobs piece is melting, so time is of the essence. Musicians Alison Denis & Yeti Love perform. The show is up September 15th through October 20th at viewing hours on their website. NE 42nd and Sumner Free tonight 7-9PM

September 14 Music Ragas Waffles

Rererato continues its experimental almost living room music series with Pilgrims, Wroom, sirius.fnord vs Ty Cobb and The Clothing Collection. All the details at 42nd and NE Sumner $4 7PM

I am more for instrumental music of the subcontinent. Maybe I need to listen to more vocal rags. Here is an opportunity. Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty sings ragas accompanied by four instrumentalists. He is the first recipient of the "Kumar Gandharva" award for the best musician under 45, he received the "President's award for the best male playback singer in 1990" , he is the first Fellow to receive a Gold Medal from the "Sangeet Research Academy" (SRA). So good within that system of aesthetics. At the OHSU Main Auditorium, 3181 SW Sam Jackson Pk Road $15 (12 years and younger Free) 7:30PM

There is also an opening at Jáce Gáce 6-midnight and a performance-installation at Rocksbox 6540 N.Interstate/Cesar Chavez Blvd x Portland Blvd/Rosa Parks Way 6-11PM and some things happening on Mississippi

September 14-16 Art Aqua Portland

Not really. The Affair at the Jupiter Hotel is a small art fair, mixing in some out of town galleries, profit and non, with locals. Since it is generally considered good to see as much art as possible, this is a way to do so without traveling. Each gallery occupies a Jupiter room, so most work is small, with works on paper common. See what is being made and presumably selling elsewhere, though to sell that yourself may require selling it outside Portland, which is good, because art prices are higher in other art center cities. There is also a talk Saturday on selling art which is not selling out, in my view. Thanks to Laurel Gitlen of Small A projects (Small A also has an opening Saturday evening) and Stuart Horodner (former PICA visual curator) for organizing this. $5 noon-7

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 12 DIY Marriage

Rererato is a DIY gallery-storefront-house that hosts art shows and live music. Their last visual show was themed sleep. Tonight music is added from the local Marriage Records community. Their motto is "first comes love". Always. Playing are Grouping, Fortress of Amplitude, Mudboy, Lucky Dragons and Ghosting. The night perfect.

At Rererato 5135 NE 42nd $4 Starts 7

Thursday, September 06, 2007

September 7 Eastside Art Openings

Timothy Scott Dalbow is known for colorful paintings. They are at the New American Art Union this month 922 SE Ankeny

"Welcome to California [North]" may come sooner than later with global warming. Already we are becoming Brooklyn West. In the '70's? there was a famous sign on I5, to the effect "welcome to Oregon, enjoy your visit, but don't stay". So the copywriting award of the month goes to the Grass Hut Gallery:

"Bwana Spoons and Justin "Scrappers" Morrison are coming outta the closet. The secrets out, they're from California. They've kept it a secret because they thought Oregonians might get mad and hate on them with a "Locals Only" attitude. As it turns out though, everyone's been super nice and welcoming here in Portland. So take this show as a welcome right back at you.

In their new body of work the Cali-boys explore and reflect everything rad and lame about California. That covers everything from surfing legend Moon-Doggy to gangsta rap legend Easy-E.

Using vivid colors and bold icons in their new painting, Bwana and Scrappers celebrate their first show together in Grass Hut gallery"

"Bwana Spoons:
Growing up in California I began to think of it as it's own country. Born in Santa Ana on a dragbike, and after a momentary stint in Michigan, my folks moved me up and down the coast and the valley. We made pit stops in Trona(Death Valley)- where my dad worked at the the Kerry-McGee plant. Home to Silkwood. Then Fairfield- where I learned to skate like every other Californian. Central Valley- not the area, the town right near the Shasta Dam. Walnut Creek- where my mom thought our house was haunted, but really just felt uncomfortable because everybody was rich, Then off to the shithole Oakley- Again, not the goggle/sunglass company, just some walnut orchards, cholos, and rednecks out in the middle of suburbia. Then to mendocino- Where I realized that you didn't have to hate school, and fight, or run from fights everyday. The ocean, hippies, no fences, and no walkie talkies. And lastly, when I graduated from mendo I moved to SF. home to hills, killer art, king of slappies, and earthquakes. So... by the time i moved to portland back in '96, at first i just thought it was an extension of the country California. I love it here, and I still love california. This show is about my love for all things Cali, the good, the rad, and the ugly.

Justin "Scrappers" Morrison:
I am Californian: I have kicked Mickey Mouse in the balls, I have been to Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, I saw the LA riots, I had my first kiss under the Hollywood sign next to Madonna's house, I listened to "Straight Outta Compton" by NWA while on spring break in Palm Springs, I smoked pot in a VW van parked in front of Jimm Morrison's house, I surfed my first wave at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, I watched my first movie on the Walt Disney studio lot, I've seen Erik Estrada (Ponch) from Chips dressed up as Santa Clause hand out gifts at the Los Angeles Mission, I learned how to tree-sit by Earth First protesters in Humboldt county, I found a seal's tooth on Catalina Island, I made a necklace from Big Bear mountain pine cones and I have hocked a loogie off the Golden Gate bridge.
I was born in Canada on Vancouver Island, had my diapers changed in Medford Oregon, but I grew up in Los Angeles county. I grew up around gnarly bikers, greasy mechanics, Armenian gang members, Hispanic family members, crazy surfers, bleach blond pool cleaners, Hollywood butt rockers, movie studio slaves, plastic surgery junkies and uselessly over-watered palm trees. Somehow my stoner buddies and I graduated from Burbank High School, then I studied random art, music and history at Pasadena City College and the College of the Redwoods. It wasn't till I moved to Portland that I got a History degree from PSU and devoted a year of my life to the Wieden+Kennedy 12 advertising agency/school/experiment. Now I live in Portland, paint with old house paint, run Grass Hut studio/gallery/shop with my buddy Bwana and swim in the rivers every chance I get."

At Grass Hut Gallery 811 E Burnside

Moshi-Moshi shows illustrations by Jun Seo Hahm. I'm all for palindromes and so is Ham: At Moshi-Moshi 811 E Burnside

is one of those "space age" materials. Thin plastic coated with evaporated aluminum. But it is not flat. Photographer Jason Kelley lined his studio with mylar which reflects its surroundings fun house mirror-style. His photographs "Mylarsian Dreams" are the result. Also with Jake Shivery at Newspace Photo 1632 SE 10th

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

September 6 Westside Art Openings

Visual art has seasons. September is a special month with out of town maybe art buyers visiting for T:BA and the Affair at the Jupiter hotel art fair.

Roberta Bayley shows photographs of punksters Blondie and the Ramones in the 70's. One wonders what the contemporary examples are, and how they will look 30 years hence. What is the interplay between familiarity/nostalgia and novelty in a generation of viewers? How will digital photography's look evolve? Compare this to, for instance, the current show at Dantes. Also showing, mixed media work with an old school master's etching feel, by Morgan Walker. Compare this style to illustration style work at Compound or the Grass Hut. At Augen One show at 716 NW Davis, the other at 817 SW 2nd

Yamamoto Masao shows quiet photographs at PDX. Chill.

PNCA schooled Rebecca Guberman-Bloom shows enigmatic mystical figurative work. At Mark Woolley in his new downtown location. 817 SW 2nd

Portland photographer Dianne Kornberg shows vintage prints from her past work. Claire Cowie populates environments with creatures. Her fantastic constructions mirror the interplay of the natural and industrial environment near her Seattle studio by the Duwamish River. Some are a little scary. At Elizabeth Leach 417 NW 9th

Jeffery Mitchel is ultra baroque. Take a look for yourself at Pulliam Deffenbaugh 929 NW Flanders early close 8PM

Painter Abi Spring creates subtly textured minimalist abstract paintings. You want to touch. But don't. At Chambers Gallery 207 SW Pine

"The Awesome But True Electric Institute in Outfits" is a show of illustration at the always affordable Reading Frenzy. 921 SW Oak

The Everett Lofts and the Portland Art Center - Everett and NW Broadway and 32 NW 5th respectively should be standard itinerary points.

Digmeout, of which we have written, shows the latest batch of Osaka-based illustration style art. At Compound/ Just Be Toys 107 NW 5th

The US Bank branch shows graffiti style art by nishiki tayui 1040 NW Lovejoy until 8

Tender Loving Empire is a newish gallery, music label, small press, consignment space. They show Finn Riggins "a soldier, a saint, an ocean explorer" and Cameron Browne "moments of splendor" 18th and NW Lovejoy Opening 4-8PM

Arvie Smith's work is a wild portrait of of his African American world. What a pleasure to be invited in for a glimpse of "chitlin' circuit". At Beppu Wiarda 319 NW 9th

Heather May Rodetzke shows new work at Quality Pictures in the long project space. 916 NW Hoyt

Tamar Monhait shows high contrast symmetrical prints, stencil or lace-like, at the downtown Stumptown. 128 SW 3rd

Westside, but not downtown:

Seattle's Darren Waterson makes dreamy abstractions which resemble landscapes or maybe the -scapes of celestial bodies. At the Lewis and Clark College Gallery

September 6 The MPO:Portland

The Music Population Orchestra:Portland plays another sublime new chamber concert. It is at Apotheke. Founder Brede Rørstad is visiting from Oslo and conducting his own "Words of My Mouth", composed for a film by Portlander Jessica Baclesse. This is a perfect spot to hear the MPO. At Apotheke 1314 NW Glisan 9PM

September 6-16 PICA T:BA Fest

This solid 11 days of theater, music, dance, performance, visual art, workshops, talks, film and mingling is larger than I can do justice. They have a book that describes everything so the homework is yours. Or just head out with friends. Or consult the variety of blogs, including the most excellent Urban Honking coverage. If you like it, consider volunteering next year for free tickets.

September 6-9 Bicycle Film Festival

The Bicycle Film Festival is an international show at Cinema 21. There are accompanying parties at Holocene, Rotture and Rontoms. Check the website for details Valet bike parking at some events - how civilized!

September 5 Cooley Gallery at Reed (re)opens

Galleries renew their walls continuously, but sometimes something more drastic is needed. The Reed College Gallery, in the Library building, has hosted some pretty fantastic shows. One in fact had live sheep for weeks. Art takes a toll, so some renovation was needed. The gallery has been spiffed and kicks a new show tonight by Viennese artist Marko Lulic and Peter Kreider from Brooklyn. (Noted local contemporary curator Marjorie Meyers was instrumental in bringing Kreider) Details. Up until December 9. There is a big barbecue and party for it starting at 6PM Reed College

September 5 Local Filmmakers and Music at Milepost 5

This courtesy of Matt McCormick:

City Commissioner Sam Adams is responsible for the arts. One of his projects is a legal live work space for artists - Milepost 5 near MAX transit in Montavilla. Tonight local filmmakers Matt McCormick, Vanessa Renwick, Grace Carter + Holly Andres present work along with music by Watery Graves, Mattress, Joe VonAppen, Haiku Inferno, Pash and Rush-n-disco. (!!!) Details. Go by MAX. All free! 6PM

September 4 Living Room Cinema

The Living Room Theaters show small run cinema on video in comfy plush spaces. They are a local startup. They are also starting an open screening program for local filmmakers. Free, free, free. All the details are at

Saturday, September 01, 2007

September 1-3 Kumoricon

Japanese pop culture is inscrutable but that doesn't mean it's not fun. Much revolves around fictional worlds in manga, anime and gaming. Those fictional worlds, sampled, become participatory in cosplay, fanfic, AMV, RPG, Plushie-kerade (in which stuffed toys are dressed in costumes and played as puppets by ninja clothed puppeteers), cosplay life size chess, and, of course, karaoke. This is an all ages event, strictly no hentai, yaoi or yuri.

Sometime I need to research trends in IP rights in Japan. Does otaku culture sampling and repurposing creative material create a stronger business model than the "sampling is death" position taken by the RIAA and MPAA? Especially since the sampling battle has been essentially won by the samplers.

Much information at the Kumoricon Website and a detailed schedule charting all times.

At the Vancouver, WA Convention center
$40 full weekend, $25 - Saturday or Sunday, $20 Monday, Free age 5 and under