Friday, April 01, 2005

April __ bring __. What do __ bring?

Bill Will shows you can make a living as an installation artist and art teacher in Portland, though maybe at yesterday's housing prices. See his work at the Nine Gallery NW Hoyt and 13th and a retrospective opening Sunday afternoon at the Marylhurst Art Gym.

Liz Haley's photographs seem as if captured from a lush cinematic narrative, but only one frame, leaving an emotional echo of what came before and what is after. Visage Eyewear 11th and NW Johnson

Jaq Chartier's bright work relates to electrophoresis plates used in laboratories to sequence DNA. Perhaps it can be thought too of a color test of the viewers feelings. (www, You decide at the Elizabeth Leach Gallery new location NW 9th between Glisan and Flanders

Eva Lake, local Artstar, shows her op art inspired geometric paintings at Augen Gallery. Don't leave without a look at the top of the stairs at prints by Takashi Murakami who successfully moved the creative side projects of Japanese commercial animators into the art world, leveling high art and low, with his Superflat show.

Bonnie Paisley makes cakes. See them at Ogle (

Also in the Everett Lofts, Josh Arseneau explores the world of child soldiers in Africa, far away, so close at Milk Studio.

DC Cooper makes abstract organic illustrations which look like they could be machines or urban landscapes. Decode them for yourself in the back right side room of Backspace.

PSU has been turning out some good MFA work - see a group show "Stone Soup" of MFA students at their 1 year point: Rebekah Miles, Maryetta Jacques, Scott Mazariegos, Steven Beatty, Rita deKelaita and Damali Ayo. Autzen Gallery, Neuberger Hall, PSU

Bored Saturday? You can go to the Cascade Aids Project auction, only $100 admission (free if your work is in it though) or you can go to a free art auction at the B&O warehouse. No idea of the work involved, but it's 8-10PM with downtempo provided by Bluechris, then perhaps avail yourself of the various afterparties.

Film Here Now April 20-24

Matt McCormick, the Magic Johnson of shoegazer cinema presents Portland's very own film festival with a look that is not Hollywood. The Peripheral Produce Portland Documentary and Experimental Film Festival samples the films that establish a meditative rhythm or are quirky, often non narrative. You can scan the details at and in the local weekly papers. Some highlights include Miranda July's Me, You, and Everyone We Know, Sunday 8PM, film from a local performance artist who dedicated herself completely to her art in Portland to get to the point of writing, directing and acting in her own feature, well reviewed at Sundance ( Also Saturday, the Experimental World Cinema Chamionship in which last year's champion Vladimir, who makes Viewmaster narratives faces challengers Harrell Fletcher, social performance artist and a raft of other fierce experimental filmmakers. The winner will be decided by audience ballot - you!

Meet, talk and hang events include

Wed Opening night party - Slow Dance Recyttal, a conglomeration of digital animation, inflatable glowing objects, live electronic jams and clarinet music plus Jackie-O-Mother-fucker, who will be collaborating with Detroit video artist David Dinnell in creating a live multi-projector and sound performance. Free with ticket stub or festival pass Holocene 9:30

Sat post indy film Battle Royale party Gallery 500 late

Sun closing party Masu Sushi 9:30, film tix stub gets you a PBR free