Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December 22 Tahni Holt S Waterfront Movement Project

Arts funding is fleeting. A new addition is funding by developers, envisioned by branding visionaries Ziba, and set on the Civic Condominiums and the South Waterfront Development. Artist choreographer curator Linda K Johnson has selected performance artists to work there and all their performances are free to you! And the artists are paid!! So be there!!!

Today modern dancer choreographer Tahni Holt presents the "The Party Project". You, the audience, stroll outside between 3 performance inside venues. Therein observe 30 performers, some collected from an open call to anyone, including SoWa residents perform Holt's movement abstracted from parties. The link above explains it. In the end join everyone inside for one big party. Music created and played by Kate O’Brien-Clarke, Corrina Repp and Joe Haege. Lighting Bill Boese. Meet at the Bella Espresso Cafe, in the Meriwether Building - consult the S. Waterfront map on their website. You can easily go by streetcar or Tram. 4PM sharp. Free

December 20 Modern Dance

Modern dance performance is an endangered art. It is expensive to maintain a warm dry rehearsal space to develop the work, especially one with a floor that doesn't kill. That is to say nothing of renting a space to perform. It is somewhat obscure as well, often an altogether short lived creature of college dance classes. But like musicians, dancers may find the experience so transformational it is bliss. Thus they are driven to continue. We are glad they do.

I think that is the case tonight as performers Cydney Wilkes and Mike Barber are commissioned to perform seminal mover-choreographer Deborah Hay's "The Runner". These two are known as organizers of "Ten Tiny Dances" and often collaborate together on that small stage. Seeing them move together is always a pleasure. It is at the Lent School Gymnasium. 5105 SE 97th Ave. (Just south of Holgate)Doors 7:45, performance 8 PM $10

Saturday, December 15, 2007

December 16 59 Seconds Film Festival at Gallery Homeland

Friday's opening at Homeland's new home brought together a great collection of artists. The space is large, a wide windy corridor with high ceilings, and extends, for now, into additional yet to be rented areas. The building is drawing plenty of creative cotravelers too, such as Plazm. Tonight they present films as part of Project 59 which is a very complicated media art project originated on the East Coast. Kind of like Drowning By Numbers but with 59 only. A lot of 59's. The simple version is you can go see short films there tonight and maybe make one to submit to the project. At Gallery Homeland 2505 SE 11th Avenue x Division 7PM $5