Tuesday, December 26, 2006

December 29

Lucas Pander Art Show Close Party @ Wonder Ballroom

The show mentioned previously closes with a party featuring DJ Allon and live painting by Pander. http://www.markwoolley.com/ 128 NE Russell 6-9PM

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

December 21,27

December 21

Kurt Halsey Cartoons @ Missing Link

Missing Link is planning a move to neighbor with Local.35 on Hawthorne. This show intervened at their current location on Belmont. Local Halsey creates maybe emo panels slicing modern life into a moment. Maybe you will find your reality therein.

'Dealing instead with raw and excessive human emotions, and lyrical and sometimes whimsical personal musings. Finding inspiration in the ups and downs of his friends' lives as well as his own, Halsey creates characters in the manner of super-cute kawaii culture figures, but with distinctively rendered facial and body gestures that portray the vast emotions and countless stories of everyday life. "Influenced by my hopelessly romantic and super sensitive mindset, I pay far too much attention to the little things in life and in the relationship between two people. In constant need of reassurance, explanation, closure, and attention, my paintings are made."'

Missing link 3314 SE Belmont 7-10

December 27

Take it EZII(a) @ Valentines

Daniel Peterson's shorts series, previously reviewed, is reprised at Valentines at 7:14PM. Recommended, even for the ADD's.

Valentines 232 SW Ankeny

Saachi Artists' Myspace

Charles Saatchi is one of the world's brilliant admen. Forming Saatchi and Saatchi, with his brother in 1970, the agency captured British advertising imagination, including electing the conservative party, for which maybe they can be forgiven, and Margaret Thatcher, the first woman as prime minister, and which most agree, was mixed. (In an ironic turn, Thatcher was depicted as a child in a clever television ad for breakfast oats.) Saatchi and Saatchi later merged to giant Publicis and is now headed by Kevin Roberts who is known for his emotional branding and the value of industrial design as a branding element. Ousted from S+S in a boardroom battle, Saatchi and his brother formed independent M+C Saatchi. Meanwhile Charles took an interest in art. He correctly realized that artists' central problem of sustainability is that interested collectors and curators have no way of knowing they exist.

His first approach was to form a gallery and successfully promote the careers of young British artists which is now capitalized. His latest is YourGallery, for any artist, and STUART, a myspace for student artists. Student artists are posting photos and videos of their works, free forming self descriptions and friending other artists on the site. STUART is searchable by school. The site is still a bit primitive in function but has attracted ten thousand artists plus, primarily split US and UK, with no publicity.

The strength of STUART/YourGallery is that the process of artistic creativity is driven by artists communication one to another (David Hickey) and that a network of artists may allow navigation of the myriad of styles in the art world through the artists' self generated links. Galleries may contact the artists securely as have some. To date, only one artist I know in Portland has a profile.

Today, social networking sites, venture funded, are fetching valuations of $10 to 100 per member (Myspace 2005, Facebook rumor, today). A famous cartoon from 1993 quips "On the internet, no one knows you are a dog". The social networking field is so exuberant that one site is actually a social networking site for pets! So Saatchi's creation is a good bubble bet, as is art, booming with stock market's disposable income.

STUART/YourGallery's weakness is that artists are not the greatest demographic to sell things to, and selling is the raison d'être for the valuations. Ad revenue valuations are running at about $8 per year per subscriber leading, but growth rates of over 300% per year reduce that number in years' future. Perhaps Saatchi will invest early in a few of those artists' careers, generating excess cash. So far his track record is good, with Hirst's "The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living" - his famous preserved shark, fetching a multiple of 85 in valuation over 15 years. Another possibility is using the site for an ANP-style platform as I have written of previously.

What is the message? If you are a Portland artist, consider it part of your personal brand to the world to sign. It's free.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

December 21 VJ Night @ 911 Seattle

The 911 Media Arts Center in Seattle continues its VJ nights. Perhaps akin to Dimension 7 and Eyewash's similar regular events or a raft of large scale VJ meetups in Europe, this is an opportunity to look at one artist's work and share aesthetics informally with other visualists.

Tonight's guest is Yuba Foxfire (Foxfire F/X). Hailing from Bellingham, home to key hardware supplier Edirol (V4), Yuba Foxfire "has brought marvelous slide shows and 16mm loop arrangements up and down the west coast from Whistler to San Diego. Currently Foxfire F/X uses custom slide, 16mm film loops and the latest in video and digital photography, combining analog and digital and specializing in custom A/V installations. Past indoor installations include such venues as Max Fish, Mars Bar, NAF studios, Barca Lounge, Consolidated Works, See Sound Lounge and Chop Suey.

402 9th Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109, 206.682.6552



Monday, December 11, 2006

December 7-17 Performance, Craft, Film

December 8,9,10

A Certain Facilitation of Impasse - Modern Dance @ Disjecta

Longtime movement collaborators Cydney Wilkes and Mike Barber can read each other's kinesthetic minds. In some ways, Barber is the comic and Wilkes the straight man. Tonight they collaborate with Jenn Gierada, Margretta Hansen and a dog named Hermann. This will be witty modern dance made by strong movers.

"A Certain Facilitation of Impasse uses obstacles in the form of confined space and restraint to present a human, thought provoking, and engaging performance experience. Separately and collaboratively, Barber and Wilkes have created new site specific work that explores how limits are perceived as impediments to forward movement as well as a means of ignoring repetitive patterns. Impasse hinges on both external and internal barriers – the kind that weave through the textures and dysfunction of personality and character."

Just in time for New Year's resolutions.

Friday thru Sunday. December 8, 9, and 10 at 8PM with an additional matinee on Sunday, December 10 at 2PM.

$15. Advance tickets thru Disjecta (503.286.9449) Also at the door. All ages.

Disjecta / 5 SE 3rd Avenue 97214 / www.disjecta.org

December 7-9,13-16

BodyVox V.5 Modern Dance @ BodyVox Studio

This modern dance group specializes in accessible narrative work, often humorous with high production values. Tonight they present works with company members Cristina Betts, Lane Hunter, Eric Skinner, and Anne Egan; guest artists Gus Van Sant (with the Zoo Bombers), Jonathan Wolken, Mitchell Rose, and Tere Mathern (with Tim Duroche); and BodyVox action directors Jamey Hampton and Ashley Roland. http://www.bodyvox.com/ 1300 NW Northrup $30/24 students/15 children Thursday-Saturday December 7-9; Wednesday-Saturday Dec 13-16 7:30PM

December 10, 17

Church of Craft at the Doug Fir and the Wonder Ballroom

The Church of Craft is in session twice this month. The DIY table today features
Bre of Craft Magazine teaching you how to make shadow puppets. Then there will be a different mix of crafters showing their wares-works on the two dates. Today and December 17. Repent early and often as the first 100 people through the door get free goodie bags. That's a first for church. On the 17th The DIY table today features make a free snow globe! And there is a raffle to win prizes to support the Goose Hollow Family Shelter

http://www.dougfirlounge.com 11AM-4PM All ages Free

A similar thing is going on at the Wonder Ballroom from 12-5 December 10 and 17 http://www.handmadebazaar.org/

http://www.dougfirlounge.com 11AM-4PM All ages Free

A similar thing is going on at the Wonder Ballroom from 12-5 December 10 and 17 http://www.handmadebazaar.org/ Free too

December 11,12

Warhol Films @ Cinema Project

Artist Warhol took Duchamp's art of the ordinary into the era of mass reproduction and celebrity. The same is true of his films. Tonight the Cinema Project presents Outer and Inner Space. Two projectors, side by side, show Warhol muse Edie Sedgwick in each frame, and in each frame there is also a television monitor with Sedgwick, for a total of four images as she converses with off frame characters. The sound is poor for these essentially home movies, but made in 1965, they are Warhol's first double screen films and a fascinating view into the the Factory scene and the tragic short life of Sedgewick. The Speed Monolog remix is particularly prescient, another look may be found in Plimpton's biography and a feature film Factory Girl due at year end.

Warhol also produced over 500 screen tests, silent video portraits of Factory visitors, the three minute length of a reel of film. These screen tests presage Robert Wilson's HD video portraits. Ten of Warhol's screen tests will be shown. The film will be followed by a reel 18 of Warhol's Screen Tests featuring Nico, Susan Sontag, John Palmer, John Cale's eyes and Lou Reed.

www.cinemaproject.org New American Art Union 922 SE Ankeny
7:30 pm | $6

December 12

Take it EZ II Short Films at the Hollywood Theater

Daniel Peterson has put together a beautiful cross section of shorts by film=artists Eliza Fernand, Adam Sorenson, Michael Bunsen, James Boulton, Zefrey Throwell, Claire Evens, Raf Favria, Krystal South, Aaron Franquero, James Voges, Sam Gould, Finger Finger, Jen Krush, Johanna Jackson, Jessie Durost, Emily Isenberg, Midori Hirose, Matt McCormick, Adam Forkner, Chris Irik, Alex Felton, Jona Bechtolt, Maria Dixon, Ted, Meg Peterson, Ashby Lee Collison, Phillip Cooper, Tom Blood, Erik Mast, Corey Lunn, Zachery Reno, Robert Wodzinski, Emily Barry, Daniel Peterson, Anna Weber, Lydia Greer, Sarah Meadows, Jaclyn Campanaro, Grant Hall, Jen Olsen, Steve Schroeder, Richard Jensen, Jeffrey Kriksciun, Megan Crotty, John Afryl, John Bacone, Josh Kermiet, Brian Slaughter and maybe some more! The shorts will be shown without credits and the audience challenged to match films with makers. (just kidding)

4122 NE Sandy 7PM (shhh free!)

December 14

Everyone I Know Lives on Roads @ Reading Frenzy

Author Trevor Dodge will read from his short story fiction collection Everyone I Know Lives On Roads. Borrowing celebrity or remixing culture the press release notes:

"Everyone I Know Lives On Roads (Chiasmus Press, 2006) examines the accident scene of celebrity, fate and language, measuring the skidmarks for traces of our oedipal selves and chalking out the metaphorical places where these three paths converge. Road ragers and rubberneckers met along the way include Kathy Acker, Alan Greenspan, Jacques Derrida, Ayn Rand, Michael Alig and James Joyce, with hourly traffic reports from Dan Rather." It could be interesting if his writing is like that!

Dodge is a NW zinester.

921 SW Oak 7PM Free

December 16

Elvez Christmas Show @ DF

This is kind of hard to describe. A Mexican Elvis impersonator. OK. While this guy has a pompador and sings, a million costume changes and backup dancers, his variations on Elvis songs provide commentary and inspiration on the Mexican immigration experience in the USA. Sort of topical. El Vez, Robert Lopez, has both feet firmly planted tongue in cheek in the art and punk worlds. He curated at La Luz De Jesus Gallery in LA. And he was a founding member in 1977 of the punk band the Zeros, dubbed the "Mexican Ramones". The show will be funny and upbeat, campy and thought provoking. And like nothing you have seen before. http://www.dougfirlounge.com/ Doors 8, show 9 $15

Zoe Keating and Bright Red Paper @ Mississippi Studios

Sort of old timey new music players Bright Red Paper (vid) perform with Zoe Keating, cello loopist.
939 N Mississippi 10PM $6

Iretsu, Wooden Nickle and the Music Population Orchestra

The MPO, now with branches in Portland and Oslo performs. Experimentalists iretsu and hard to classify Wooden Nickle. Perform as well. Someday Lounge 9PM $7

Thursday, December 07, 2006

December 7,8 ANP artists

RVCA ANP artists Ashley Macomber, Rich Jacobs, and Matt Leines paint live at the Local.35 store on Hawthorne. 1-7PM Thursday and 1-4 Friday. Friday 5-9 at the Widmer brewery there is a party, reception for the artists, just in time for your later evening plans.

As Los Angeles grew more diverse and worldly, the dark inspiration for Blade Runner, middle class families with kids moved, colonizing first "the valley" to the North in the 60's and 70's. That kids' culture established it's mark on clothing, language and their parents' on porn in the 80's. The valley space filled, geography dictated the next move for families to Orange County and its environs, close to the beach in the 80's. The resulting Orange County culture has made a big imprint on music, clothing, graf, gaming, skating, surfing and extreme sports. RCVA, firmly rooted in Costa Mesa's youth culture clothing incubator, and at about $20M annual sales, has charted a brand trajectory tapping artists as authentically as Nike taps major athletes. Artists are perfect because they operate outside the world of music and its commercial machinery which can scale careers beyond the allegiance of cultural thought leaders.

It's Artists Network Program, including Chris Johanson and Jo Jackson, promotes artists and imprints their designs on shirts. To reach further, they started the ANP Quarterly, a sort of creative shoegazer lifestyle art magazine, distributed to stores in the network of their demographic.

Anyway the art is real and viewing free.

Local 35 3556 SE Hawthorne Blvd Widmer Brewery corner Interstate and Russell on the Yellow Line

Art Openings @ Portland Westside

This month Valentines shows photographers Ann Ploeger and Rachel Lang. Ploeger is known for a sly show of large format domestic portraits of families in their living spaces with serious looks at Newspace photo last year. Her Kodacolor palate provides a new nostalgia to her look at domestic life now. Olympia photographer Lang is a perfect complement. She poses with her subjects as a sibling or twin. 232 SW Ankeny Lights on 6-9PM, open late

New Photo Gallery Opens

Erik Schneider's Quality Pictures opens with photographs by Chris Verene and a group show "Pictures of Women". Quality Pictures is a transplant from Atlanta. Verene's show "self esteem" is an updated version of a popular aesthetic, subjects in everyday settings, perhaps derived from Arbus' unsympathetic gaze, and often seen at Blue Sky. Verene adds performance and participation vectors by constructing theatrical sets as an aspirational setting for his subjects' portraits. Funk electronica musician Carl Tietze performs 6-8 and Trashcan Joe from 8:30-10

Quality Pictures 916 NW Hoyt under Allied

11th Annual Cheap Art Show

Reading Frenzy presents exactly that. At 50 and under there will be work including paintings by Kjirsten Winters and Loni Gaghan; calendars by Nikki McClure, Katie Muth, Nicole Georges, Carye Bye, Jill Bliss and Saelee Oh; stationery from Proletariat Press, Meaghan Corwin, Nikki McClure, Katie Muth, and Carye Bye; prints by Ayumi Piland and Katie Muth; toys by J. Swan; wearables by Sarah Utter and artist's books, zines and mini-comics by Caroline Hwang and Ayumi Piland.

Reading Frenzy 921 SW Oak

Compound Ghosts vs Robots in Mike Burnett's Neighborhood

Ghosts vs Robots is a collaboration by Brian Flynn, Mr Jago and Heather Amundy-Dey. What great contrasting metaphors. There is also a giant show of small wood figures modded up by a large number of artists.

107 NW 5th

Organism Deer Show above Compound

Previously noted it will be open tonight up on the 4th floor - enter at Just Be Toys

Upper Playground The New Scenery

Upper Playground's Portland outpost presents "The New Scenery" - Portland artists Legal Bees, Joseph Cross, Olivia Edith, Justin Goreman & Caleb Freese, Klutch, Ashley Montague, Dan Ness, Oddball Studios, Jessie Reno, Lyla Emery Reno, Brad Simon and Sorey Smith. Ohmega Watts spins. 23 NW 5th until about 9 http://www.fifty24pdx.com/ 23 NW 5th

Geometric Oils - G Lewis Clevenger

This work makes effective use of palette and composition breathing life into a mid century modern style. At Pulliam Deffenbaugh 929 NW Flanders until 8:30

The Everett Station Lofts, bounded by NW Broadway, 6th, Everett and Flanders are an always recommended grab bag.

Friday, December 01, 2006

December Opens, Rainbow After Rain 1,2,3,4,6

December 1

Gallery Openings on Portland's Eastside

Portland children's book illustrators Stephanie Bauer, Susan Boase, Annie Cannon, Carolyn Digby Conahan, Scarlene Delage, David Delamare, David Horn, Susan Jerde, Robin Koontz, Abigail Marble, Nicole Rubel, Andrea Uren and Elsa Warnick show the original artwork for their books at a show at the Murdoch Collections Gallery. The opening is today 5-9. Each Saturday in December they have afternoon readings at 1 with milk and cookies. Not sure about naps.
4114 N Vancouver Avenue 503-284-1960 Opens 5-9 Free

The Mark Woolley Gallery is decamping from the Pearl District after 13 years and plenty of gallery shows and infamous events. All art operations will be focused at his gallery underneath the Wonder Ballroom on NE Russell.

Tonight a photo show of artist portraits opens. Marne Lucas has posed artists Tom Cramer, Paul Green, M.K. Guth, Storm Tharp, Chandra Bocci, Arnold & Jacob Pander, Jeff Jahn, Harvest Henderson, Bruce Conkle, Jayme Hanson, Henk Pander, Brenda Mallory, Molly Vidor, David Inkpen, Trish Grantham and LucasTom Cramer, Paul Green, M.K. Guth, Storm Tharp, Chandra Bocci, Arnold & Jacob Pander, Jeff Jahn, Harvest Henderson, Bruce Conkle, Jayme Hanson, Henk Pander, Brenda Mallory, Molly Vidor, David Inkpen, Trish Grantham and herself in tableau somehow going to the core of each artist's persona.

For example "In ‘Portrait of M.K Guth’, who is originally from Wisconsin, she is depicted ice fishing, a childhood memory- but at an ice hockey rink. Paul Green himself is cast as a proud, yet fragile figure from his own oil paintings and in ‘Bruce Conkle, Redwood Forest’ the artist becomes one of his own melting snowmen installations.” Jahn is depicted playing guitar at Stonehenge.


In the same show. “Only For Seeing” are new drawings and watercolors by Arnold Pander who alternates creative projects between Portland and LA.

Opening Reception: Friday December 1st, 6 - 9:30 pm
Artist talk: Saturday December 2nd at 2 pm (Lucas, Pander & Burns)
Closing Party: Friday December 29th, 7-11 pm
128 N.E. Russell (near MLK Blvd.) at the Wonder Ballroom
Hours: 11-6 Tuesday - Saturday (503 284-3636

Renaissance woman Alicia Rose shows portraits of Oregon ballet dancers lensed with rock attitude. Maybe that's because that's what she does. This woman's super powers include mad accordion playing, running an independent music distribution company, writing, radio, music supervision for a small ad agency, booking a nightclub and photography. More rockin' info at http://www.missmurgatroid.com/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/aliciajrose The Press Club 2621 SE Clinton 8-midnight free

Newspace Photo opens their volunteer show. http://www.newspacephoto.org/ 1632 SE 10th

Small A and New American Art Union continue their shows and may not be open late this evening.

Cartune Xprez music and animation at the Portland Art Center

Yacht, Universe, Hooliganship and Slow Dance Recyttal play live to animations by artists Michael Bell-Smith, Phillipe Blanchard, Martha Colburn, Gretchen Hogue, Cassandra C Jones, Amy Lockhart, Luke Meeken, Andrew Negrey, Takeshi Murata, Paper Rad, Drew Pavelchak, Francine Spiegel and Jim Trainor. A myriad of details may be found at the event website http://www.cartunexprez.com/
http://www.portlandart.org 32 NW 5th 8PM $5

December 2

Artists' Talk at Woolley

Artists Lucas and Pander talk an artist talk at the Woolley gallery show noted above. 128 N.E. Russell 2PM

Art Auction at Disjecta

Disjecta holds their annual art auction. In past years, many bargains were had while at the same time record prices were set for artists such as Paige Saez and Chandra Bocci.

This year the auction includes artists Katherine Ace, Brad Adkins, Jason Adkins, Holly Andres, Paul Arensmeyer, Donna Avedisian, damali ayo, Steven Beatty, Joe Biel, Chandra Bocci, Mark Brandau & Andrew Ellmaker, John Brodie, David Corbett, Critical Art Ensemble, Richard C. Elliott, Karen Esler, Harrell Fletcher, Gene Flores, Bean Gilsdorf, Dan Gilsdorf, Gold Blizzard, Marianne Goldin, Jamie Goodridge, Jef Gunn, Cecilia Hallinan, Sean Healy, Mary Henry, Michael T. Hensley, Whitney Hubbs, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Scott Wayne Indiana, Philip Iosca, James Jack, Chris Johanson & Jo Jackson, Jo Ann Kemmis, Klutch, Jim Lommason, Joe Macca, Tamar Monhait, Chelsea Mosher, Arnold Pander, Pasha, Tom Prochaska, Christine Catsifas & Kyle Riedel, Patrick Rock, Rita Robillard, Ben Rosenberg, Paige Saez, Marty Schnapf, Margaret Shirley, Kimber Shiroma, Corey Smith, Mark R. Smith, Kara Sparkman, Kathleen Stephenson, Nishiki Tayui, Edie Tsong, Zefrey Throwell, Joe Thurston, John Sebastian Vitale, Elise Wagner, Amanda Wojick and the YesMen. Disjecta needs the money to complete its renovations, if they don't get it, the building goes back to the developer and Disjecta is homeless. So this is important to the art community and that's why so many artists are participating. Even if you don't have a lot of cash, just seeing this cross section of art in Portland in one place is a great value.

http://www.disjecta.org/ 5 SE 3rd under the Burnside Bridge 7-11PM $10

Weird Weeds, The MPO and Mise en Abyme at Holocene

Individualistic trio Weird Weeds, the incomparable Music Population Orchestra and Marriage Records darlings Mise en Abyme perform. 9PM $6

December 3

Darling Film at Valentines

Valentines film series shifts from France across the channel to London in the 60's with Julie Christie staring in Darling, for which she won the best actress academy award. Discovered in a street interview, Christie rises Courtney Love-style through London's heartless and snobby social ranks from hipsters to princes, ultimately learning money can't buy you love, which of course is what Holly Golightly discovered.
232 SW Ankeny 4:30 pm special early time this week $5

December 4

Lecture Series at PSU

Oregon Painter James Lavadour speaks. Lavadour is Umatilla. A self taught artist, his subject is abstract landscape. His work has a gestural feel, like sumi ink drawing, in thin pigments touching our Western landscapes' color; it is his intent to capture something of the landscape in the canvas that can hold the viewer's inspiration, if only for a moment.
His Gallery Website PSU 5th Avenue Cinema, Room 92, 510 SW Hall 8:15PM Free

December 6

Organism Deer Show above Backspace

Art Organism opens a deer show by San Francisco contemporary artist Jarrett Mitchell. The show is "The Dawn of The Birth Of The Battle of Right To Life vs. The Law Of Death". Departing from Brooklyn's romance of deer kawaii, Mitchell, who grew up in forested Kentucky, instead meditates on deer and death. In the film Deer Hunter, the protagonist, played by DeNiro has a moment like that, but the deer lives, establishing a motif which repeats, not always to a happy ending. Mitchell's show was well received in the UK, which also presents its own deer motif in the film The Queen. Mitchell's show of paintings and video deals with all manner of deer interactions including those in which the human protagonist faces death at the instrument of deer.
An early edit of the show's video component may be found here

107 NW 5th Ave (4th floor), Portland, Oregon Above Backspace/Compound

Opening Dec 6 6:00-9:00PM (artist in attendance)
First Thursday Dec 7 6:00-9:00PM (artist in attendance)

Dec 6 - Jan 28 2007
12:00 - 6:00 Wednesday - Sunday
Closed Dec 24, & Jan 1

Sunday, November 05, 2006

November Arting 6,8,10-19,21,28-30

The month's remainder brings a great variety of curious things. And Thanksgiving, the last pure holiday.

November 6

Artists' Lecture @ Reed

Lucien Samaha and Hadley+Maxwell have a show at Reed College: "I WANT TO SHOW YOU SOMEWHERE." In 1970 [2006] opposition to the Vietnam [Iraq] War had grown. Although a majority had concluded the war pointless and wrong, a strong pro war minority accused doubters of the war of being unpatriotic and not supporting the troops. There was also a military draft [volunteer army] making all college students [jobless military age people] targets, except for those with powerful family connections or wealth. Against this backdrop, students across the country protested the expansion of the war into neighboring Cambodia [Iran]. [Let's hope the story ends here...] On May 4, the Ohio National Guard shot 4 at Kent State University. Artists Hadley+Maxwell, working from photos of the time restaged the events on the Reed Campus with students alternating roles as the dead students and those around them in shock. In the gallery, the artists project the photos and draw over the projections. Lucien is a social artist, perhaps similar to Harrell Fletcher. He will engage gallery visitors personally in 100 photographs from his collection of 300,000 and produce more material from the interaction.

http://web.reed.edu/gallery/ Lecture Vollum Hall 7:30 Free

November 8

Drift + Sonic Youth Shorts @ Holocene

You can read the Holocene calendar http://www.holocene.org/calendar/ for a description of live improv to film and experimental videos with Sonic Youth. 8 $5

Lecture-review of new Portland Parks @ Historical Society

The chance to design large is rare. In Portland, though, 3 new/redo downtown parks in the park blocks are in design. The excavation between the Guild and the Fox Tower will be a park. O'Bryant Square, sometime needle park or panic park. Ankeny Park by Lit. The designers seek public review of their designs at sessions 11:30AM-1:30PM and 6-7:30PM then lecture from 7:30-8:30PM at the Historical Society building.

November 9

Art on Pirate Radio Opening @ Henry in Seattle

Artists Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere, neuroTransmitter, operate in the realm of transmission arts, analog. Their installation at the Henry delves into pirate radio as one manifestation of of the phenomena. Up until December 31. http://www.henryart.org/ex/neurotransmitter.html

Landscape Architect Peter Walker @ UO Portland Center

Peter Walker is one of the world's leading landscape architects. His work creates the physical architecture upon which the cultural anthropology of moving through space, or just contemplating it, happens. He and his firm are known for their urban planning, university campus, city park and public space designs. His firm is responsible for the William Jameson Park, NW 11th and Johnson, with it's brilliant fountain-wading-pond. 722 SW 2nd Ave, 4th Floor Review Room Noon Free

Time Based Art Show of Artists' Clocks @ Local.35

Local.35 clothing store has great synergy with the Portland art community. They've commissioned murals for their walls and dressing rooms and have consistently represented a Hawthorne second Thursday art opening night. Tonight they have a group show of clocks by artists Miss Libby Ann, Damon Ayers, Kendra Binney, Tim Brenner, Rik Catlow, Claudia Drake, Lyla Emery Reno, Michael Fields, Chris Haberman, Shauna Haider, Jennifer Mercede, Ashley Montague, Bruce New, Derek Olsen, Casey Rae, Jesse Reno, Reuben Rude, Thinkmule, Daniel Damocles Wall, Joshua Williams, Wendy Stillwell Wise, Cathie Joy Young The show was wrangled by Black Market Culture which puts Portland artists on the web and arranges brick and mortar shows too. DJ and libations and nifty clothes. http://www.local35.com/ 3556 SE Hawthorne Blvd 6-9 Free

November 10-12

Food and Shelter Festival @ Center Space & Goldsmith Building

The Food and Shelter Festival explores improvised music and movement through workshops and performances. Workshops on the day. Performances evening.

Their website has all the details: http://foodandshelter.blogspot.com/

November 10-18

The Film Center hosts the NW Film and Video Festival, a juried show of short, medium and long work from the NW bioregions. You can scan their website for a myirad of details and find what sounds interesting to you. http://www.nwfilm.org

November 11

Residence show-buy-party @ Homeland

All those free art shows with free drinks need money and you need art. Inviting artists to visit and make work or show our work in the world outside Portland requires fundage too. So 50 artists: Nicole Amore, Holly Andres, Josh Arseneau, Joe Beil, Troy Briggs, Chris Buckingham, Sam Coomes, Brent Comstock, Bruce Conkle, Tim Dalbow, Marguerite Day, Nick diSessa, Fred Fliesher, Liz Haley, Kim Hamblin, Meg Hanson, Jimmy Hatch, Scott Wayne Indiana, Ryan Jeffery, Chris Johanson, JoAnn Kemmis, Kendra Larson, Erin Letterman, Amy Lincoln, Karl Lind, Gabriel Liston, Kurtis Lofstrom, Marne Lucas, Betty MacEntire, Mary Mattingly, Zak Margolis, Lisa Maurine, Paul Middendorf, Chelsea Mosher, Charles Moss, Tj Norris, Lauren Obenour, Tracy Olsen, Louise Osborne, Eugenia Pardue, Ethan Rose, Adam Ross, Paige Saez, Joe Spangler, Cynthia Star, Amy Steel, Jeremy Tucker, Max Turner, Annette Thurston, Joe Thurston, John Vitale, Vicki Lynn Wilson and Jim Wood have contributed small works to make it happen. Buy them for $20-200

Opening party 6-11PM. Show all month Saturday and Sunday 12-5 until December 2.

At Gallery Homeland World Headquarters 916 SE 34th Ave.

Classical Indian Music @ Lewis and Clark

All cultures seem to have a sandwich. Tasty breadish things with fillings. The Indian version might be the samosa. So this evening, if you are in the mood for and Indian sandwich consider this. Kalakendra presents North Indian vocalist Aarti Ankalikar-Tikekar accompanied by Milind Kulkarni on harmonium and Ramdas Pulsule on tabla. You can get in for free if you are a member and you can join at a prorated rate anytime. Then maybe take in an Indian dinner. Finally there is DJ Anjali and the Incredible Kid's Atlas, Asian fusion dance music at Holocene.

Indian concert $15 advance, $20 door, free members details at http://www.kalakendra.org/flyer.html 7:30PM Lewis and Clark Evans Auditorium

Magnetic II @ Seattle Science Center

A dance party in a science center. Science experiments 10-11. The butterfly room, planetarium, dinosaur room, the robotic insects, an ocean petting tank, and other exhibits are open until midnight. Four rooms of DJ's until 4AM. Breakfast at the Hurricane?

Details http://www.infiniteconnections.org

November 12

Crafty Wonderland @ Doug Fir Lounge

Take in the church of craft, talk to the crafters, learn a new one at the DIY table. 11AM-4PM. http://www.craftywonderland.com at the Doug Fir Lounge Free

November 13

Valentines in launching a film night. This Monday they show Godard's Pierrot Le Fou. I have a feeling that the opening of Until the End of the World may homage this film. Admission includes snacks. They are also preparing tapas, which knowing the place should be tasty. Valentines 232 SE Ankeny 7PM $5

November 14

Cello+ @ The Artistery

Zoe Keating performs cello with looping. Joined by the Golden Arm Trio who scored the film A Scanner Darkly and Privacy of Marriage Records. http://www.myspace.com/zoecello Sounds good to me. 4315 SE Division St 7:30 $5

November 15

Art Conservation Now Lecture @ Reed

MOMA Director of Conservation, Jim Coddington, speaks on conserving today's contemporary art. Given electronic media and materials that aren't archival, plus all manner of installations and wild sculpture, it's a non trivial challenge.

http://web.reed.edu/gallery/ Reed Vollum Hall 7:00PM Free

November 16

What's the point of copyright? @ PSU

You may be wondering. Many people are thinking deeply on this. Author, EFF'er and coeditor of Boing Boing, Cory Doctorow speaks on the topic. Details and bio at http://www.readingfrenzy.com/ Smith Hall Vanport Room 338, 1825 S.W. Broadway 5PM Free

First VJ Night @ 911 in Seattle

VJ's mix video samples live to music. They work harder than DJ's, mixing sometimes hundreds of samples per minute while the DJ manages transitions every few minutes. Their method is more like a producer, but they do it live. It's been going strong in the UK for over 20 years, lead by Coldcut's Matt Black. RISD students the Emergency Broadcast Network pioneered political cut ups using videotape and many videotape players live. Seattle's 911 Media Arts Center, with no analog in Portland, catches up tonight and presents a night featuring VJ's Killing Frenzy, scobot with DJ Hyasynth.

http://www.911media.org/events/vj-night.html 402 9th Avenue N between Belltown and Lake Union 7:30-10:30PM not sure of the admission

November 17

3 on 3 Bboy Bgirl Battle @ Reed

6 years, this spot has hosted battles. It's a friendly fierce night including some insane out of towners. It's no joke with a $300 first prize. Door is $5 with all the money going to support Ethos http://www.ethos-inc.org/, schooling the next generation.
Soundz - Ohmega Watts: Lightheaded (PDX). Judges - Jyant: Moon Poon Platoon, Dialog: Ninja Cipher Brigade, Big Sid: DefCon5. Hip hop is life. Reed Union. Doors 6, battles 7. $5

Odds and Ends Film and Animation @ Gallery Homeland

courtesy of our friends at Urban Honking: http://www.urbanhonking.com/supercal/archives/2006/11/odds_and_ends_g.html

3 Artists Open @ Small A Projects

Small A Projects, which has been making a great name for Portland lately by presenting artists' first solo shows, opens Green Light Green Light, Jamie Isenstein, Anissa Mack and Josh Shaddock. Anissa has done performances, such as Pies for a Passerby, in which she baked apple pies at the Brooklyn Public Library then placed them on the windowsill of a purpose built cottage for passerby's to steal.
Jamie Isenstein produces installations; Josh Shaddock is the coolest of the three, sometimes working with language. Small A Projects http://www.smallaprojects.com 1430 SE 3rd Reception 5-8 Talk Isenstein-Mack 7:30 Free

November 17-19

Sprockettes International Invitational @ Disjecta

The Sprockettes are one of those things that can bring only smiles. Their precision nano bike performances are the bike version of high school's synchronized swimming with much better costumes. Or precision Zoobombing. Tonight they invite international bike stars the Clettes, girl bike performers and the Brakes, boy bike performers - all the way from Vancouver BC! Also on the bill are Kazum!, local acrobats; and electro, disco, romantico rockers, Romanteek from Olympia. Fulfill all your entertainment needs, wants and out and out lusts with drinks, a pimp your bike booth, Sprockettes calendars and official Sprockettes clothing, a silent art auction, a live stenciling wall, more art and a dance party with DJ Sniffles and DJ Puppet. Self propelled fun.

At Disjecta. Doors 7, show 8. All ages. $5-10 sliding scale

But wait there is more, a whole minibike weekend...

Saturday brunch and make tall bikes at 11:11AM, alleycat on minibikes at 3 at Mt Tabor - points for style and then see bike movies at Free Geek at 7


Sunday bike a beer treasure hunt at noon, at 3, bike polo and learn bikedancing skills at Alberta Park then Zoobomb.

November 18

Japanese Butoh Performance Master Class @ Seattle Velocity Dance Center

Butoh is a Japanese performance form unlike other modern dance styles. Seattle Performers Haruko Nishimura & Sheri Brown present a lecture-demo-try butoh master class. The master class,4-4:45PM is an introductory movement class by
Haruko Nishimura, director/choreographer/performer for Degenerate Art Ensemble. From 4:45-6 butoh's history will be explored by in video and by demonstrations by performers Sheri Brown, Alan Sutherland, dk pan Douglas Ridings, Helen Thorsen, Kym Adams and Mish Curtis.

Instructor bios:

Haruko Nishimura- Since co-founding Degenerate Art Ensemble (formerly The Young Composers Collective) in 1993, Haruko has produced a consistent stream of original and adventurous works combining physical theater and butoh dance with live experimental music. Many of these pieces are large scale works involving up to 5-15 performers and the Degenerate Art Ensemble’s 10-17 piece orchestra. Haruko’s choreographed works have been commissioned by On The Boards, City, County and State Arts Commissions, as well as a number of private foundations and have appeared in ten countries. As a performer, Haruko has appeared in as many as 60 performances per year over the past ten years, including performances in her own group Degenerate Art Ensemble, as well as in other ensembles including San Francisco/Berlin based InkBoat, Holland based R.A.M.M. Theater and others. These performances have taken place throughout the US West Coast, New York, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, France, Netherlands and Italy.

Sheri Brown- Performance artist Sheri Brown (www.sheribrown.com) has performed extensively both as a solo artist and as a core member of the butoh-inspired troupe P.A.N.(www.prettyartnumb.org), where she began working with dk pan in 2001. Highlights from her work with the P.A.N. are the Chuncheon International Mime Festival (for which the group won the Dokkebi Award), the Overseas Korean Arts Convention in Seoul, the International Butoh Festival in San Francisco, and Spaceboat TV at the Experience Music Project in Seattle. Additionally, Sheri has has performed with several other performance groups including Infernal Noise Brigade, Pyrosutra, Dappin Butoh, Kokoro, the Degenerate Art Ensemble, and TchKung. Sheri holds a BA in Theatre from Arizona State University and a Master's in Education from the University of Hawaii; her Butoh teachers include Shinichi Momo Koga, Akira Kasai, Joan Laage, Su-En, Minako Seki, Katsura Kan, Diego Pinon, Jay Hirobashi, Yoshito Ohno, Kota Yamazaki. Sheri performs regularly as the angel-fairy in Bumbershoot, Folklife, Hempfest, and the Oregon Country Fair and has served on the board of directors for the Center on Contemporary Art for several years.

Master class $13, Lecture demo $5 at the Seattle Velocity Dence Center. To register and for more information, contact lizy@theparamount.com or call 206-467-5510, ext. 1171

Photographer Daido Moriyama Speaks @ Portland Art Museum

Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama is known for his grainy black and white photos lensed with dramatic camera angles. Sort of punk style, except his career began in about 1960. After a 10 minute film on the photographer, he will be interviewed by photographer Michael Kenna who is known for his nightime landscape photography. Portland Art Museum Whitsell Auditorium http://www.portlandartmuseum.org $10 general $5 members

FO(A)RM Experiment @ Portland Art Center

FO(A)RM is a yearly journal which uses metaconcepts like autonomy, topography, duals & doubles, dis/embodiment and utility to organize writings and recordings. Tonight they branch from paper and ink to sound and video referencing too the sound recordings contained in autonomy. Organizer Seth Nehil made electroacoustic music, moved to NY, started the journal and now is back making more sound visual performances.

Performers Olivia Block, Chicago; Seth Cluett, Princeton; Luc, Portland; Borborygmus, Portland; DJ P Unity, Portland provide a counterpoint to experimental video material from Zak Margolis, Holly Andres & Grace Carter, James Sumner (Dirty Projectors), Brook Hinton, David Borengasser, Melody Owen and Animal Charm curated by Morgan Currie. See also video installations by Richard Garet, Michael Bullock, Kuwayama Kiyoharu (Lethe), Elizabeth Leister, Stephen Slappe, Cat Tyc, Linda Kliewer, Phillip Cooper, Ryan Jeffrey, Mark Owen, Mack McFarland and Sue Havens.

All this takes place at the Portland Art Center http://www.portlandart.org/ 32 NW 5th 8PM $8 advance/ $10 door includes $2 off the purchase of FO(A)RM autonomy journal.

November 21

Sankai Juku @ The Paramount Seattle

Sankai Juku's elegant minimal style gets inside your head. Their relationship with the Seattle audience is special, the emotional dynamic flows in both directions. 9/10 1985, Sankai Juku performer Yoshiyuki Takeda fell to his death before the audience in an outdoor performance due to faulty rigging suspending he and his fellow dancers from a Pioneer Square building. You can get more information and a video excerpt of the current perfomance in Seattle at http://www.theparamount.com/artists/artist.asp?key=368
$32-42 Paramount Theater, Seattle 7:30PM

November 28

Cello + II @ Someday Lounge

Cellist Zoe Keating, longtime Rasputina performer is another example of international level creatives picking Portland home. Ilyas Ahmed (with Grouper) and electroacoustic ambient gypsy trio Mugwort also perform. Someday Lounge http://www.somedaylounge.com/location/ 125 NW 5th 9PM door $5

November 29

Dahlia @ DF

Dahlia, of whom we have written, performs their monthly residency at the Doug Fir. Their last residency created the good Ohm. http://www.myspace.com/dahliapdx http://www.dougfirlounge.com/$6 9PM

Flamenco Madness @ Big Stage Schnitz

Portland has a collection of flamenco dancers and their friends. After you have done, and done, and that, and the other, there now is flamenco. The big dance presenters in town are New Yorker's White Bird and tonight they present flamenco . This is for those who get hot seeing dancers in red and passionate music, this is the root passion of Spain that got all watered down in the new world. Schnitzer Hall $16-52 Student Discount Available 7:30PM

November 30

Show Closing with Music @ Valentines

Valentines has a closing reception for the show listed in the westside art openings above. OWL SOUNDS from NYC performs at 9pm probably free - check with the venue 232 SW Ankeny

Drats!!! another rock opera @ Holocene

Punkers Drats!!! release their cd Welcome to New Granada. Then they show a teen rebellion film from the 1970's, Over the Edge with Matt Dillon in his first role. The film has a soundtrack with Cheap Trick, The Cars and The Ramones! Don't leave early, though, because Drats then performs their own rock opera mashing up their New Granada songs and performing characters inspired by Over the Edge!! So !!! 8PM Free !!! !! !

World of Warcraft Gamers' Night Out @ Someday Lounge

If opera is not your cup of tea, welcome to the matrix at Someday's World of Warcraft Expansion Release party http://www.blizzard.com. From the lead game producer via www.gamespot.com: "In our next major update, we will be releasing Blackwing Lair, a 40-person raid dungeon, where you will be able to battle against the epic dragon Nefarian and his minions. We are also working on a 20-person dungeon called Zul'Gurub and the mysterious lands of Ahn'Qiraj in Silithus. Outside of dungeons, we want to continue adding new world events, such as a carnival that will take place in Mulgore and Elwynn forest." More news and a promotional video at http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/burningcrusade/. Irono-nazis, The Punk Group perform a purpose written song for the occasion. Blizzard's release date has been slipped to January to allow the beta testers to find bugs in each and every maze of twisty little passages, so check with the venue for updates. http://www.somedaylounge.com/ 125 NW 5th 9PM door $5

Friday, November 03, 2006

Nov 4 Flight 64 Printmaking Benefit

Portland has some printmaking mojo. Maybe it's because of the relationship between trees and paper. It's probably because of Gordon Gilkey. In the army in WW II, his interest in art lead him to being responsible for researching art displaced by the war and returning it to its proper owners. So he met a lot of art people in Europe and built an economical print collection by trading prints with artists. Later he taught printmaking at PNCA and then created the Art Museum Print Center where anyone can take a look at super valuable prints from their archives - Dürer, Rembrandt, Piranesi, Goya, Daumier, Toulouse-Lautrec, Matisse, Miró, Cézanne, and Picasso. He met some artists in the day when maybe you could trade a print for a bottle of Absinthe.

Printmaking presses are heavy. Yes it would be nice to have one in the basement, but how do you get something that weighs a ton down the stairs? Thus Flight 64, a printmaking coop sharing a studio and presses. http://www.flight64.org/ Tonight hear music by Blitzen Trapper, The Shaky Hands, Ritchie Young of Loch Lomond and DJBJ. Two buck raffle tickets give you a chance to add prints to your collection from famous people and the members of Flight 64. Artist reception 5-8. Raffle drawn at 8. Bands 9. Holocene http://www.holocene.org/calendar/ $5

Art Openings @ Portland East Side

Opening night Friday November 3, Shows up all month.

In the 811 E. Burnside mega art complex:
Yes continues last month's embroidery - quilt-y show. Yes is going virtual, so if you know of a creative business that would fit the 811 zeitgeist, make your move to occupy the space.

Moshi Moshi has small drawings and paintings by William McCurtin.

Denwave throws open their back studio with spooky candles and smores.

The Grass Hut has a yarn and driftwood shelter shrine pod and a group show of small work. Arrive at 6 with a 2-3 person team team or not for a scavenger hunt, the scav-obs will be revealed at 6 and not before. Trophies will be awarded for first, second and last place. The hunt ends at 7 sharp.

Redux shows their reuse-recycle objects.

Ty Ennis shows drawing oriented work with maybe a little watercolor wash here and there and a lot of white space. His compositions successfully provide a restful enigma by reducing the elements in each to the minimum, New American Art Union http://www.newamericanartunion.com/ 922 SE Ankeny

Newspace opens Everyday Unusual by Lawrence Shlim & Bruce Polonsky. Both image street scenes, Shlim's work includes many odd and compelling images from his world travels. Saturday they are also showing, at 7, The Immediacy Marathon, more video oriented work by Julie Perini at 7. http://www.experimentsinimmediacy.org/ Get the details at tonight's opening. http://www.newspacephoto.org/ 1632 SE 10th

Thursday, November 02, 2006

November 2-5 Catlin Gabel Rummage Sale

Catlin Gabel school is an academically oriented K-12 private school. Thursday through Sunday they hold a huge rummage sale of stuff from the attics, basements and garages of the parents, grandparents, former students associated with the school and all their friends. The sale benefits scholarships to the school which is a good thing. Thursday all items are marked up 35%. Late Sunday bargain hard. Photos http://www.catlin.edu/page/903 It's a sociological portrait incorporating generational time, a giant dig and maybe a scary reminder of our own accumulations. Thursday, November 2 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. 35% markup during this first night of the sale. Friday, November 3 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Saturday, November 4 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Sunday, November 5 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. At the Expo Center - take the light rail

Nov 3, 10, 13 and all month - Hiroshima mon Mémoire - from the bombings

PSU's Littman Gallery, in the Smith Center, in conjunction with the Center for Japanese Studies shows materials, photographs and videos from the atomic bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The exhibit is not suitable for most children under 12, the bombings either. On Friday November 3, Mr. Sasao Akira presents “The Personal Account of a Survivor of the Nuclear Attacks,” at noon in Smith Center room 228. Mr Akira was 18 years old and living in Nagasaki in 1945. November 10, at 6PM Lisa Yoneyama presents, “Competing Views on the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima,” not sure of the location, Yoneyama is the author of “Hiroshima Traces: Time, Space and the Dialectics of Memory” and professor at UCSD. They also show a film November 13 at 7 in the 5th avenue cinemas see, the website for info. The gallery is open noon-4 weekdays and 11-3 Saturday

Portland Westside Art Openings

November 2 First Thursday - Westside Galleries

MK Guth's show continues with a large hair braid-like installation, videos and lenticular prints which change as you walk by them. Jesse Durost has an installation which incorporates a large American flag-like drape. It is only up until Saturday, when he gives a talk at the gallery. http://www.elizabethleach.com/ 417 N.W. 9th Avenue until 9

Scott Wayne Indiana has an installation in the Portland Window Project at PDX Contemporary Art, Proposal for a Forest or a Desert. Indiana is one of the few Portland artists seriously (also sometimes playfully as with his toy horse project) exploring art in the natural landscape. http://pdxgallery.com/ 925 NW Flanders St. Window viewable anytime.

Radek Skrivanek shows photographs of environmental disasters in the former Soviet Union. His choice of black and white highlights the viewers response to the tragedy. Some photos depict the Aral Sea, which dried up along with its fish population to irrigate crops in Uzbeckastan, home to US military bases for the Afghan and Iraq war and in Kazakhstan the subject of a geopolitical charm offensive by both China and the US over it's oil and gas. This has nothing to do with Klamath Lake. In another meditation on water, Kate Mellor documents old hot spring spas in Europe, accompanying the photos with faux journals of a fictional landscape painter visiting the sites. http://www.blueskygallery.org/ 1231 NW Hoyt until 9, maybe a bit later

Marcus Brown performs music driven by galvanic skin response on instruments of his own construction. Galvanic skin responses are subtle changes in the electrical conductivity of skin caused by changes in blood flow and sweat. It is used in lie detectors and by Scientologists, so it's nice here to see it put to positive use. From the artist: "I use visual, audio and performance media in my work to create my own dishes which re-conceptualize and re-spiritualize American contemporary culture. Sonically, I transcribe the musical traditions of my African and Native heritages in both a spiritual and socio-economical context. With the use of my environment and the body, I aim to create spiritual tropes with my linguistic visual and phonic transmissions. Much like a voodoo craftsman, I view my role in society as a spiritual one, who uses many processes to connect society to the spirit world. My focus lies in revitalizing "spiritual making" in the midst of a capitalist-driven and spiritually diverse American society." http://www.pnca.edu/ Performance 7:30-8 in the Manuel Izquierdo Sculpture Gallery 825 NW 13th at PNCA across 13th from the main school, door on the loading dock

Also at PNCA Gilbert Neri creates a mythical archeology to "mimic a museum exhibit in an attempt to restore lost authenticity" - the perfect counterpoint to the Art Museum's show of Egyptian artifacts. http://www.pnca.edu/ until 9:30 in the Feldman Gallery NW 13th and Johnson. Neri also speaks free at the school at 12:30 Friday

Jen Corace shows meticulous drawings at Motel. "Overwhelmed" incorporates iconic threats to the mythological character, mirroring the dangers of navigating modern life. http://www.motelgallery.com/ NW Couch between 5th and 6th across from Ground Control until 9

Supernal is an angel-themed show. A good counterpoint to the preponderance of dark themed Portland halloween costumes this year. Curated by Monica HW Choy, artists include 2H, Liz Adams liz-adams.com, Andrew Hem andrewhem.com, Lori Field lorifieldfineart.com, Angry Woebots armyofsnipers.com, Lucy McLauchlan beat13.co.uk, Aric Miller, Luke Chueh lukechueh.com, Cho-Chan digmeout.net, Martin Ontiveros martinhead.com, Colin Johnson colinjohnsonillustration.com, Maya Hayuk mayahayuk.com, David D'Andrea dvdandrea.com, Meg Hunt meghunt.com, Edwin Ushiro mrushiro.com, P. Williams pwilliamsart.com, Erik Otto erikotto.com, Ren Sakurai, Hannah Stouffer grandarray.com, Ronald Kurniawan ronaldkurniawan.com, Jeremiah Ketner smallandround.com, Ryan Bubnis ryanbubnis.com, Jon Han jon-han.com, Madoka Kinoshita digmeout.net, Joshua Clay jclayart.com, Stella Im Hultberg stellaimhultberg.com, Kenichi Hoshine kenichihoshine.com, Thomas Han tomorama.com, Klutch klutch.org, Mr. Kin k3.dion.ne.jp/~lmtiny/, Leanne Biank eyesorestudios.com, and Hajime Yoshio digmeout.net. Also showing is Pet Show by artists Kelly Tunstall and Ferris Plock.
At Compound/Just Be Toys http://www.justbedesign.com/ 107 NW 5th until about 9:30

The girl half of APAK!, Ayumi Piland, shows Animal Friends!. The show includes paintings themed on animal friendship, an edition of 100 of the her "Animal ABC Book" and prints from the book. From their website www.apakstudio.com Ayumi and her husband Aaron met in a distant dimension and traveled to Earth together in a magic imagination machine. Using their art, they have learned to exchange energy with beings throughout the universe. From their secret cabin, they are sending out their signal hopes of contacting other creative life forms". At Reading Frenzy 921 SW Oak St until 9ish

Vino Paradiso has up a halloween-themed photography show. 417 NW 10th

At the Froelick Gallery, longtime artists Tom Prochaska and Laura Ross Paul show. Prochoska teaches printmaking at PNCA. In this show, his large scale paintings with a compelling colorful palate, seem to depict street scenes with barely discernible characters. His drawings are similarly impressionistic in a loose way that is actually coiled tight. Ross-Paul shows children and families seemingly in contemplation or at psychological play. Ross-Paul also is a master colorist, If you paint figures, take a look. http://www.froelickgallery.com 817 SW 2nd until 9

Caldera http://www.calderaarts.org is an arts camp and creative retreat in the mountains near Sisters, Oregon. What they do is very cool. Tonight they show some of the results, a show of photography and video, Seeing is Believing by young people in their program. In the W+K Lobby 224 NW 13th Ave until 9

The Portland Art Center shows an installation by PICA artist in residence Viktor Popovic http://www.viktorpopovic.com/ incorporating chairs and florescent tubes. Also IC2:Incidental Biographies by Elias Foley in the Light and Sound Gallery where live improvised music accompanies his video installation. http://www.portlandart.org/newsite/ExhibitionsNovember.html 32 NW 5th Avenue until 10

Valentines shows drawings "The Witchcraft Rebellion" by Arrington de Dionyso and Sophia Dixon. Their press release has a flair to it:

Two artists from opposite coasts conjure unseen worlds of alchemical oppositions: darkness and light, violence and love, populated by human-animal-vegetable hybrid forms with feathers, scales, hair, grass, water, clouds and blood. Pulsating with euphoria bordering on madness, these ink drawings of unbridled intuition expose us to an instinctual language of brush and quill. Sexy, edgy, fantastically risky, the viewer is invited to follow along with initiatory hallucinations, vine-ripened with suggested narratives and somnambular echoes. This is the stuff that dreams are made of, the dreams that draw themselves.

Both the opening and closing events will feature proto-musical sound performances by artist Arrington de Dionyso, drawing upon his synaesthetic readings of the artworks as scores for sound wave conduction.

I allow my own fantasies free rein in my work because I want to explore the nature and effect of representations of female desire within a culture whose collective imagination has been primarily formed by male fantasy. I am interested in the compact made between individual and cultural fantasies and the slippage between theatricality bordering on camp and almost embarrassing self-exposure. I indulge certain culturally inherited erotic aesthetics, and my drawings expose a fascination with young bodies and a desire to possess and ultimately form a collection of these bodies through portraiture. My interest in the intersection between personal desire and collective fantasy is connected to an interest in the ongoing cultural linkage of desire, especially non-normative desire, with illness and death, and the fantasy world of my drawings is populated by embattled or endangered sickly young bodies. In my red drawings, I am interested in both the teenage-melodramatic implications of the drawing being 'written in blood' and in the resultant relationship of paper to skin. I think about the viewer relating to the the paper both as a surface for the drawing and as a vulnerable, eroticized object, on which the drawing is a wound. I want her to feel implicated in the compromised eroticism of the drawing, and forced to participate in an eroticized representation of violence and self-violence.

Founding member of the band Old Time Relijun, Arrington deals with many of the same themes in both music and art, using performance as a vehicle for driving through the nameless territories held between surrealist automatism, shamanic seance, and the folk imagery of rock and roll.

Lights on 6-9, music at 9 Valentines 232 SW Ankeny

Monday, October 23, 2006

November Photo Show at Clark College

This show pulls together some outstanding and varied work by local photographers Holly Andres, Blake Andrews, Amy Archer, Daniel Barron, Liz Haley, Mark Hooper, Tamara Lischka, and Grace Weston. Andres is known for her Crewdsonesque psychodramas of growing up a girl; Archer for gridding multiples, often of architecture; Haley for snapshots of enigmatic personal moments in characters you may know; Lischka for her photographs of animal embryos and Weston for her obsessive miniature sets upon which life is played out. The gallery website has more information
Opening tonight 7PM Clark College Archer Gallery Vancouver, WA free

Thursday, October 12, 2006

October 13-30 a Few Portland Things

October 13-15, 19-22, 24-31

Catacombs @ Portland Art Center

The Portland Art Center opens Catacombs, a sort of grown up haunted house, involving a maze of rooms created within the Center's warrens. Each room is representative of historic happenings in the North End and Old Town Portland, enacted by actors with you in the scene, passing or tarrying as you wish. Continuous performance 8-11PM Admission $10-20 on a sliding scale October 13-15, October 19-22, October 26-31 (Halloween show runs 8-midnight)
Details http://www.portlandart.org

October 13

Classical Indian Dance Performance Updated @ Schnitzer Concert Hall

Kalakendra presents a bharatanatyam dance performance, Ekaanta Seetha, Lonely Furrow, commemorating women Sita in Hindu mythology, who raised the twin sons of Rama, Rani Lakshmi Bai, a key figure in India's struggle for independence and Aparajitha, a representative contemporary fighter for social progress in rural India. These dances have elaborate costumes, stylized hand movements and characteristic shifts of gaze (sit close or bring field glasses). Usually they retell historic myths, this one is contemporary. Schnitzer Concert Hall 8PM $30 Discounts for Kalakendra members. Details http://www.kalakendra.org

Haley-Briggs Art @ Gallery Homeland

Liz Haley and Troy Briggs show new works at Homeland’s one-year anniversary show Friday the 13th. Bring your party hats and rollerskates. "Let them eat cake!"

“With a Stranger” is up for the Month of October at gallery Homeland project space at 916 SE 34th Ave, opening Friday the 13th 7-10pm.

From their artists' note:
'The other day I ate Chinese food and my fortune cookie said “A chance encounter with a stranger will change your life” So Liz Haley and Troy Briggs started a project together for Scratching the Surface three months ago, meeting for the first time and with no idea what to do. While walking along the esplanade, they noticed couples asking people to take their picture. Something in this exchange was the seed for what will be shown at gallery Homeland this October. It began with questions of intimacy, projection and the exchange. The stories we create and the objects left over have become the medium that they will use to give notice to that moment that happens hundreds a time a day when we walk down the street. Who are you? Can I ever know you? Will you change my life?'

916 SE 34th ave just off Belmont 7-11PM Free

October 14

Foghat Ranchero Breakfast Car Wash Performance @ John Head World HQ

Portland has a concentration of particpatory social performance artists such as Harrell Fletcher, Red 76, the MOST and Sincerely, John Head - these folks who have also been doing the tailgating things from time to time.

At 10AM they will throw a campagne breakfast of "omelettes, pastries, waffles, hot coffee" "while supplies last" and champagne christen their life size Ranchero with FOGHAT vanity license plates. From 11-5 their installation is on display and you can get your picture taken in their personsize commemorative Foghat vinyl cover cutout.

10 Breakfast and Car Wash
11-5 Photo sessions and general carrying on, aka art viewing

It's at 18th and Overton in the Corberry Press


October 14,15,21,22

Westside Open Artist Studios (14,15); Eastside (21,22)

Once a year, many Portland artists open their studios. It's an opportunity to look inside a star kitchen or mysterious science lab for maybe a flash of insight into how artwork is created. The website shows examples of each artist's work, not my minimalist conceptual cup of tea. Nonetheless it could be valuable for process or auditioning studio space with likeminded artists. West Side Studios October 14, 15, East Side October 21, 22. Details on getting tickets and maps at the website, of course your artist friends may invite you to their studios directly. $15 for two people and two weekends of open studios. http://www.portlandopenstudios.com

October 14,15

Last Open Art Studios @ 333

The 333 Studios are closing. Come by for their tenth and final open studio, sale and party. Surviving for 15 years an illegal speakeasy and a Russian nightclub downstairs, but not the fire marshall, the studios are over Dunes, which, as the building has been sold, will probably blow away too. These studios have incubated a few generations of Portland artists with monthly square foot rents a quarter of many of today's prices. See the work of artists John Brodie, David Eckard, Carol Ferris, Gilles Foisy, Cecilia Hallinan, Stephen Hayes, Robin Hoffmeister, David Inkpen, Una Kim, Blair Saxon-Hill and Marty Schnapf. RIP 4-9PM Sat, 12-4PM Sunday 333 NE Hancock, upstairs

October 14

Art Benefit @ PNCA

PNCA holds a silent auction art benefit to defray the medical bills of an alumna who was attacked in Old Town. Luckily this one is still alive as she was not attacked by the thin blue line. 7-11PM $5 donation at the door http://www.pnca.edu NW 13th and Johnson

Flamenco Guitar Concert @ Community Music Center

The flamenco community is passionate. No dancing tonight, but the guitar playing by Mark Taylor and Mark Ferguson will be passionate. Someday I would love to hear flamenco played on electric with miles of sustain, this concert will be on traditional classical guitars. Information: 503-972-1178
Community Music Center 3350 SE Francis $12 advance, $15 day of show; $9 youth under 17 7:30PM

October 16

Art Lecture Series @ PSU

The PSU Art Department lecture series continues with Julia Bryan-Wilson. She teaches art history and visual culture at RISD after a 2004 PhD from Berkeley. Writing extensively and curating, she is interested in the intersection of political issues of all types and art. If you are missing school, this talk should be a smart one. 5th Avenue Cinema 510 SW Hall by PSU 8:15PM Free

October 17

Register to Vote by Today

5PM Is the deadline for registering to vote in Oregon for the November election. You have to be registered at your current address to get you ballot in the mail. So if you moved, update your registration. For Multnomah county, the elections office is across the street from Holocene. Oh and it's free!

October 18

Sustainability and Environment Lecture @ Church

There are plenty of hipster events in Portland and this is not one of them. But if you are deep in the sustainability, environment or energy public interest movements, you may be inspired and pick up some good ammunition for your efforts at this lecture, maybe some allies too.

Author Bill McKibbens, longtime New Yorker writer and author of "The End of Nature" speaks on the theme "Earth on Edge: Choosing Our Future". Sponsored by Methodists, the talk may be slightly imbued with spiritualism of the good kind by cospeaker Dr. Cynthia Moe-Lobeda. I heard this guy speak at the Illahee series, he is smart and low key, a true thinker. What inspired me at his Illahee talk were his understated insights for world changing. At the First United Methodist Church, SW 18th and Jefferson across from the Goose Hollow Inn and by the MAX. http://www.emoregon.org/emo_events.htm
Cost: $10; $5 for students with ID. For more information, call Jan Elfers at (503) 221-1054

October 20-22,25-27

Portland Fashion Week @ US Bank Building

Urbane Portland has two fashion weeks, September's "The Collections", featuring Adam Arnold, Pinkham Millinery, Linea, Kathryn Towers, Holly Stadler, Jess Beebe, Elizabeth Dye, Church and State, Denwave, Liza Rietz, Emily Ryan and Anti-Domestic; and this two week long fashion week. Diversity is good for Portland. The events are held on the 43 floor of the US Bank Building aka "Big Pink", doors 7, shows 8PM

October 20 Clothing by sofada with eyewear from Visage and jewelry by Janine Gibbons hosted by Mayor Potter and Commissioner Adams
October 21 Heather Bell jewelry, The Black Fox, DarBeka - Jackie Steiner Originals Duchess and PoppiSwim
October 22 Louise Jeans, Naomi Raquel Sha Montana, the Elusive Collection and Segel Clothing
October 25 The Green & Sustainable Design Showcase with Saffrona - Nora Catherine Jewelry, MEWV, Maiti Nepal, EXIT and Flood Clothing
October 26 OSU Fashion Night with Melissa Ward, Tonya Schreiber, Alaina Shea, Diem Le, Marianne Egan, Morgan Tove, Lenore Semperviren and Gowns by Laura
October 27 Urban Metalics, Kicklet Kreations, Adriana Couture, Urban Girl NW, Leanimal DoubleCross Belt Co., Magali Corzo, Eden Dawn Apparel



Tickets $10 General, $30 VIP advance; $15 General, $40 VIP door; Week-Long Pass-All Shows-Gen Adm - $55; afterparties $10

October 22

Church of Psychedelia @ Holocene

White Rainbow, Plants, Paint and Copter and Ghosting play the music that would have made church way more interesting accompanied by visuals from Andy Brown, Jason Frank, Penguin Jetpack and Sara Robbin. http://www.myspace.com/thechurchofpsychedelia This is the last Church of Psychedelia. Holocene 9PM Free

October 23

Art Lecture @ PSU

The PSU Lecture series hosts ultra baroque Seattle sculptor Jeffry Mitchell. You may have seen his work at the Pulliam Deffenbaugh Gallery. Mitchell was a finalist for Seattle newspaper The Stranger's 2006 genius awards. 5th Avenue Cinema 510 SW Hall by PSU 8:15PM Free

October 24

Organism Salon @ Vendetta

This arts organization hosts a free salon at Vendetta on Williams - details at their web site http://www.artorganism.org

October 24,25

Miniature Golf Designed by Artists @ Holocene

Once a year artists and designers bend their creative minds around miniature golf. They fill Holocene with putting greens and all manner of cleverness to make golf holes with crazy ramps, chutes, funhouse mirrors and blinky lights. This year's holes include:

"Blowhole: The Hole" something about teeing off a surfboard into the hole which is the mouth of a whale. Except the whale hole mouth is moving! Once you sink the hole, the ball is blown from the whale's blowhole. By WK12.4

The "Labyrinth" requires friends to play. Tee off into a labyrnth maze. Your friends then tilt the maze to navigate the ball to the hole. They have to avoid spots on the maze where the ball drops from play. It's just like the hand held puzzle from childhood days of infinite time. Designed by Dave Selden and friends - The Minotards.

"Fancy" requires interactions with actors in play. Sort of performance art golf except you are in the performance. Luckily this all happens behind the curtains. Just like theater life world. By Lightbox Studio.

"Gnomes in Candyland" transforms the course into candyland. Whether candyland is the ultimate cradle to cradle sustainability strategy remains to be seen. Perhaps the course will be available to be eaten after day two, which might not be too bad since it is created by Pix Patisserie's Team Decadence.

"Superturboawesome" is always welcome, especially since this hole reference summer fun's skating, biking and the like. From Team Leisure Package - graphic designers Tom O'Toole and Ada Mayer.

"A Night at the Palms" involves navigating two floors of the Palms Motel, avoiding palm trees and whatever happens in the motel's rooms. By Flight 64, a coop printmaking studio. Press play!

"Destination Rampage" maybe recreates a life with the flying superpower. To score you need to dodge trees, rubble and "purple ponies" (?) then jump a ramp over the city. Home is where the hole is. By Team Monkey Punch (Anna Troupe and friends).

"The Mystery Hole" is not the mythical Gold Beach roadside attraction, but a devilish trap of optical illusions. Pass through the rabbit hole's shrinking corridor into a tiny village to the hole. By Team Half & Half, Cyrus Smith.

"Skee-Ball", the game you can never win at the Rose Festival's "fun center" is the inspiration for this hole by Omen (aka Nemo Design).

"FusGolf"TM requires running fusball paddles. Hopefully your "friends" are not running defense! By Elise Bartow and Daryl Freier.

"Virtual" is a game of electonically generated environments. Very Aeon Flux. By Alphonse Swinehart and Second Story Design.

"Pirate Golf" had to be. Dutch pirates in this case, navigating Holland's canals and windmills. By The Portland Radio Authority.

"Fleshtone" a performace hole by Portland's own costumed electro performers. Very steamy, surely. By "it's getting hot in here" Fleshtone.

Players - You - vote for champion holes in categories Best Action, Most Artistic, Greatest Technical Achievement, Hole I Most Want To Take Home With Me (odds on Fleshtone?), and the most mega ultra uber awesome Best in Show, the designers of which win $500 cash money! So play early and play often.

Get your game on, those funny pencils and golf clubs are provided for 2 nights October 24 and 25! Tuesday 9-late and Wednesday 2PM - late. Holocene $6

Dahlia @ Doug Fir

I wrote about this monthly electronica event previously. Still good. Still danceable. Show 9 $6

October 26

Barak Obama Booksigning in Seattle

Wonky, yes. But in politics, a ray of light is worth much more than the all of the fear and loathing which passes today for leadership. Thus the thesis of this Illinois senator's book "The Audacity of Hope". Unfortunately this Seattle reading and booksigning sold out 2500 seats at the Banaroya concert hall in a day. What's the fuss? A lot of people want this guy to run for president. Hopefully we'll see him talk in Portland soon.

Thriller @ Alberta Art Walk

Here is a question. Do three wrongs make a right? First, Michael Jackson. Yes the music persists, but that was more a product of Jackson's producer from Seattle, Quincy Jones. Wiki his career. Second, the conjunction of Alberta and art. Yes it is heartfelt. Anyway taste is personal, or, as I say, aesthetics is tribal. Third, zombies. Put the three together and what you have is zombies performing the West Side Story-(on the East side - ?)-inspired dance sequence from the Michael Jackson music video for Thriller, live at the corner of 15th and Alberta beginning at 6:30 or 7 and for every 20 minutes for a few hours while the Alberta art walk happens this Thursday. Pop culture sampling. Start your halloween off right...

October 27

Not an event here, though there may be a party in Bolognia or Paris and in San Francisco and Yokahama, but long time butoh performer Kazuo Ohno turns 100 years old today. Actively performing until about 90, Ohno is representative of the lighter, softer and romantic branch of this Japanese performance art. He is quite frail now, but for years he created improvisation inspired solely by birth, death and his mother. I know this is obscure, but butoh is an interest and there is a concentration of it in Seattle, Olympia, LA, SF, the Southwest's wild spaces and Portland. Not all of it is tortured or dark, in fact very little is. http://www.kazuoohnodancestudio.com/english/top/

October 28

Bollywood Horror @ the Fez

DJs Anjali and the Incredible Kid throw their annual Indian Horror Film dance party. I'm waiting to see if they have those improbable Bollywood dance scenes akin to Miike's zombie musical Katakuri-ke no kôfuku. $10 with costume Flier

October 29

Trick or Vote, today I say both, as long as they are not dirty tricks! If you know me, you know real democracy is a passion worth life risking. For reasons far far different than the current administration proposes, in fact, antithetical.

The Bus Project registers Oregon voters then encourages them to vote, the Dean strategy. Today join them visiting Oregon voters and encouraging them to get their vote by mail ballots in to count. Later in the evening they throw a great costume party at the Crystal Ballroom with Thomas Lauderdale and China Forbes, Quivah and March Forth. http://www.myspace.com/trickorvote Doors 7:30 $13

October 30

Art Lecture @ PSU

The PSU Lecture series hosts Portland filmmaker Vanessa Renwick. She had the Trojan video in the Oregon Biennial. She has been making what could be classed documentry work as much as magical realism can be classed fiction. In other words, our region through a personal lens. You can get a feel for her work at http://www.odoka.org/. Renwick has also developed a low budget network of places to show her films by touring band style in a van, even to rural towns, showing films in Grange halls. 5th Avenue Cinema 510 SW Hall by PSU 8:15PM Free

Sunday, October 08, 2006

October 15 Cello Now @ Doug Fir Lounge

The cello ranges close to the human voice, perhaps that is part of its sound's emotional appeal. It can be plucked, but bowed it reaches sublime expressiveness. Its low notes are felt as much as heard; it's woody overtones are intensely somatic.

Tonight the cello's magic is multiplied in ensemble as Cellodarity plays.

The program includes

Bachianas Brazileiras #5 by Villa Lobos
Double Cello Concerto by Vivaldi
Original Works by Gideon Fruedmann
Original Works by The Ahs
Original Works by Polly Panic
and experimental improvisational duos/trios

Cellodarity includes players known independently for their other musical projects. Details at http://www.myspace.com/cellodarity

At the Doug Fir Lounge, Doors 7:30, show 8, $7

October 8 Crafty Wonderland

The church of craft - Crafty Wonderland - continues. Work for sale by Portland's crafty vixens complements a DIY zone for learning new skills. 11AM-4PM. http://www.craftywonderland.com at the Doug Fir Lounge Free

Friday, October 06, 2006

October 6-8 HP Lovecraft Film Festival

Author Lovecraft (1890-1937) is considered to be the father of modern horror, more focused on dark occult themed stories than what passes today for horror in cinema. Afflicted with childhood disease, he suffered from poikilothermism leaving his body cold to the touch. He also suffered insomnia and is reported to have written for 60 hours without sleep to complete one story. His prolific letter writing, over 87 thousand letters in his lifetime, qualifies him as the first blogger.. His father was hospitalized for psychosis when Lovecraft was 3 and remained so for the rest of his life, later his mother was committed to the same asylum. He suffered a nervous breakdown at age 18, never completing high school. Many of his stories were inspired by his nightmares.

The festival features films, panel discussions and artwork on Lovecraftian themes.

Details: http://www.hplfilmfestival.com

Friday, Saturday and Sunday October 6,7,8

October 6-November 15 Weyerhaeuser Pacific Rim Bonsai Exhibit

Weyerhaeuser Bonsai Exhibit is as surrealistic a combination of words as are these miniature trees sublimely beautiful. As far back as the second century, Chinese were creating miniature landscapes of rock and trees in pots. Chinese mysticism describes worlds inhabited by spirits in these penjing, "potted scenes", the first bonsai. Between the eighth and thirteenth centuries, bonsai spread to Korea and Japan. The exhibit is accompanied by lectures, some requiring reservations or a fee, exhibits of local bonsai and children's bonsai workshops. Call the Gardens for info 503-223-1321 or check their web site. The Chinese Garden also has bonsai on display.

Portland Japanese Gardens, Washington Park 10-4 daily, Monday noon-4 admission $8/6.25 students, various membership plans for unlimited admissions. http://www.japanesegarden.com

October 6 B-boy/b-girl one on one dance battle competition @ Nocturnal

Know the Ledge! It's a one on one battle for $250. From the organizers a beautiful description: "B-boying/b-girling has always been rooted in battling. Whether you're in a circle with no judges or in competition performing for an audience, every dancer who considers themselves a b-boy/b-girl, battles.

There are two ways to represent: the first is with your crew and the second is for yourself. When you're representing for yourself, you're representing the style you've spent years laboring away to develop; you're representing who you are, how you approach the dance, what your battle strategies are, and ultimately your character as a person."

Cash money, all ages. Rundown:
6:00pm Doors
7:00pm Eliminations
8:00pm Preliminary Battles
8:30pm Quarter Finals
9:00pm Intermission
9:15pm Semi-Finals
9:45pm - Finals

Soul and breaks: Deejay Magneto (CA)

Judges: Dialog (Misguided Steps), Wendee (Street Masters Crew), Osker (Missile Fist)

Admission $10 at Nocturnal 1800 E Burnside

October 6 Music Population Project Goes Oslo

The Music Population Project is opening a new front in its founder's home, Norway. The Music Population Orchestra will play this evening with a video installation and mad DJ's Safi and Stay in School later. http://www.myspace.com/thempo Apotheke 1314 NW Glisan 9PM free

October 6 Eastside Art Openings

NAAU shows paintings by cofounder Rose McCormick who has recently been living in NY. McCormick is known for schematic paintings in neutral egg tempura colors on unprimed burlap, rough and ready, as canvas. 922 SE Ankeny http://www.newamericanartunion.com

Newspace shows 3 of their national juried show photographers.Siri Kauer portraits of celebrity impersonators. JSwofford shows compositional studies of microlandscapes. My favorite, Jeffrey Milstein shows his straight images of the underside of airplanes in flight. Post 9/11, airplanes are imbued with much more than the mystique of travel to exotic destinations. 1632 SE 10th http://www.newspacephoto.org

12x16 Gallery shows work by TJ Norris. Norris is known for minimalist imagery and sound installations. 1216 SE Division

Free Geek begins a hopefully regular art show with the art of Laura Lameraux, Gordo, Cara Mia, Katie Evans, Tiago, Sarah, Debra Hubbard, Dingo, Shawn Patrick Kelly, Aaron Tarfman. The theme is waste into art, and of course, Free Geek saves tons of it from unsafe disposal in China. Free refreshments. 1731 SE 10th Ave. http://www.freegeek.org 7-10PM

Yes shows large scale abstract embroidery compositions. 811 E Burnside

Renowned shows It's All Wood, a group show on wood. Outsider urban cartoons mainly which will make you happy. Artists include Apak, Andrew Bell, Andrew Brandou, Ryan Bubnis, Mike Burnett, Guy Burwell, David Chung, Sandra Equihua, Maija Fiebig, Filth, Jeremy Fish, Blaine Fontana, Friends With You, John Michael Gill, Robert Hardgrave, Evan B. Harris, Shane Jessup, Sylvia Ji, Colin Johnson, Aya Kakeda, Jeremiah Ketner, Pars Kid, Joshua Krause, Josh Langlais, Seth Levy, Mike Maas, David Mazak, Tim McCormick, Justin “Scrappers” Morrison, Martin Ontiveros, Augie Pagan, Joshua Petker, Lisa Petrucci, Matthew Porter, Sophia Pottish, Sean Quinn, Aaron Reimer, Lesley Reppeteaux, Chris Ryniak, Jason Sho Green, Corrie Greening Corey Smith, Ryan Jacob Smith, Eric Solis, Jeff Soto, Bwana Spoons, Jophen Stein, Cameron Tiede, Tragnark, miQ willmOtt (Tweeqim), Thuy3 (Tweeqim), Amanda Visell and Steve Withycombe. 811 E Burnside

MoshiMoshi shows Norse by Norsewest, 2 1/2d to 3d- felt figures. This is definitely another cheer up, winter coming show, super bright. 811 E Burnside

Small A Projects shows sculpture Diana Puntar. Puntar uses wood, laminates and mirrors to make bright shiny things. From the gallery: "The work exists somewhere between a post-minimalist or post-apocalyptic history where radical ideas about form meet nostalgic longings for suburban or space-age materials. Puntar’s work thus elicits a series of disturbances in aesthetic and social systems – confusing the useful with the formal and the natural with the built -- suggesting parallel breakdowns in contemporary culture". 1430 SE Third Avenue http://www.smallaprojects.com 6-9PM

Ivy Studios at the Jupiter Hotel shows outsiderish paintings by Jeremy Schultz. 800 E Burnside

Meanwhile there is a fashion show too by Magali Corzo at the Jupiter Hotel 6-8 800 E Burnside

Q Center is a new space showing the work of queer artists that is not queer art. They have a group show by their QuArt collective. 69 SE Taylor

Thursday, October 05, 2006

October 5 Music and Westside Art Shows

Art Openings Portland Westside

Portland has design skills. Talented clothing, industrial, shoe, architectural and brand designers. Once a year they and other 3d designers stretch out and experiment with furniture design. For some it's a chance to break design blocks, maybe with a purely conceptual project, for others it's a chance to maybe have their designs picked up for production. Some brilliant design world judges have selected their winners from 40 entries. You can see the entries and hear the judges speak Wednesday October 4 between 6 and 9 at Design Within Reach for $10. Or see the show free at PNCA between October 5 and 28.

DWR corner of NW Everett and 12th, PNCA corner of NW Johnson and 13th
Details: http://www.showpdx.com

Valantines shows mixed media drawings by Cassandra Ann Adams themed on poppies. Inspired by Sylvia Plath's poems linking poppies to love's intoxication, Adams has refracted the connection through her own experience.
Art 6-10, open late 232 SE Ankeny

MK Guth, one of Portland's few artists working effectively in video, shows her work at Elizabeth Leach. Video art is tricky as we are immersed in moving images spanning the pedestrian on youtube to cinema's grand emotionally manipulative narratives. Also showing is Stephen Hayes known for his impressionistic portraits and landscapes in oil or as prints.
Until 9 417 NW 9th http://www.elizabethleach.com

Powell's Basil Howard Gallery shows Brandland, creative work by the WK12.3 gaggle. These twelve are a creative school within an advertising agency doing work that gets published, often for local nonprofits. As each has a varied background and are not exclusively sourced locally, the show might be interesting. On the other hand, it could be a not quite post ironic admixture of culture jamming and soft targeting.
Reception 7, show business hours at Powells Burnside and 10th

Pulliam Deffenbaugh shows seductive constructions by Jen Pack. She stretches brightly colored sheer fabric on wood frames. Her canvas is transparent, specular ambient light casts an impression on the wall behind. Pack has added wiglike falls to some pieces perhaps amping a conceptual facet, welcome because the work itself can be too beautiful. http://www.pulliamdeffenbaugh.com/Artist-Detail.cfm?ArtistsID=208
929 NW Flanders closes early 8:30PM

Mona Superhero has the seventies down. She extends the pop graphics entry into the fine arts world in the 1960's with imagery of the disco era of the seventies, a time when black and white Americans really experimented with mixing socially on an equal basis, dancing. Her images are constructed of brightly colored duct tape. Mona comes off sucessful shows at Gallery 500 to show this month at Berbatti's. http://www.ducttapeart.com/gallery.html 19 SW 2nd until late

Rake gallery shows the real sixties and seventies to complement Mona's show, portraits of the Black Panthers, as effectively wiped out then as the American Indian Movement and now perhaps the animal rights movement. Photographer Eve Crane, also known for documenting San Francisco's Hell's Angels, has selected these from hundreds of photographs she made as an intimate of the Panthers, an armed community development group of the day. http://www.rakeart.org/ 325 NW 6th

Blue Sky Gallery shows Zona, photographs of the Siberian gulags today. Now they are not filled with political prisoners, but for example by a 15 year old boy serving three and a half years for stealing 2 hamsters from a pet shop. Despite the bleak landscape and bleaker yet history of the camps, people there still leave a creative mark on the place, and photographer Carl De Keyzer has captured it. Perhaps this show is a touchpoint for contempation of our own justice system and our emerging special justice system. 1231NW Hoyt http://www.blueskygallery.org

Sarah Shields shows paintings at Stumptown on Third. Her imagery includes cities, figures and forests. Her forests appear as lensed through a sensor of heat, her figures seem vaguely Eastern European. The strong, almost fall palette produces a feeling of mystery.
Stumptown Downtown 128 SW 3rd

As always the Everett Station lofts are recommended for the sometimes experimental nature of the work...

If your eyes are not too tired, Holocene hosts Vision+Hearing, collaboration between moving image artists and moving sound artists. Strategy, Unrecognizable Now + gasp, Flora, Deelay Ceelay, Rob Tyler, Phillip Cooper and Chris Larson. I have found the crowd anything but hippie. Mixing live visuals with music is an emerging art form, now at the stage of DJing in Brooklyn in the 70's. DJ's such as DJ Spooky are expanding into visuals; the reuse of visuals is challenging copyright traditions and people are making a living as visualists - see VJCentral. 9PM $5

Friday, September 22, 2006

September's 24,25,26,27,28,29,30 Swan Song

September 24

Electro Acoustic Influences from Africa @ Doug Fir Lounge

NWEAMO has had a large influence on Portland experimental music. Tonight East meets West and North meets South with Masonic & MarsBassMan, SWARMIUS, White Rainbow, , Maxime de la Rochefoucauld, Hybrid Groove Project
Doors 8, Show 9, $10

September 25

YACHT, Universe, Aaron Flint Jamison, & Wyld File @ Reed College Chapel

This blog does not usually cover music because friends at Urban Honking do a better job of it. In case you are not reading their excellent SuperCAL, some of their principals are doing a show in Reed's sublime chapel: http://www.urbanhonking.com/supercal/archives/2006/09/yacht_universe.html

Free, but donations welcome to send these world warmers on the rest of their tour! 8PM

September 26

What's a Gertrude?

Organism launches their salon Gertrude tonight. It's an opportunity for creative people to get together and talk about art and whatnot. Details at http://www.artorganism.org. With excellent sponsorship by New Deal Vodka, there is no admission charge and there will be some complementary vodka drinks. Free is good. At Vendetta on 4306 N. Williams 7PM

September 26,27

Film on '60/70's Political Activists @ Cinema Project

So long ago, as the idealistic promises of the 1950's and early 60's waned, France's colonial failures were questioned even as the all powerful United States of America overthrew foreign governments and sank deeper into Vietnam's insurgency, ultimately into a war which it lost, while almost loosing its soul, and that of its children.

Filmmaker Chris Marker was there and made this film, Le Fond de l'air est Rouge "A Grin Without A Cat" about the rise of political left in Paris, Bejing, Prague, Chile, Iran and the United States. Marker examines the street battles between police and idealists, the fall of politicians such as Richard Nixon, the assassination of Che Guevara (the formation of whose political ideas were brought to film in The Motorcycle Diaries) and Salvadore Allende, the Soviet invasion of Prague (which provides the background for The Unbearable Lightness of Being), the student riots in Paris (depicted in Bertolucci's The Dreamers, the beginning of China's Cultural Revolution, US antiwar protests (The War at Home) and the American Civil Rights Movement (Eyes on the Prize I and II).

At 3 hours it is more an impressionistic collection of impressive footage than an explanation of the left's psychic history worldwide. The Voice sums it up - skip past the Spiderman review: http://www.villagevoice.com/film/0218,hoberman,34342,20.html. Here's hoping the film will be released to video as a source of astonishing historical samples or raw material for video term papers.

Northwest Film Center’s Whitsell Auditorium [1219 SW Park Ave] 7:00 p.m. $7

September 27

Dahlia@ the Doug Fir

Homies Dahlia hold down a monthly at the Doug Fir Lounge every last Wednesday. Kieth Schreiner, with the skilz to set his music making controls for the heart of the sun, dance and have it sound great, all at the same time, live, has been a force in Portland electronica from the beginning and has created beautiful collaborations with just about everyone. Dahlia's weeklies built the good Ohm, now Kieth has a weekly at East on Thursdays. Jen Folker adds a sexy organic vibe with her soaring vocals. This brilliant vocalist has collaborated with Toby Marks (Banco de Gaia), Drumattica (TV:616) and others. Oh, and it's dancable. Stalking Jane opens. Show 9PM $6

September 28

It's last Thursday on Alberta and perhaps the last circus day without rain. No animals were harmed in this performance.

September 29, 30, October 1

Art Fair Affair @ the Jupiter Hotel Motel

Fairs are the latest thing. Miami, the Hamptons, Santa Fe, Shanghi, Havana, Milano, Basel. Freed from the social formalities of the auction circuit, they assume each city's particular cultural admixture of socializing, partying, networking, oh, and art. This one has been crafted by organizers Stewart Horodner and Laurel Gitlen to bring select out of town galleries, some Portland ones, a lot of art, Portland artists and you together in one sweet mix.

The schedule:

Friday, September 29th
4-6PM Private Collector Preview (gala ticket holders)
6-9 PM Opening Gala to benefit the PSU Graduate Lecture Series ($100)
10-1AM Artist's party featuring Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks Disco ($10 -open bar)
7PM-7PM (Saturday) Special video screening of “24 Hour Three Stooges” by Paul Collins

Saturday, September 30th
11-11:30 AM Keynote Address by Helen Molesworth, Curator of the Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, Ohio, Sponsored by Sarah and Andrew Meigs
12-7 PM Public Hours ($5)

Sunday, Oct 1st
12-7 PM Public Hours ($5)
12-7 PM A program of video screenings selected by guest curators

There is a charge to wander the hotel's rooms, each dedicated to a gallery. It's a great opportunity though to see what is being made in the world, maybe you can see a place for your own work to fit in. Generally the gallery rooms are closed by the 10PM party Friday because the gallery folks like to party too.

All details at: http://www.affair-jupiterhotel.com/

Event: http://www.jupiterhotel.com 800 E Burnside

September 29, 30, October 1

Northwest Solar Expo @ Oregon Convention Center

Cultural explorers seek the leading edge, the experimental, they are the vanguard. The Convention Center's million square feet of rain cover is for mass adopters. While this event is not to the million foot level, that solar in the Northwest is approaching mass adoption is a good thing. Witness the great attendance at the sustainability tour. The show includes vendor booths and a raft of seminars. Details at http://www.nwsolarexpo.com/
Fri & Sat 10am-7pm Sun 10am-6pm $8 per day under 12 free. Tickets at the door.

September 30

Reading Frenzy Art Benefit @ Department of Skateboarding

Reading Frenzy is Portland's OG of zines. A visit to Chloe's tiny store will never fail to uncover a new zine. comic, video, Vladmaster or Japanese thing. Chloe's sweet son, Henry, has cerebral palsy and a lot of Portland artists are kicking in for his special needs, community style. Artist friends Andi Zeisler, Anthony Capadona, Bill Branscum, Brad Adkins, Caleb Plowman, Chase Melendez, Chris Hotz, Chris Johanson, Chris Senn, Christine Shields, Dave Carnie, Dave England, David Petersen, Erik Railton, Ethan Fowler, Fran O'Connor, Jai Tanju, Jason Adams, Jeff Walls, Jim Hauser, Jo Jackson, Jon Humphries, Kim Hamblin, Martin Ontiveros, Meredith Leonard, Michael Brophy, Michael Sieben, Molly Quan, Noah Martineau, Ray Gordon, Roger Seliner, Russ Pope, Sam Coomes, Sarah Marshall, Steve Mathews, Storm Tharp, Sumaya Agha, Tara Jane O'Neil, Thomas Campbell, Thor, Tobin Yelland and Tom Greenway are all donating work.

Tonight also marks the launch of limited edition skate decks, the first by Jo Jackson and Chris Johanson. Johanson was part of the Rinder Whitney Biennial, Jackson's video piece was selected for purchase by the Portland Art Museum from the museum's biennial.


15 NE Hancock 6PM

Installation Art Show @ Disjecta

Patrick Rock, Brenden Clenaghen and Margaret Currin have curated a show of installation and sculpture by primarily out of town artists. Pictures of their works and their websites are listed at http://www.hauntedexhibition.com/. Some of the work has a halloween flavor and is consistent with Rock's sculptural aesthetic, the most successful of which was the giant interactive inflatable hot dog at the Fresh Trouble show. I will reserve judgement until I see the show, but I have a great resistance to conceptual work based on a single idea; I'm more interested in subtilty and rich context. Disjecta 320 E Burnside Opens at 7PM