Thursday, September 01, 2005

September's big bang

This September illustrates Portland's critical mass of artistic energy. School is in session...

September 1

PNCA presents the work of 5 artists from Rio de Janeiro. Portland is
sending the work of 5 artists to Brazil in exchange! Ernesto Neto
produces installations of soft stretchy fabric and was featured in the
49th Venice Bienniale. For opening night, the Lions of Batucada perform
- dancing encouraged. This looks like one of the events of the evening.

Augen presents prints by well known minimalist artists Ellsworth Kelly,
Sol Lewitt, Robert Mangold and Frank Stella who established their
careers in the 60's and 70's. This is a good opportunity for an art
history museum-type outing.

Liz Leach presents poppy collage painter Mark Smith Smith is known for his sculptural work with vacuum packed found clothing (hard to describe). Organic sculptor Christine Bourdette shows her work and curator-artist Christy Edmunds shows photos.

Pulliam Deffenbaugh presents a group show of 50 SF bay artists curated
on the basis of each of the artists having worked with one or more of
the others.

Laura Russo presents the paintings of Jay Backstrand , a Portland artist of
the 70's and 80's who successfully sells his work in NYC. Maybe ask him
for hints...

Motel Gallery presents the illustrations of Carson Ellis who has created artwork for local musicians, The Decemberists.

Gallery 500 presents a group show of artists from the US points N,S,E&W curated by Jeff Jahn, local arts writer, artist and curator. Jahn had the challenge of curating an open call, publicized in Art in America, from slides, and we'll see the effects, live. Plenty of artists from everywhere want to show here, so Portlanders, get ready to compete!

Blue Sky Gallery presents photos by Pedro Lobo of the cells in an infamous Brazilian prison, since demolished, illustrating the inmates attempts at domesticity and individuality amidst the institution's pressures in opposition. Also showing are the photos of Brigitte Grignet of the domestic environment - the people and their echoes - of Chile.

Compound at Just Be/toys-Design present "Digital Beauty" riffing on a book with a similar name, illustrating electronic characters. While the challenge of creating three dimensional electroactors for film continues to be met by ever more lifelike characters each year, the aesthetics are still Barbie. I'm not sure if that is due to the otaku-nature of the animators or whether it is inevitably inherent in the film industry itself. See also

The Everett Lofts are always varied and always recommended.

Sometimes the workings of the Portland City Hall seem remote at best.

Perhaps their activities are so subtley pervasive, or needed only when really needed, or the reverse. That's why the idea of art in City Hall sounds perfect.Enen though the art itself may not be interesting to you, here is your chance to lay claim to some Portland art identity by showing up as you are, mix it up with a different crowd, tell them what artists in Portland need! This is an EARLY event. Details:

Commissioner Sam Adams invites you to City Hall First Thursday on September 1, 2005 5pm-7pm at Portland City Hall, 1221 SW Fourth Avenue, featuring:

:::::The Susan Komen Foundation UP CLOSE in PINK Art Show:::::
KomenUP CLOSE in PINK is a body of works exploring the artistic and creative expressions of those affected by breast cancer. This event is part of the Paint Portland Pink! Campaign of the Komen Portland Race for the Cure to further Komen's mission of eradicating breast cancer as a life-threatening disease.The UP CLOSE in PINK show will be on display in the North Atrium of City Hall for the entire month of September.

:::::A special performance by Oregon Public Broadcasting's Live Wire!:::::
Live Wire isn’t just a show, it’s a happening. It’s a place where you’re never quite sure what might happen next. From radical cheerleaders popping in at unexpected moments, to audience members dressed as giant evil bunnies, to on-air head shavings, it’s Talk Show meets Sketch Show meets Side Show. And it’s something you truly need to see/hear to believe.

Live Wire will be performing throughout the evening in the South Atrium and will be featuring some City Hall surprise guests.

:::::"Mind States" paintings by Megan Scheminske:::::
Megan's work deals with a clash between controlled construction and random occurrence, and the internal struggle between the two she observes in her daily and artistic life. "I pay attention to my mind as I paint, observing the tension that arises when I force myself to accept a messy, 'unexplainable' or unintended brushstroke instead of perfecting it by molding it into something deliberate. In this way, my paintings are exercises in meditation and expressions of mind states. I can only hope they'll get simpler as time passes…"

Megans work will be on display in Commissioner Adams office for the entire month of September.

:::::Also joining the City Hall 1st Thursday activities:::::

Works by Shu-Ju Wang
PomegranateBorn and raised in Taiwan, Shu-Ju Wang settled in Oregon after stays in Saudi Arabia, California, and New Jersey. Trained as a Software Engineer, she started taking classes at Oregon College of Art & Craft in the late 80’s (then Oregon School of Arts & Crafts), and had her first solo show in 1996 at the school’s Centrum Gallery. In 2000, she left the high tech industry to become a full time studio artist. With one foot firmly rooted in her adopted home in the Silicon Forest and the other in the artistic traditions of East & Central Asia and the Middle East, Shu-Ju paints a portrait of her sometimes wonderful, sometimes unsettling, first generation American life. Whether it's a bird in winter or a chrysanthemum in full bloom, there are always layers of meaning waiting to be discovered.

Shu-Ju's work will be on display in Commissioner Saltzman's office for the entire month of September.

Photography by Tony Sibley will be featured in Commissioner Leonard's office.

September 2

Rake, the art collective, enters its terrible two's with another Space Ambulance. "rake is a post nuclear flying fortress of robot dropouts, messianic criminals, and red eyed cosmonauts. regardless of any organization, members of rake suffer from the compulsion to break things down and rebuild them which ultimately makes us happy. Rake's experienced cosmonauts join with additional artists culled from an open call in a show of music, art and ethanol fueled talk. The show is up for a month and the works are for sale. This is a great example ofPortland's DIY attitude, no idea on the art but it should be fun. Voleur restaurant Sw 1st & Ash 6pm-4am.

Newspace Photo continues its neo-retro theme from the looks of these photos by Bootsy Holler

Fix opens the collage screenprint paintings of Dan Ness 7-10

Portland Art Center opens installations Natura Naturans on paper using
materials from nature arranged in circular forms by James Jack and an
installation by Kelly Rauer. 7-10

September 7

The Wonder Ballroom megaplex opens: concert hall, restaurant, bar and two art galleries - with an ALL AGES Dance Party with Anjali

Gala opening in the the gallery * free * 6-9pm * refreshments

In the Ballroom :
9pm Wade Mccollum performing from the rock musical “One”
10pm-1am DJ Anjali & The Incredible Kid
$5 cover at the door
Wonder Ballroom
128 NE Russell

September 7 and 8

Fix Studios, Portland furniture and interior space makers, and Design Within Reach, the SF-based purveyor of modern furniture present Show2005, a juried show of Portland furniture, conceptual or concrete. The selected work will be displayed at the DWR store at the corner of NW 12th and Everett. On September 7 a reception for the artists and jurors will open the show, the $10 admission provides hors d’oeuvres and beverages (early only likely) and supports ShowArchive, promoting local designers. The show will continue one day, September 8, free.

The show was juried by Jeff Kovel of skylab design, Bill Fritz of Intelligent Design, Pete McCracken of Crack Press and Plazm, Stella Farina nee of PDX Fashion Incubator, David Boyd of Studio Alloy, Michael Hebberoy of ripe, and Craig Olson of DWR.

September 9

The Oak Street building is reviving art shows at their location, no idea on the quality, but plenty earnest, I'm sure. Photo show featuring Flint Jamison, and Jake Longstreth, closing of “AMERICAN LANDSCAPES” art show with photos by Cody Cloud, Andy Cross. Music Thanksgiving and Dirty Projectors 425 SE 3rd Ave. 1st Floor gallery 8pm. $5

September 8-18 PICA TBA Festival

There are too many items to list for this. Thursday at 8, there will be a free performance on Pioneer Square of the acrobatic dancers of STREB. Look at the schedule and pick your own events. In the past years, the warehouse cabarets late have been a great place to talk to other artists and dance if you are so inclined, plus way better than average not too expensive late food. The Dada ball has been a great place to show your most imaginative costuming skills, no limits, none.

September 7,8, 17 and points between: Some Dueling (early/late? established/upstart?) Portland Fashion Events:

Out of the ashes of the Fashion Incubator Portland Fashion week rise two series: "The Collections" organized by Elizabeth Dye featuring established Portland designers and and Semper Fashion's "FW05", a large collaboration of designers spanning 2 weeks, and, in part, benefiting the Oregon Food Bank and the Maiti Nepal Organization Many Semper events are hosted by Palas, who have been supportive of the local DJ community. The Dada costume ball caps it all Saturday September 17. Thanks to Lisa Radon and her fashion
ultra blog for the 411 on this.

September 7

Emily Ryan and Liza Rietz will show their new fashions at Peter Bro's new Clinton Street nightspot, the Savoy Tavern and Bistro, 2500 Clinton on Wednesday, September 7, 8 PM. Rietz' show at Seaplane earlier this year showed a singular vision while Emily's work is romantically avant-garde.

September 8

Collections presents Kate Towers and Holly Stalder, powerhouses of the independent fashion scene in Portland who not only were among the forward-guard of those who locally employed reconstruction in their designs, they also provided THE platform and showcase for designers of
a similar aesthetic first at their Belmont boutique, Seaplane--now on 23rd--as well as through years of fashion shows--will show on the Wieden + Kennedy rooftop (224 NW 13th) on Thursday September 8. The show, entitled "Victorian Forest", begins at 7 PM. Free, but tickets in advance at the Seaplane store.

Semper Fashion presents Opening night. Shows on the hour till midnight. 8:00 PM Pala Fashion Lounge 105 NW 3rd Tickets $10.00, 300 general admission available at the door.

September 9

Collections presents one of Portland's finest, Adam Arnold, who will show in his lower Morrison Studio (727 SE Morrison) on Friday September 9 at 7 PM.

Semper Fashion presents Men's wear at Crush Bar tentatively 2 shows 20 minutes each, 9PM and 11:00PM. Followed by Purple Passion Party, dress in purple, RIBBONS AWARDED. FREE 250 SRO

September 10 Saturday

Fix Studios (E Burnside) present the new fall lines of the three resident designers 5-8 PM (just before the 8 PM fashion show at YES down the street). As an open studio event, it will be casual--no models, just the work. Interestingly, fix co-owner (and Jackie-O Motherfucker member) Genevieve Dellinger says that while browsing and trying on, you may be called to take part in an impromptu photo shoot. The designers catalogues will feature photos taken during the event.

Semper Fashion presents an Industry after party for the NW Regional apparel buyers association conference. 9:00 PM Pala Fashion Lounge Featuring an invitational fashion show from Saffrona, WeMa, Sizzle, Rocket, and the DoubleCross Belt Co. Very limited availability $10.00 tickets at the door.

Collections presents the machine-embroidered art garments of Bonnie Heart Clyde (by Emily Katz and Shaun Deller) and embroidered and appliqued work by TRex in a show at YES Clothing (628 E Burnside) at 8 PM.

September 11

The Collections wrap at clarklewis (1001 SE Water) with Elizabeth Dye's smart and elegant designs in fine fabrics and Jess Beebe's lovely dresses showing Sunday, September 11 at 8 PM.

Semper Fashion presents "I Want To Be Feared" Fierce Fashions, Full On! 8:30 PM Dante's Inferno 3 SW 3rd and Burnside. Tickets $5.00 at the door.

September 13

Semper Fashion presents "Its still summer and still hottt!" Swimwear and lingerie show" 8PM Pala Fashion Lounge Tickets $5.00 at the door.

September 14

Semper Fashion presents "Hot Ice" Winter Fashions 8:00 PM at Greek Cusina Minoan Room 404 SW Washington. Tickets $5.00 at the door. 150 person seating.

September 15 Thursday

Semper Fashion presents "Laid Back": Casuals and Urban Chic 8:00 PM Voodoo Lounge/OHM . Tickets $5.00 at the door, 250 available.

Semper Fashion presents Men's Wear Re Dux, just in case you missed something. 7:00 PM Crush Bar Tix: $5.00 at the door.

September 16 Friday

Semper Fashion presents Finale "Black and White" show, dress to impress. 9:00 PM at Pala Fashion Lounge-Shows on the hour until midnight. Jewelry and accessories.

September 17

PICA:TBA presents the Dada Ball, an anything goes costume party.

Saturday September 24

Curator-critic-artist Jeff Jahn opens his new group show "Fresh Trouble" Saturday September 24 at 4246 S.E. Belmont Street 5-9PM

Some are critical of the Blond Viking for "spoiling art in Portland" by suggesting that artists can support themselves as a career by sales of their art work, but I say yeah - go for it! This show offers a perfect example of pairing local artists who are making good work with out of town artists further in their career.

The artists include Cao Fei (2003 Venice Biennale, China - see below), Lee Walton (sculptor in residence Socrates sculpture park, and no stranger to big works, New York), Douglas Holst (installation INOVA & Art Chicago 2004, Milwaukee Wisconsin, in attendance), Hildur Bjarnadottir (Iceland, who bends traditional Icelanic craft into sublime minimalist works), Jack Daws (Seattle’s trouble maker), Scott Patt (Boston, recently of Portland, now director of design Converse, who combines urban graphics with weighty concepts), Patrick Rock (Portland, recent Headlands show), Matthew Picton (Oregon’s fastest rising star, LA, SF, London next - Mathew samples seemingly random patterns of the built and natural environments), Ellen George (Portland, fresh off her Dallas show, who constructs sweet shapes in polymer), Chandra Bocci (Portland, whose works of recycled materials put the serious in cute), Jacqueline Ehlis (smart painter grad student of McArthur grant recipinet Dave Hickey, Portland), Matt McCormick (Portland film maker, with a major show in Olso coming up), Laura Fritz (Portland, creator of trange instalations which touch vaguely on scinece, fresh off her critically lauded Seattle show), Sean Healy (Portland, with shows in Germany and Houston), Dan Fagereng (Portland, straight off his Art Center MFA), Bruce Conkle (Portland, ORLO arts/environment curator and Bigfoot afficianado, with shows in Iceland and Brazil in 2006), TJ Norris (Portland,sound artist, with a recent show in Montreal), Joe Thurston (Portland, painter of disturbing portraits), Katherine Bovee & Philippe Blanc (Portland, husband and wife duo and creators of smart installation work), Brendan Clenaghen (Portland), Paige Saez (Portland, see the HOMELAND listing), Mark Smith (Portland, see last month's gallery openins listing for E. Leach), Joe Macca (Portland), Marne Lucas (Portland erotic activist) and Horia Boboa (Portland)
See for example the resume of one of the artists in the show, who is taking life threatening political risks, at .
regular hours saturday & sunday 12;00-5:00PM ... through Oct 9th
special hours September 30th 6:00-9:00 PM

September 25

Spare Room, Portland Art Center & Nestucca Spit Press present a publication party & reading for Salt: A Collection of Poetry on the Oregon Coast with short readings by poets featured in the anthology, music by John Berendzen & the Parametric Orchestra, food & drink.
Sunday 7:00 - 10:00 pm free Portland Art Center 2045 SE Belmont Street 503-239-5481

September 29

HOMELAND opens Thursday September 29 with a show by Portland artists Zak Margolis, Charles Moss and Amy Steele.

"Zak Margolis has been making a reputation for himself in Portland for
quite some time, with haunting yet beautiful animation and stunning
music. His work has been featured in the PDX Experimental Film
Festival, PDX Film Exchange in Chicago and is founding member of the
much loved Pacific Switchboard Gallery. Charles Moss is a Portland
newbie, bringing us a series of process-based experimental paintings
from New Jersey. A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of
Chicago, Moss has shown work in upstate New York, Chicago and Miami
with Lifeboat. Moss presents us with an exciting series of mono-prints
and organic landscapes. Amy Steele, an Art Institute grad herself, and a
Pacific Switchboard staple is the missing link of the Familiar. While
teaching at Pacific Northwest College of Art, she has still managed to
exhibit around the US. Amy’s work explores issues of gender, desire, and
sexuality". Amy is planning graduate work at the California College of
the Arts where Larry Rinder is dean.

Artists Paul Mittendorff and Paige Saez are behind Homeland, a new space
for genre bending projects in the visual and performing arts.

Paige is known for her work in painting, installation and performance.
She is capable of out Boltoning James Bolton as evidenced by some large
scale abstracts auctioned at the Disjecta auction; installations,
including a Core Sample work of thrift store afghans, unknit to their
kinky constituent; and lately performance with Sam Gould of Red 76 and
Mr Mittendorff including a tatoo roadtrip roadfilm project.

Paul curated many excellent shows for Disjecta but now attracting
attention in collaboration with Mary Mattingly, PNCA grad, with his
art-world-politics performance installations. These include
constructing a liferaft carrying the works of Portland artists and
landing it Cuban refuge-style on the beach at Art Basel-Miami as well
as constructing a hot tub for gallerist and collector interviews at
SCOPE Hamptons. ( )

The opening night includes particapatory happenings involving stuffed
animals and live music by Squish and the Tim DuRoche Trio with Doug
Theriaul and Jonathan Sielaffand.

HOMELAND doors open up at 7pm , with live music starting at 8pm. 926 SE
34th Avenue located at the intersection of 34th and Belmont in the old
scooter building.

September 30

The second Affair at the Jupiter Hotel, ( ) a Portland art weekend of in town and out of town galleries and educational panel talks opens with 2 parties. The first, a benefit for the Portland Art Museum's new contemporary wing (see Oct 1,2) is 6-9 and costs $100. From 10-1, the artists party, much more fun, features music Deep Throats and Barr, and DJ P Disco at $10. Pleease, hope this DJ is better than every PICA DJ's! There are a bunch of other talks - check the website. As for the art - this is a mini version of large art fairs all over the world that allow you to see a lot of work in one place and check the artist resumes for career directions.

Many of the SE galleries will also be open this evening including a group show at the New American Art Union, SE 9th and Ankeny, and ALL I WANT IS EVERYTHING, a group show themed on metal [music] at Small A Projects, Laurel Gitlin's new gallery in the old Savage space, 1430 SE 3rd under the Hawthorne Bridge.

September 30-October 1
NWEAMO, the Northwest Electro Acoustic Music Organization presents it's annual festival themed "Ancient Knowledge and The Future: Neolithic Roots in the 21st Century" Friday and Saturday at PSU. NWEAMO promotes exploration of the fusion of electronica and acoustic music modes. Their past festivals have also featured quality visual accompanianist-collaborators such as Pirate TV.