Wednesday, December 01, 2004


This month, take a look at the Ed Ruscha print show at Augen. Ruscha is a West Coast Artist who went unappreciated in NY for ever, but is back for the revenge of quality and longevity. He was selected to represent the US at the Venice Biennale and his 1970 Chocolate Room has been reconstructed at LA's MOCA. Also upstairs at Augen take a look at recent Portland arrival Chris Johanson's prints and a more refined encaustic look by Chris Kelly.

The RC Gallery, above the Peruvian restraunt at the corner of 13 and NW Glisan has a group show curated by Trish Grantham including her work, Lisa Dejohn, Scott Patt and Amy Ruppel. The work is sweet as well as contemporary.

Belinki and Deprey and Gallery 500 host a show of political pop art including many Portland art stars. and

The New American Art Union hosts a group show of art they will actually buy from the artists and lottery off to their members. Keep an eye on this space and its great artist curators.

Pacific Switchboard shows serial work - think multi panel cartoons and more abstract multiples. My favorite are Jason Funk's 3 panel illustrations set in Japan. Joe Hilsenrad has a great telephone installation which is not to be missed. All the prices are super reasonable! The cafe gallery is open many hours and they also host an always relevant antiwar poetry open mic on December friday evenings 7:30.

Finally Savage has got its groove back with the Surface Tension show. The Parlato paintings of slick poured paint are outstanding. I confess, I like bright shiny things! The other work by Jacin Giordano shows a subtle sense of composition with materials that would be at home in Ready Made, while delicate paper tracery by Doug Morris offers layers of detail in which to loose yourself. Finally some of Aaron Van Dyke's (#2) constructions are dreamlike, simple, but hit home.

Also don't forget the Urban Art Network's indoor sale at the Crystal Ballroom 1PM-9PM Sunday December 19.