Sunday, January 31, 2016

February 1 Oei!

OEI is an interdisciplinary art journal, an art/poetry publisher, and an exhibition space in Stockholm. They had a show at Inca space in Seattle Friday and now are visiting Portland for a talk tonight. What they are up to may not cross over in translation, but it sounds interesting. See the for a description. At Publication Studio 717 SW Ankeny Map 6:30PM Free

Friday, January 29, 2016

January 30 Print Passage Caldera Bunyan

Portland Fine Print Fair is an opportunity to see prints from Western, the rest of the US and even Irish galleries. It is today and Sunday. Full details At the Portland Art Museum 1219 SW Park. Saturday 10AM-6, Sunday 11AM-5 Free

Passages Bookshop is not art, but they have many unusual art books. As you can imagine, moving them is an ordeal. They have moved to a new location and have an open house today to celebrate. Normally they are by appointment. At Passages Book Shop, 1223 NE Martin Luther King Blvd. Noon-5 Free

Caldera Arts is a Summer arts immersion for at risk youth. In Winter, guest artists visit for an uninterrupted residency in a beautiful setting. Today is an open house to see the work and meet the artists in the cycle. This residency has artists Alela Diane, musician (Portland); Anne Greenwood-Rioseco, mixed media artist (Portland); Chaney Kwak, fiction and travel writer (San Francisco); Sara Mumolo, poet (Oakland); Ryan Pierce, painter (Portland); Marjorie Vecchio, photographer (Reno); and Emily Meg Weinstein, writer (Berkeley). Full artist bios:

Arrive at 1PM sharp for presentations by the artists, then visit the studios.

Most years, the camp gets snow. You might check the pass and road cameras on Tripcheck.

At Camp Caldera, 31500 Blue Lake Drive, Sisters, OR Map 1PM-3 Free

Front Paper is a broadsheet about performsnce and contemporary dance, written by performers and dancers. Their fifth edition drops tonight with a small party. If you are a dancer there is a workshop 3PM-5 using ideas to compose movement. At Flock at Disjecta, in the shadow of Paul Bunyan 8371 N. Interstate Map Workshop 3PM-5, Release party 5:30PM-8 Free

The modest and considered Carl & Sloan Gallery has painters David Corbett & Amie LeGette. Their biographical info is on the website. At Carl & Sloan Contemporary in the Disjecta building. 8371 N Interstate Ave #1 Map 6PM-10 Free

A Mortal Song is a show including performance by Tori Wrånes and Caley Feeney. Hey, alpenhorns have been done! At Disjecta, in the shadow of Paul Bunyan 8371 N. Interstate Map 6PM-10 Free

Thursday, January 28, 2016

January 29 Automatic Space Photoflood

Robert Rhee presents Disambiguation, sculptures and photographs. At Melanie Flood Projects 420 SW Washington Suite 301 6PM-9 Free

Sam Ashley from Berlin is the son of and collaborator to the late avant opera composer Robert Ashley.

He presents experimental music along with John Krausbauer from Los Angeles. Also on the bill are Portland experimental sound artists Jeff Witscher and Seth Nehill. The description on Disjecta's site has more information:

At Disjecta, in the shadow of Paul Bunyan 8371 N. Interstate Map 8PM $7-10

January 28 Cubanismo Pilgrimage

Lewis and Clark College opens Intersecciones Havana / Portland. It is a show by Susana Pilar Delahante Matienzo, Reynier “El Chino” Novo, Elizabet Cerviño, Adriana Arronte, Rafael Villares and Yornel Martínez, six graduates of Instituto Superior de Arte. They have made works inspired by Oregon's history. Four of the artists will be at the opening.

There will be a performance for about 40 minutes, starting at 5PM sharp.

In the Hoffman Gallery on the Lewis and Clark Campus, 0615 S.W. Palatine Hill Road. Map Please park in the Fir Acres lot. Parking Map Enter gate 2 off Palatine, proceed down the hill to the very end to find the Fir Acres Lot "E" on the parking map. Map 5PM-7 Free

Victoria Reynolds has Pilgrimage, colorful geometric paintings on paper. At Ampersand Vintage Printed Material 2916 NE Alberta, Ste B. Map 6PM-8 Free

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January 20 Visioning Revisioning

Visions & Revisions is a show opening tonight by Stephanie Doyle, Trude Parkinson, Jef Gunn, Clinton MacKenzie, Pat Barrett, Claire Browne and Andrea Schwartz-Feit. At Jeffrey Thomas Fine Art 2219 NW Raleigh 6PM-8 Free

Friday, January 15, 2016

January 16 Hindu Reincarnation Expo

Fortune, the reincarnation of HQHQ, is adding books and publishing to their gallery projects. They open their new space today with an event of poetry and art by Jabari Jordan-Walker and Marc Matchak. We rarely cover book arts and never poetry, but HQHQ has a good history, so they might be worth keeping an eye on. At Fortune 2235 W Burnside. Noon-6 Free

There is a community of families in the Portland area from the Indian subcontinent. Classical music and dance of the region are taught by small schools and private teachers, passing the tradition along from generation to generation. And many area adults learned those traditions from childhood and enjoy playing and performing for pleasure.

Tonight Surabhi Paranjpe, Hindustani vocalist, performs with with Bhvanesh Mathur on harmonium and Swati Phadke on tabla. Tejasvi Chakravarthy, on Carnatic Flute performs with with Mahesh Mudigonda on mridangam and kanjira.

It is a free concert in a small auditorium in an Intel office building in Hillsboro. You can use this map to locate the "JFCC"

Community Indian Music Concert presented by Kalakendra at the Intel Jones Farm Conference Center in Hillsboro. 7PM Free

Downtown Light and Sound Solution from LA closes their Contact Expo show of interactive video and sound tonight. At 8 one of the creators will perform the system which changes the projections and sound in response to sensors in the space. At Disjecta, in the shadow of Paul Bunyan 8371 N. Interstate Map

7 Free

Thursday, January 14, 2016

January 15 Illusion Delusion

Mike Bray is an artist and cofounder of Springfield, Oregon's Ditch Projects. It is a big studio and gallery space in an industrial area with a great collection of artists and projects.

He opens his show light grammar/grammar light tonight. The theme is a conceptual appropriation of the technology and artifice in the film industry.

On January 18, Bray will give a talk at PNCA at 6PM

At the first of two members in Portland of the New Art Dealers Alliance, Fourteen30 Gallery 1501 SW Market Street Map 6PM-8 Free

January 14 Stay Wild and Be Sharp

Stay Wild really has nothing to do with the usual art events we list.

But we like them because they are fun!

Stay Wild is a printed magazine and a website dedicated to the enjoyment by everyday people of the outdoors. They cover things like motorcycle road trip campout by 500 women.

They are interested in the usual diving off cliffs into wild rivers, skating where no one has skated, surfing, bringing a wood fired hot tub on your camping trip, bicycle camping. Really anything outdoors that is super fun.

When they release their printed edition magazine, they have fun event. At a previous launch, you could have a portrait made by Kirlian photography in a geodesic dome. This time, they are offering free axe and hatchet sharpening.

The Stay Wild 2016 Winter Release Party is at Hand Eye Supply 427 NW Broadway 6PM-8 Free

Saturday, January 09, 2016

January 9 Relaxo Bus

Lindsay Kennedy has Relaxo Patio: paintings. It definitely wins the copywriting award for the month.

"Like the caviar dreams of gold chains and naked curvy physiques found in hip hop songs, artist Lindsay Kennedy’s third solo exhibition at Nationale, Relaxo Patio, provides a temporary respite from Portland’s weary winter through the myriad delights of Miami, Florida. Her minimalist compositions offer a contemporary reimagining of painter David Hockney’s scenes of Los Angeles swimming pools from the mid-60s. However, instead of stodgy Beverly Hills diving boards and chaise lounges, she evokes a sultrier, more luxurious lifestyle of cocktails at the Versace mansion, courtside tickets to the Heat, and bronzed beauties on a yacht.

Kennedy achieves this transportive effect through the use of two distinct painting styles. While always drenched in the downy pastels of polyester leisure suits and ocean-side sunsets, her compositions oscillate between more informed and more instinctual approaches. Within the former aesthetic, meticulously applied brushstrokes and layered gradations of color create a hypnotic illusion of depth and texture. Geometric forms float upon the background like dreamscapes, harkening to the emotive sparseness of Agnes Martin. In opposition to this meditative feel, Kennedy’s other works reveal a looser style wherein thick blobs of paint and colorful squiggles capture both the movements of Cuban dance and the spirited curves of tropical foliage. As a whole, Kennedy’s dynamic work deftly reflects the changing rhythms—from languid beach days to feverish club nights—that make Miami a haven for those looking to escape."

At Nationale 3360 SE Division Map 1PM-3 Free

And from this distance one might never imagine that it is alive is a show by Amy Bernstein, Pat Boas, Calvin Ross Carl, Jack Featherly, Ron Graff, Robert Hardgrave, Grant Hottle, Michael Lazarus, Michelle Ross and Amanda Wojick.

Marylhurst is running a bus to and from the event - see their website for details.

At the Marylhurst University Map 4PM-6 Free

Friday, January 08, 2016

January 8 Eastside Art Openings+

Portland is still in sleep mode. Nonetheless.

Publication Studio has an event: Laura Foxman's Pencils & A Pen. This is a recommended thing which is not easily described. At Publication Studio 717 SW Ankeny Map 6PM-8 Free

Marlon Mullen, painter, has a show tonight. At Adams and Ollman Gallery, the second of two members of the New Art Dealers Alliance, 209 SW 9th early close 6PM-8 Free

Water Warriors is a show of photographs capturing opposition to fossil fuel drilling. At Newspace Photo 1632 SE 10th Map 6PM-9 Free

Thursday, January 07, 2016

January 7 Westside Art Openings+

Ryan Pierce makes artwork inspired by environmental issues and is cofounder of the Signal Fire residencies. This show explores parallels between native mythology in Mexico as a discovery and exploration process, colonial expansion as the same, and the unknown climate futures as a continuation of both. Wendy Given has photographs and sculpture which examine how we, in modern culture experience nature-based, mythology. At Autzen Gallery, Neuberger Hall, room 204, Portland State University 724 SW Harrison St 4PM-7 Free

I, You, Me is a poppy show by Ayumi Takahashi. She has lived in China, Japan and attended top art schools in LA & London. She lives in Portland now. Another impressive show by Duplex. At Duplex Collective 219 NW Couch 6PM-9 Free

24 Hour Empire is a recreation and update of a 1964 project by Jonas Mekus and Andy Warhol. Portland artist Josh Michaels made his own 24 hour shot of the Empire State building, then processed, recontextualized and remixed it into a variety of artworks. Recommended. Saturday 1/9 1PM to Sunday 1/10 1PM the gallery will be open 24 hours; Saturday 1/16 6PM-8 is the closing event. At UpFor Gallery 929 NW Flanders early close 6PM-8 Free

Kendra Larson makes landscape drawings, often in charcoal and many with tinges of the mystical. She also presents an artist talk Saturday January 23 noon at the gallery. At Augen Gallery 716 NW Davis early close 8 Free

Longtime Portland painter Lewis Clevenger has a show at Russo. It goes along with a retrospective of even longer time gallery artists. At Laura Russo Gallery 805 NW 21st early close 5PM-8 Free

Longtime Portland Photographer Jim Lommasson is at Blue Sky Gallery map 122 NW 8th 6PM-9 Free

Recent PNCA graduate Lauren Gonsalves shows illustration style work. At Hellion Gallery through the lobby of the arched brick entry, up the stairs and to the back. Very upper floor Japan-style. 19 NW 5th second floor. Map 7PM-10 Free

Everett Lofts are recommended as always. It's easier for you to see them all than for me to write suggestions. At the Everett Lofts 625 NW Everett. Bounded by NW Everett, Broadway, Flanders and 6th Map closing ranges from 9PM to a little later in Winter

PNCA is recommended to stop in. They have long time cycle shows and pop ups distributed throughout the building. PNCA 511 NW Broadway Map 6PM-9 Free

Their Museum of Contemporary Craft is open until 8 and Free on First Thursdays

Both have the Alien She show ending this week.

And plus: Pecha Kucha is a night of short design talks which originated in Japan. The Portland chapter lapsed but is back. Tonight it is Kyra Bussanich, Founder & Pastry Chef, Kyra’s Bakeshop; Daniel Duford, Visiting Associate Professor of Art, Reed College; Carly Ellis, Designer, Nike Design Lab; Dan Frantz, Strength Coach, Big Sweet Health; Kristen Gallagher, Founder, Edify Education Design; Jelani Memory, Founder, Circle Media, Inc.; Mo Nishiyama, Technical Writer, OHSU; Skyler Pace, Entrepreneur, Recent Graduate; Amy M. Truitt, PhD Candidate, PSU; Tiff Wood, Founder, New World Rowing Club and Peter Zandee, US Sales Manager, Tony’s Chocolonely. At Holocene 1001 SE Morrison doors 6PM, talks 6:30-8 Eventbrite tickets linked to the Holocene web site. Free