Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 31 Yu Who Re Print

This is a unique mash up.

The Dill Pickle Club, arts activists and historians, have produced a reprint monograph chronicling select exhibitions once upon a time of Portland's Portland Center for Visual Art - PCVA. The book was printed by Publication Studio. And they are presenting their book at Yu, a space which would become the new PCVA. Finally Lisa Radon, who is working on a book about PCVA moderates a discussion by Mary Beebe, Mel Katz, Tad Savinar and Paul Sutinen who were founders, board members or staff of old PCVA.

PCVA operated in Portland from 1972-1988 and hosted hundreds of installations and performances, many more than those chronicled in the book. Apparently it was a heady time, in which New York art movements got a purchase nationally, and internationally. Part of that would be support by the government in the form of grants including the National Endowment for the Arts. Pressures from social conservatives caused funding of free wheeling artists and projects to be derailed in favor of grants to state arts commissions. Today funding is on the down cycle again. Meanwhile PCVA was considered "too legit" to receive NEA "alternative space" grants. Other failure modes for PCVA were galleries blocking their artists' participation in Portland because there would be no sales.

Interestingly, the rise of PICA, from 1995, was based on not taking public funds. PICA had roots in the Portland Art Museum, which established a more conservative art direction about the same time, leading to PICA's break away.

Yu, with a vast multifunctional space, is looking to create anew an international art center, rekindling the PCVA energy of the time, and more.

At Yu 7PM $0-10

March 30, 31 Reactivate the Architecture of Dance

RE/ACTIVATE is a modern dance project occupying an installation by two artists in an interesting architectural space. It was developed by the performer Rachel Tess. I've seen earlier versions of this show. It realizes the vision that we have had for art and artist networks inspiring creative business and their networks. It's a small, intimate space, but the performer is one of Portland's peak movers. It's a professional performance in a non-traditional space. Reservations 503-729-5364. At W+K 224 NW 13th 7:30PM $25 or $40 for both evenings

Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 28 Social Practice Artist Natasha Wheat

The Monday night lecture series welcomes Natasha Wheat. She started noted projects in Chicago, Project Grow in Portland, and is currently participating in projects and working in the CCA social practice program. Very exciting given the positions of Chicago, Portland and San Francisco in the genre. Talk Monday in the Shattuck Hall Annex, 1914 SW Park Avenue, at the corner of SW Broadway and Hall on the PSU campus. 7:30PM Free

March 27 A Modest Proposal

Social practice artist Natasha Wheat, many of whose projects surround food, has created a series of cups for Portland art, book, zine and clothing standout Stand Up Comedy. Release is at Stand Up Comedy 811 E Burnside noon on free

Friday, March 25, 2011

March 25 Dance and Writing

Arts are misunderstood and dance especially. Constructing narrative around it post facto, even if there is no inherent narrative intent in the piece itself has great value. Certainly a still painting is inherently non-narrative, but benefits from narrative in the viewer relationship. The writers and the dancers commune tonight at the gallery in Pioneer Place Mall around a new print dance publication, Front. Performers Tahni Holt, Alyssa Reed-Stuewe, Danielle Ross, Noelle Stiles and Robert Tyree host a happy hour discussion 6-8, segueing into dance karaoke until 9 or 10. At the Pioneer Place Mall, bounded by SW Morrison, Yamhill, 5th and 6th. Third floor. 6PM-9/10 Free

March 25-31 Some Days Are Better Than Others

This film has shown privately and at the Film Center. It opens the start of a limited national run tonight at the Hollywood Theater. Tell your friends in other cities too. Director in attendance Friday March 25. At the Hollywood Theater 4122 NE Sandy 3PM, 5 weekends; 7, 9:15 daily $7

Monday, March 21, 2011

March 23 Art Show-Make Space Preview

The successful Art Department event space is expanding to include a design-build studio workspace. It will combine events, exhibits, making and doing in a collaborative community setting. A great project filling a need for shared workspace, resources and classes. Details at the project website. Preview open house tonight. See 417 SE 11th x Stark 6PM-8 Free

March 22 Curiosity Club on ID

Tonight designer Michael Felix discusses some of his speculative projects, including those using sound as an element. You can tune into the free live webcast off the Core77 site or visit in person at Hand Eye Supply 23 NW 4th 6PM Free

March 21 Global Warming and Local Growth

One of our greatest challenges as humans is to balance thoughts of the large and small simultaneously in making decisions. One of the large, is the theory of global warming, brought by injecting millions of years of hydrocarbon deposits from plantlife into the atmosphere over about 150 years. Believe it or not, some city of Portland departments have long term contingency plans for massive inmigration to the region because other areas become climatically undesirable.

Tonight's speaker, Gail Achterman, discusses Oregon's land use planning in the context of rapid population change which could accompany climapocalypse. Achterman also discusses our infrastructure planning process, water, sewer, transportation, energy, and how changes we could make now will reduce the potential impact of millions of Californians and people from the arid Southwest moving here. It's part of the City Club Bright Light's discussion series in which journalist artist editor Randy Gragg interviews though leaders in planning and design.

At Jimmy Mak's, 221 NW 10th Map Doors 5:30PM, discussion 6. Free

Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 20 Stock

Stock is back this month at PNCA. RSVP by email, portlandstock at gmail dot com, the meal reservations, limited by logistics, fill quickly. Details: At PNCA 1241 NW Johnson 6PM-8 $10 cash only

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 19 In Site Reconciliation Independent Labrador

Portland's only floating studio gallery, the Labrador, hosts a show by Portland artist Chase Biado: Sad Barbaric. The show will also be accessible for a closing event March 26. The 65 foot boat was built to carry remains back from WWII. Retrofitted (it has working cranes) it worked as a crabber. Now four artists share it as studio space, make repairs and keep it afloat. Many of the artist crew, curators and showing artists met at landlocked Lewis and Clark College. But maybe they got their start with L&C's navy of dinghies docked on the mighty Willamette South of the Sellwood bridge? At 12128 Labrador Project It's moored by Fred's Marina 12900 NW Marina Way, Portland. Easily the largest boat at the moorage, you cannot miss it. More detailed directions, don't get lost, on the website. 7PM Free

The mall show, IN(ter)DEPENDENCE, in the Pioneer Place Mall holds a reception connected to its current show. Some details may be found at At the Pioneer Place Mall, bounded by SW Morrison, Yamhill, 5th and 6th. Third floor. 6PM-9 Free

Gentrification is Change, and my view of it is probably more nuanced to completely different than some. That's a longer conversation. Tonight there is a perspective offered by Judith Mowry, who has been leading community discussions for the City of Portland's Office of Neighborhood Involvement, in North and Northeast Portland, among the gentrifiers and gentrifiees. The process is based on the principles of restorative justice. These ideas were the basis for the Truth and Reconciliation hearings in South Africa and in many post-conflict countries. It's not clear that the process was entirely successful in the minds of those affected in South Africa, but it's still valuable, and certainly more effective than the courts. It was also used in Sierra Leone, for which in my opinion, it was less suited. In that case, it was certainly more cost effective than courts. It certainly leaves an invaluable first person historical record with narrative resonance. Tonight Mowry shares her experiences at Project Grow, which is itself focusing on closer neighborhood connections. Music by Lynnae Gryffin. At Project Grow at the Port City Development Center. 2156 N Williams Ave at Tillamook. Films 6PM Free

Earlier in he day, Linda Austin activates Carl Burkheimer's installation with movement and co-movers Jin Camou, Keyon Gaskin and Danielle Ross. At Disjecta 8371 N Interstate 1PM Free

March 18-20 Alembic Consumption

Performance Works Northwest hosts its periodic performance series Alembic, with Portland choreographer Danielle Ross: To Remember is to Jump Around Here, with dancers Suzanne Chi, Sally Garrido-Spencer, Michelle Rogers, and Danielle Ross. Bay Area FACT/SF who are known for performances in Walmart stores is also on the bill. At Performance Works NW 4625 SE 67th 8PM $12-15

March 17 Art Spark Urban Farmer Re/Activate

Art Spark is now on an every other month schedule. They meet tonight at the Urban Farmer restaurant in the Nines Hotel. The organizers of Jewish Arts Month will give a short talk at 6. Art Spark At Urban Farmer
525 SW Morrison, 8th Floor. 5PM-7 Free

There is a geometric spatial installation occupying the W+K lobby. It's angular and orange, inhabiting a white out industrial space of 1908 vintage, but holding its own. Fitted by artists Jordan Tull and Damien Gilley, it's danced in tonight by collaborator Rachel Tess, in project Re/Activate. Julliard-schooled Tess, who is noted for her bi-continent works, has been exploring the space with movement as resident W+K artist; it's a great use of the otherwise little used grand entry lobby. Light, sound, costume collaborators are Jennifer Lin, Thomas Thorson, Rachelle Waldie, respectively. The sole props are a vintage sleeping bag matching the set, camp lanterns, a table and chairs. It's a great collaboration by all involved. Repeats March 30,31, as a finished piece, admission $25, reservations 503-729-5364. Tonight's informal work in progress performance is free. At W+K 224 NW 13th 7:30PM

Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 17 - 20 6½ We Two Boys

Two performances. 6½ was created by Lisa DeGrace, choreographed and directed by Tracy Broyles, and performed by DeGrace, Alicia Ankenman, Mark Kline and Capra J'Neva. We Two Boys is choreographed by Meshi Chavez and performed by Chavez and Richard Decker. Both in the Teeth space at 810 SE Belmont. $15-25 8PM each night, plus 4PM Sunday

March 16 Art Fair

Art is a mating dance between the artist and the audience. But it happens within an arts ecosystem or extended family. In Portland one of that extended family is the Business Committee for the Arts. They are holding a gathering of over 50 arts producing organizations to network with one another, production spaces, potential board members - really all the other arts ecosystem participants. In addition to the networking, there will be performances by Polaris Dance & students from Northwest Academy, a raffle, snacks and drinks. You must RSVP by March 14 to attend. At Yu. 800 SE 10th. 5:30PM-7:30. $5-10

March 15 Collect Four Artist Talk

The current show at the UO White Stag gallery - White Box - colses soon. Tonight the artists artists Matthew Green, Midori Hirose, Jason Traeger, Benjamin Young and curator Jesse Hayward talk about their work. At White Box in the White Stag Block 24 NW First. 6PM-7 Free

Friday, March 11, 2011

March 12 Dance Video

Kathleen Keogh performs site specific movement performance work inspired by Karl Burkheimer's installation, on and around the installation. At Disjecta 8371 N Interstate 1PM-2 Free

We don't often note shows in college galleries. First they are out of the way, second they are not well publicized. They often have quite good curators though. In this case, a video art show is at the Clark College Archer Gallery. Indweller is a show of video work by Victoria Fu, Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli, Noelle Mason and Lilly McElroy; all known and working outside Portland. At Clark College Archer Gallery 1933 Fort Vancouver Way, Vancouver, WA 6PM-8 Free

March 11 New York Worlds' End Space

Worksound opens a show of NY artists Erica Allen, Devon Dikeou, Noah Kalina, Jason Polan, Micheal Shelton, Breanne Trammell, Stephen Watt, curated by Melanie Flood. Flood operated an independent gallery-salon out of her Brooklyn apartment; she has relocated here, where we hope the idea catches on. At Worksound 820 SE Alder Map 6PM-10

The World is Not Ending, Your World is Ending: that's a show at Gallery Homeland opening tonight. Quite a few ecologists and environmental theorists have stated the same. It's well within our capability to eliminate ourselves as a species. The earth, the hydro cycle, the carbon cycle, and "more primitive" lifeforms would do just fine, even thrive. Artists Damien Gilley, Daniel J. Glendening, Justin Gorman, Laura Hughes, Israel Lund, Joseph McVetty, Michael Reinsch, Stephen Slappe, Rebecca Steele, Craig Wheat, Michael Welsh provide their perspectives on the end of days, something that is woven into many mythic systems. So it's woven into our psychic DNA, providing a myriad of touchpoints for making and viewing art. At Gallery Homeland 2505 SE 11th x Division

Mercury 7 and the New 9 is a show of prints themed on NASA's first manned spaceflights, in the Mercury spacecraft. The United States and the Soviet Union quickly divided German rocket scientists after WWII, putting them to work to gain offensive military advantage. With a successful drive to more launch power, the Soviet Union stunned the world by launching the first satellite, prosteishy sputnik in 1957, and the first person to orbit the earth, with Yuri Gagarin, in 1961. The Soviet projects preceded the American Explorer satellite, and the Mercury spacecraft, by 4 months, and 3 weeks, respectively. The first Mercury did not orbit the earth, but followed a parabolic arc. It was John Glenn who first achieved orbit, a year after Gagarin. Seven astronauts were trained for the Mercury program, the "Mercury 7". Six flew.

This is an artistic revisitation of a period of almost 50 years ago, a heady time of American economic growth, suburbs, automobiles, the cold war and fallout shelters occasioned by missiles and fear.

Artists Dave Carnie, Ashley Anson, Russ Pope, Salvador Perdomo, Kim Hamblin, and Todd Bratrud and an additional group The New Nine: Roger Seliner, Chris Johanson, David Petersen, Andy Jenkins, Jason Adams, Chris Corales, Johanna Jackson, Chris Pastras and Sam Coomes have made artwork inspired by the Mercury zeitgeist.

It's iconic material, but outside the event horizon of the artists themselves, born afterwards. It comes as America questions its commitment to space. The shuttles have landed. Space projects are enmeshed in a fierce climate battle. Most believe it will be robots that explore space. Missions to the space station are launched by a Russian space center leased from Kazakhstan, as are many communication satellites.

So this show is the beginning of an era ending, tracing an arc of inspiration, and wounding loss of soaring shuttles in 1986 and 2003, within the artists' event horizon.

An excellent show for the Artery, which specializes in editioned prints by a recent generation of artists comfortable in multiple urban creative pursuits, including skating and music. For instance, they showed Beautiful Losers, the art show accompaning the documentary film. In their new location. 2219 NW Raleigh 7PM-9ish Free

Saturday, March 05, 2011

March 8 Curiosity Club in Print

Katy Meegan explains and demonstrates letter press printing this evening, with each attendee making their own print on the machines. She is also cofounder of Em Space Book Arts Center and discusses how techniques developed in the 1500's are being updated and repurposed today. You can tune into the free live webcast off the Core77 site or visit in person at Hand Eye Supply 23 NW 4th 6PM Free

March 7 Evening Ragas

Little Portland has several overlapping Indian music communities. One is that surrounding experimental musicians that have expanded into it as part of their natural musical evolution. In that school, vocalist Michael Stirling, accompanied by Aran Adams, tabla; Derek Ecklund and Dr. Kelly Jenkins, tamburas; performs tonight. Bring cushions and blankets for sitting. At the Little Church, 5138 NE 23rd. 7:30PM $5-20

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

March 5 Rock, Paper, City, Holt, Library, Walk, Together

Patrick Rock is Portland's edgiest curator. The progress of art has always been about pushing beyond its edge, and the neurological interplay of receptors for familiarity and the receptors for the new. So Rock's seeking the new edge is a great bracer to Portland's grey familiarity-seeking in art. Openings are one of the premiere gatherings for thinking Portland artists, which is why we like them.

Two shows tonight at the ROCKSBOX: No Painting Left Behind by Keith Boadwee, Erin Allen and Isaac Gray and Götulist í björg kassi - Street Art at Rock's Box by Ásmundur Ásmundsson, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Helgi Þórsson. The Icelandic show wins the copywriting award for the month and is repeated in entiriy at the bottom of the post. At Rocksbox Fine Art 6540 N Interstate 8PM-11 Free

You can see all of China in three hours at Splendid China 锦绣中华民俗村, a miniature amusement park in Shenzhen. First opened 22 years ago, pre-Google maps, it's not read by Chinese as ironic, as would, say, the Enchanted Forest, or large-scale model train installations. But these physical simulations offer a social experience in their visit which is so far absent in game engine, OpenSim, or Second Life-like experiences. In person social experience includes rich nonverbal communication, which is the base of our culture today.

Artists Marisa Green, Jessie Bazata, Sean Garrison and Rory Phillips have enlisted artists through an open call to create 3d paper simulations of things that represent Portland to them. The resulting installation is Paper City. In some ways, paper is Portland's perfect medium. Our soulful forests are its feedstock, our long history of printmaking on paper its inspiration, our social practice processes its realization. And if you are an artist, an ink jet printer, some paints, paper, scissors and glue are accessible to a myriad of inspiration. At Disjecta 8371 N Interstate 6-10PM Free

Also at Disjecta, local movement artists are making place based work. Today is Tahni Holt, experimental sculptural movement artist, who enlists collaborators Richard Decker, Sally Garrido-Spencer, Noelle Stiles and Robert Tyree and musician Tom Thorson to make a performance. The project uses Karl Burkheimer's installation. 1PM-2

Multiartist Delphine Bedient works in social practice curation with Library, a collection of collections gathered by an open call to friends and friends of friends. In a way it's an experiment in the aesthetics of friending. Recommended. At Field Work Gallery 1101 SW Jefferson. Opens 5PM-9, Runs daily, noon-6 through March 7.

So you want to be an artist. Or you want to buy art direct from the artist for mutually beneficial reasons. Or you want to see a lot of art in situ. Always popular artist open studios are this weekend in SE Portland. This is the uncurated version. For details see Given that serious curation where possible includes studio visits, you can be your own curator for a weekend. 10AM-5 Saturday and Sunday. Free

Shelf Life 2 is a big group show premised on the construction of a display shelf. Cody Hudson, Mike Perry, Ryan De La Hoz, Ryan Jacob Smith, Jolby, Brandon Chuesy, Do-it, Andrew Holder, Jesse Brown, Andy Mueller and Jesse LeDoux make stuff for the shelf. Then there is Joy of Refuge by Erik Railton. And music by Brooke Parrot. It's an Alberta activation at Together Gallery 2916 NE Alberta, Ste A Map
6PM-11 Free

And as mentioned above our copywriting of the month award goes to ...Rocksbox! And not just because it's in Icelandic. More for the content. You have been warned.

""Götulist í björg kassi!
Ásmundur Ásmundsson, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Helgi Þórsson

Exhibition Statement

Painting is easy. A toddler can make a good painting if handed a few pleasant colors and the right “concept”. Same goes for the destitute people of the second and third world or the dimwitted animals of Africa. Even a monkey or a lion can make the canvas happy! A great artist always needs an interesting challenge to keep busy. In our post-modern era a painting can hardly be such a challenge. One could of course paint with naughty colors onto a funky canvas, and use unusual methods such as finger-painting. But either way, the toadying manners of the old masters seems intertwined with the canvas threads. The odoriferous stench of the oil can be heartwarming but where could that possibly lead us? Even painting on a radical piece of cardboard or plywood will only bring you shame. When the three of us were faced with some personal issues that could only be dealt with by means of art-making, oil on canvas was the last thing on our mind. And even if these were primal “emotions” of the gut that required a spilling, we thought a more cerebral process would be appropriate. It wasn’t until both cerebral hemispheres (actually the whole body!) protested that we admitted defeat and grabbed for the paint and started smearing it onto the canvas. Can the gist of Meconium be expressed with other means? I don’t think so. By mixing fresh out of the tube Meconium with Winsor & Newton oil colors we managed to find our own palette. With the niggardly spasms of the lethargic inner child and the funky rhythm of the primal beast-within, we found our place in the never-ending history of painterly brushstrokes. With a dash of funky black “streetart” ala Banksy and Basquiat we declare a tiny fraction of Portland Oregon, with help and permission from Patrick Rock of Rocksbox Fine Art who will hang up our tags among the bonsai trees in the back yard.

Málverk er auðvelt. A smábarn getur gert góða mynd ef hönd að nokkur skemmtilega liti og hægri "hugtak". Sama gildir um destitute fólk annars og þriðja heimsins eða dimwitted dýr í Afríku. Jafnvel api eða ljón getur gert striga hamingjusamur! Mikill listamaður þarf alltaf áhugaverð áskorun að halda upptekinn. Í kjölfar nútímanum okkar málverk getur varla verið svona áskorun. Mátti mála auðvitað með óþekkur litum inn á angurvær striga og nota óvenjulegar aðferðir eins og fingur-mála. En annar hvor vegur, virðist toadying hegðun af gömlu herrum samtvinnuð með striga þræði. The ilmandi fnykur af olíu má hjartanlegur en þar gæti það hugsanlega leitt okkur? Jafnvel að mála á róttækar stykki af pappa eða krossviður mun bara koma þér skömm. Þegar þrír af okkur voru frammi fyrir einhverjum persónulegum málefnum gæti aðeins er hægt að meðhöndla með list-gerð, olía á striga var síðast hlutur í huga okkar. Og jafnvel þótt þær voru Primal "tilfinningar" í Gut sem þarf að hella, hélt við fleiri heila ferlið væri rétt. Það var ekki fyrr en bæði heilahvela (í raun allan líkamann!) Mótmælti því að við inngöngu ósigur og grípa til mála og byrjaði smearing það á strigann. Getur gist barnabiks í legvatni gefa upp með öðrum aðferðum? Ég held ekki. Með því að blanda fersk úr slöngunni barnabiks í legvatni hjá Winsor & Newton olíu liti náðum við að finna eigin litatöflu okkar. Með niggardly krampi af daufur innra barn og angurvær hrynjandi Primal skepna-innan, við fundum stað okkar í aldrei-endir sögu malerískar brushstrokes. Með þjóta af Funky svarta "streetart" ALA Banksy og Basquiat við lýsa örlítið brot af Portland Oregon, með hjálp og leyfi frá Patrick Rock Rocksbox Fine Art sem vilja hengja upp merkingar okkar meðal Bonsai tré í bakgarð.


Ásmundur Ásmundsson - Ásmundur Ásmundsson was born in Iceland. Graduated from the Icelandic College of Arts and Crafts, Fine Art School in Akureyri, and the School of Visual Arts (MFA), New York. As an artist he analyzes contemporary art, seeks for its positive as well as negative aspects. He puts a shield against pompous meanings to lead us to think about the life as it is now and here. Asmundur breaks the connections with materialism and takes inspirations from the mass consumers' requests. His works include painting, body painting, installations, concrete objects, performance, drawings and photography. Asmundur has been rewarded many prizes for his achievements. Among many others he received a Culture Prize DV in 2009 for his exhibition "Concrete" (Hlemmur Gallery, Reykyavik, Iceland), and Special Award from Icelandic College of Arts and Crafts. Not without a reason he is considered an artist who shows up his weak and strong sides as a human. His must recent book, Dear Friends, A Collection of Speeches 2000-2010, has just been published on utudur press. This will be his second exhibition at ROCKSBOXFINEART.

Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson - Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson was born in Akureyri, Iceland in 1977. He studied sound art at the Fachochschule in Hannover, Germany from 1998 to 2003 and has been a long-time member of the band Stilluppsteypa. His work on CD has been variously described as collage, quiet drone manipulations, and calm and minimal, which offer a range of still, contemplative moments, contrasted with more discordant (though not necessarily noisy) ones. He has studied at The Royal Conservatory, Den Haag, The Netherlands, with an emphasis in Sonology/Electronic Music, and at Fachochschule Hannover, as a student of Professor Ulrich Eller, studying Meisterschüler.

Helgi Þórsson - Helgi Þórsson was born in 1975 in Reykjavik Iceland. His is both a visual artist and a sound artist. In addition to holding over 7 solo art exhibitions, he is member and co-founder of the experimental music group Stilluppsteypa, member of the Icelandic electronic super group Evil Madness, and half of duo Alien UFO with Runar Magnusson. Helgi attended the Royal Conservatory, Sonology Dept., The Hague, Rietveld Academy, in Amsterdam, and received his Masters in Fine Arts from the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. He has been the recipient of multiple awards and scholarships including Scholarship Fund of the Berlage, Gerrit Rietveld Prize Winner 2002, the 2002 AIAS Competition Winner in Seoul, South Korea, a Nomination KunstRAI Prize in 2003, and the 2008 Children's Choice Award. Helgi has performed in Iceland, Poland, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Spain, Belgium and the United States.""

March 4 Eastside Art Openings

Portland artist-organizer Nim Wunnan shows Upsur Nova, drawings, at Golden Rule. Wunnan is a gifted ink illustrator and well as organizer of Research Club, which is a solid part of Portland's social practice and DIY vibe. 811 E Burnside, Suite 122 in the back

Nationale has experimental musician and visual artist Ilyas Ahmed. This work is dream based collage. At Nationale 811 E Burnside Map

Redux has mixed media relief sculptures by Joe Ryckebosch made of thrift store finds. At Redux 811 E Burnside

All in the 811 E Burnside building.

Photography is a tool for our desire to image, as was painting before. Now we have many choices in imagemaking. Plastic cameras, children's toy cameras, pinhole cameras, even the video "still portrait" of a few minutes. So it makes sense that cameraphone photos would find themselves scrutinized on gallery walls. That's the case tonight at Newspace. Photographers include Joni Kabana, Beth Nakamura, Andy Bath, Faith Cathcart, Daniel Root, Susan Bein, Aisha Harley and Jan Sonnenmair, the curator. Each photographer has made a personal narrative, with the best camera in the world: the one with you. At Newspace Photo 1632 SE 10th

March 3 Westside Art Openings

PSU has many openings every first Thursday. They are early, leaving plenty of time for Northward viewing later. The ever rotating and edge seeking collective Paintallica is recruiting artists in Portland. Successful portland artist and teacher Daniel Attoe is one and the Patrick Rock school of art would definitely fit in. Cool they consider mild mannered Portland a possibility! Show up a month. Talk by the ringleaders 6PM about the all nighter of collaboration they've worked on since yesterday in the Art Building lobby. Over at Autzen in Neuberger Hall Eric Franklin has an installation Basalt connecting the human body with our most noted rock features using glass and light. At PSU. Art Department Building 2000 SW 5th Opening 4PM-8, Talk 6 and Autzen Gallery, 2nd Floor PSU Neuberger Hall, Room 205, 724 SW Harrison Opening 4PM-8

Ashley Ness has a personal project at Stumptown. In her words: "Initially started after she was denied a job with American Apparel at the age of 25, American Girl, 2005-2011 documents Ashley Neese's aging process in a culture where youth is celebrated as the ultimate asset. Exploring the empowerment one woman finds in reclaiming her age, this exhibition is a five year photographic journey about what it means to be sexy on somebody else's terms, and ultimately, the liberation that it inspires." She is a good eater too! At Stumptown 128 SW 3rd

Elizabeth Leach has the premere show of the evening. Matt McCormick shows new West-based work. One piece is the retrace of a roadtrip, originally made in the 1950's, and rediscovered by the artist as a thrift store found scrapbook. There is also a greatest hits of Portland now show with Dan Attoe, MK Guth, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Johanna Jackson, Chris Johanson, Arnold Kemp and Michael Lazarus. Well worth the time to understand why each was selected. At Elizabeth Leach Gallery 417 NW 9th Map

BlueSky has a show by noted American photographer Mary Ellen Mark. Working since the 1970's, she is known for her documentary photography. The work takes both galleries. She also speaks at Reed on March 30 about her work. At Blue Sky Gallery map 122 NW 8th

Hellion opens a new space in the cool block, home to many a creative project. Showing is Ai Ohkawara, liquid illustration style figurative work. At new Hellion Gallery 19 NW 5th, #208. Door to the left of Upper Playground - stairs up. 6PM-9

Compound has a type show, Special Characters, curated by Nate Tabor. Includes Jessica Hische, Greg Lamarche, Brad Simon:, Friends of Type, Tom O'toole, Adam Garcia, Sean Barton, Craig Redman and Christopher Degaetano. At Compound Gallery 107 NW 5th

For something a little different, see Scissors, Glue, & Insomnia, psychedelic collages by Christian Collins aka DJ Blue Spectral Monkey. At Groove Suite 440 NW Glisan. Music beginning at 9, sequeing into deep house later. 9-late Free

The W+K lobby has an experimental movement and visual artist collaboration. At W+K 224 NW 13th Map 6PM-9

The Everett Lofts, bounded by NW Broadway, Flanders, 6th and Everett are always recommended for your viewing pleasure.

March 2-5 RAWrrr

Reed Arts Week is this week. And has a conceptual place-based focus this year, even more so than usual. Included are works from international artists like Francis Alÿs - videos; experimental cartographer, Lize Mogel; Oregon artist Melvin Edward Nelson, making work with a similar inspiration to Australian Aborigine songlines; environmental choreographer Kathy Westwater; large scale sculptor Ben Wolf. Noted local artists are involved in a program with music, theater, lectures, participation. Reed students show their work. Best of all, all curated and created by Reed students. Full details and schedule at Free