Tuesday, February 01, 2005


This month -

Mathew Picton, the elegant sampler, from Ashland, shows pattern sampled from the
streets - literally - this month. Poetic without pandering, strong without being
overpowering, elegant without being cute, judge for yourself. Mark Woolley Gallery

Mona Superhero - the name fits - and just back from a successful show in Portland-
echo-Williamsburg (we were here first!), pairs her duct tape portraits, each a graphic
novel, with the Chroma show, a group show of monochromatic work curated by the blond
viking including Tom Cramer, Michael Knutson, Jacqueline Ehlis, Joe Macca, Ellen George,
Jesse Hayward and Katherine Bovee. Mona's multiples - prints - are cheap, cheap, cheap,
though not limited, but could be made unique by requesting (no guarantees!) a lip print.
See all these superheroes together! Consider the Chroma themed performance
www.telegrapharts.org/chroma.html Feb 11-13. At Gallery 500

Kristan Kennedy shows new and different work along with the brilliant work of Eugene artist
Amanda Wojeck whose sculptures of paint (can we say free here..?) chips were the star of
the last Museum biennial.
At Liz Leach Gallery.

Lewis Clevenger shows his de Stijl-like paintings, colorform studies which cross Allied
Works form with Gamblin color, beautifully thoughtfully, at Pulliam Deffenbaugh

German Herrera's digital collages reference dreams in their process and content along with
Soody Shariffi's fascinating portraits of Iranian teens sampling all the possibilities of
their place in the world. Though Iran has taken a detour to the religious right, style and
expression still thrive under the beard, burka and headscarf. Hear see Shariffi speak
Friday Feb 4, 7:30 free at Blue Sky Gallery

Reading Frenzy's Valentines-themed show should yield some great affordable work and loving
inspiration, likewise the Amorously show at the Motel Gallery. Mmmm...