Tuesday, January 23, 2007

January 26 Butoh and other Japanese things at Someday Lounge

If you know me, you know I'm the butoh go to guy here. I'm not so enamoured of butoh grotesque and this performance is not that.

Tonight's performers are Maureen Freehill, Sheri Brown, Vanessa Skantze and former Portlander Ariel Denham. They have danced in the past with, PAN, a Seattle group, the child of DK Pan. PAN has been funded to travel and perform in Korea, Pan's family home, and in Japan where they've been developing collaborators.

Pan and many of his movers are descended from the Hijikata-Hakutobo lineage which is characterized by sublime expression and metamorphoses into wind, stone, water, animals and the like. Several of the dancers have studied deeply too with Kazuo Ohno, who was involved with the founder from the beginning. Ohno's approach is driven by love and common images which dancers visualize to create their movement are birth and the flower. Ohno celebrates his 100th birthday year with his last performance on stage tomorrow in Yokohama. Many butoh giants will perform tributes.

(Math teacher!)Sheri Brown has trained in the Hakutobo and Ohno traditions, actress Maureen Freehill brings a theater background to extensive studies in Japan with Kazuo Ohno and others. Ariell has trained extensively with Ohno in Japan. Skantze is trained in Jinen Butoh by founder Atsushi Takenouchi.

Soundscapes will be provided by Kyoto improvisor Marron and DJ Daichi from Japan, who will play for a dance party after the performance.

Marron a.k.a dubmarronics is Yasuhiko Tanaka
Based in Kyoto, Japan his musics include:

2005 apr."melts slowly" by his own unit "dubmarronics"
2005 oct. "the ten oxherding pictures" recorded with 3other guitarists,Fernando Kabusacki, from Argentine, Kei from ex.Hanadensya, Yoshitaka.expe from Nutron.
2006 mar. "spring" by his main band dubdub on-seng, unit with Manabu Sakata (dr)
2006 aug. W-named album "sleephammer" recorded with bill holist(gt), from seattle, U.S.A

awards include:
2006 jun. Dokkebi Awards in Korea as a member of P.A.N, a Butoh group from Seattle, U.S.A. he was in charge of music performance.
2006 aug. Special Awards from judges of ACC Sound Performance Dojyo. Awarded as a music performer of the performance group Holon. <<<<<
http://www2.odn.ne.jp/dubdub_on-seng >>>>>

DJ DaiChi MatSuOKa also currently Kyoto,Japan
"I started to play live P.A and DJ at club and open air rave party scene around 1995,and play kind of ambient music mainly. From 1999 to 2000 I joined "SOFT"(SOFT came to Seattle and play live a few years ago) as a track maker and sampler player, and released albums "Bonjour Bonshanfarm" "Otodama". Later I released some other remix and mix CDs. Recently I started new band "Based On Kyoto" with Marron and other friends, and we will release 12inch vinyl coupling with Daniel Wong and later compilation CD with 10 more artists around us from Jetset records. This time I bring some soundsouces of studio recordings, jam sessions, field recordings and my tracks that I recorded or joined in, and I make dub and mix those sounds with my computer. thank you."

125 NW 5th 9PM $5

January 25 Critical Art Ensemble in Eugene

I'll make a more elegant version later, but from the press release:

Steve Kurtz, an artist and professor at the State University of New York at Buffalo, will talk about the convergence of art, technology and radical politics during a free public lecture at the University of Oregon on Jan. 25. Kurtz made national headlines several years ago when he was accused of bioterrorism after police found lab equipment and books on bioweaponry at his home.

Kurtz will speak on the topic "Art and Discipline" which, in his words, will explore why violence against cultural resistance has escalated and intensified over the past five years.

The case against Kurtz began to unfold on May 11, 2004 when he called 911 after his wife, Hope, died at home of heart failure. Police officers who responded to the call saw the body, the lab equipment and the books and alerted the FBI. Kurtz was using the lab to produce harmless bacteria as part of a video installation on bioterrorism.

Federal agents in hazmat suits soon arrived at the residence, impounded Kurtz's equipment—including Petri dishes, test tubes and computers—and seized his wife's body from the coroner. Kurtz and his collaborator Robert Ferrell, former chair of the Genetics Department at the Graduate School of Public Health, at the University of Pittsburgh, were accused of bioterrorism and mail fraud each potentially carrying a sentence of 20 years. A grand jury returned indictments for mail and wire fraud, but declined to indict on the bioterrorism charge.

Both men are members of the Critical Art Ensemble, an arts group founded by Kurtz and his wife. Members use high school lab equipment and common household supplies to create art installations that publicize the increasingly privatized worlds of science, technology, and information.

"Marching Plague," an exhibition for the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, was one of the projects Kurtz was working on when the federal agents seized his laboratory equipment and his library, correspondence and computers. "Marching Plague," which re-created a 1952 British military experiment wherein guinea pigs were infected with the plague to see how fast it would spread, was featured in the Whitney Biennial 2006, an event sponsored by the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City. The Biennial is recognized as the nation's pre-eminent exhibition of contemporary American art.

A documentary film, "Strange Culture," based on Kurtz's recent experiences will be screened at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival.

Kurtz is the 2007 George and Matilda Fowler Memorial Lecturer. The lectureship was established by the late Constance Fowler to honor her parents. Fowler, who received her master's of fine arts degree from the University of Oregon in 1940, was an artist and a professor of art at Willamette University.

Event Location:

Room 177, Lawrence Hall, 1190 Franklin Blvd.
UO Campus, Eugene 7PM Free

January 24 Trishia Brown Speaks @ PNCA

Born in 1936, Brown, as a modern dancer in New York in the 1960's, with her collaborators at the Judson, broke every boundary of dance and choreography they could find. In this 1966 photo, Brown dances with a running film projector on her back. Performances were held on rooftops; dancers rappelled and danced the walls of buildings high above the audience. Everyday movement was repurposed to dance becoming the foundation of what is now termed postmodern dance. She collaborated with artists Robert Rauschenberg, Donald Judd, Nancy Graves, Lina Wertmueller, John Cage, Laurie Anderson, Fujiko Nakaya, Kenjiro Okazaki, Robert Ashley and Terry Winters, she was a key figure in those avant gardes.

Portland's creatives may be able to plumb Brown's experience on finding collaborators and then finding boundaries; on risk taking, art's relation to audience; on the dynamics of a sustainable creative arc.

13th NW and Johnson PNCA Commons 6:30PM Free

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

January 23: Photographer-Collector Marc Joseph @ Reed Gallery

Marc Joseph photographs indy book and vinyl stores. His large scale prints are accompanied by a catalog mixing the photos with prose and poems by complementary musicians and writers.


Opening and talk at 6:45PM in Psych 105 Free

January 22: Rigo 23 Art Muralist Talk @ PSU

Rigo 23 is a SF artist, SF Art Institute and Stanford schooled. He is considered a member of the Mission School as is Chris Johanson. His murals and signs and sign murals are easy to relate to but au courant, Chinatown, live and learn. PSU Hall Street Cinema 8:15PM Free

January 21: World of Warcraft Gamers' Night Out @ Someday Lounge

Personally not me, but: welcome to the matrix at Someday's World of Warcraft Expansion release party. From the lead game producer via www.gamespot.com: "In our next major update, we will be releasing Blackwing Lair, a 40-person raid dungeon, where you will be able to battle against the epic dragon Nefarian and his minions. We are also working on a 20-person dungeon called Zul'Gurub and the mysterious lands of Ahn'Qiraj in Silithus. Outside of dungeons, we want to continue adding new world events, such as a carnival that will take place in Mulgore and Elwynn forest." More news and a promotional video at http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/burningcrusade/. Irono-nazis, The Punk Group perform a purpose written song for the occasion. Blizzard's beta testers have hopefully found all the bugs in each and every maze of twisty little passages! http://www.somedaylounge.com/ 125 NW 5th 9PM door $5

January 20: Seattle Butoh Dance Visitors @ Someday Lounge

Prepared guitar performer Bill Horist collaborates with primarily Seattle butoh players Vanessa Skantze, Douglas Ridings and Sheri Brown, plus perhaps some Portland movers. Butoh is a strange and wonderful very modern dance performance form. Sometimes it can be dark and grotesque, other times sublime. Improvised, I cannot predict the outcome tonight. http://www.somedaylounge.com 125 NW 5th 9PM $7

Monday, January 15, 2007

January 20: Tilt Gallery Anniversary

This serious Everett Station Loft Gallery is one of the few consistently open outside First Thursday. They have been showing works, especially sculpture-installation, consistently over their first year of operation. Tonight they are open 8-11 to celebrate. On NW Everett between 6th and Broadway 8-11PM Free

January 20: Solo Flamenco Dance @ Artichoke Music

Flamenco is not fancy. Really. In fact its gypsy roots and bar room history chart a peoples' passion. Solo Flamenco is a Portland group of dancers who share performances solo. They do have a pretty, shall we say, unusual web site nav convention involving mousing a guitar. Tonight their dancers perform "El Cuadro", the picture. Catering by Pix. Chocolate, flamenco, what is the moon phase? http://www.soloflamenco.org/ at Artichoke Music, in back, 3130 SE Hawthorne. Advance tickets recommended, there is a fiercely passionate flamenco community and the space is small. 7:30PM Call 503/972-1178 or email: soloflamenco@gmail.com $12

January 19: Burn To Shine Film @ NWFVC

The intensity of creativity is deep inside, so invisible. Burn To Shine mixes mataphor with reality to make it manifest. In the Portland instance of the project, The Thermals, Quasi, The Planet The, Wet Confetti, Lifesavas, Tom Heinl, Mirah, The Decemberists, The Shins, The Gossip, The Ready and Sleater-Kinney play an intimate living room show in a derelect house, with the intensity of their basement house party roots, for a few friends. In the evening, the house is burned to the ground. This film is the result. More details may be found at the filmmakers' website.
http://www.nwfilm.org 9:30PM Whitsell Auditorium $7, $6 students

January 18: Spyscience @ 911 - Seattle

The 911 Media Art Center's VJ tonight is Spyscience. Drummer Tim Weeks combines commercial film snippets with personal footage in the visual rhythmic service of live musicians and DJ's.

http://www.911media.org/events/vj-night.html 402 9th Ave N.Seattle 7:30PM

January 18: Hitchcock, Eckard Show Art @ Chambers

Leanne Hitchcock is a photographer. In Cycle she explores the seasons in an abstract palette of image and hue. David Eckard does everything, sculptures, performance and tonight painting-drawing. The artist(s?) speak at 7. http://www.chambersgallery.org/ Opening 5:30-8:30PM

January 18-March 11: Indy Photojournalists on Iraq @ Lewis and Clark College

Damned if you and damned if you don't. Journalists have a choice of being embedded with the US military in Iraq, that special circle of Dante's hell, perhaps protected, perhaps targets. Or they can operate independently, as unprotected targets. Is that the same hell?

Lewis and Clark shows "Unembedded: Independent Photojournalists in Iraq" by photographers Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, Kael Alford, Thorne Anderson and Rita Leister. War, this war, is an easy emotional carrier for heavy thoughts. Nonetheless it can be a reality touchpoint for clues on what may be one of the last 100 years' worst human foreign policy disasters.

The show opens 5-7PM. At 7, two of the photographers speak. Check the L&C website for directions and parking provisos.


January 17: Money Talks Talk @ Illahee Lecture Series

This is the kick off of the Illahee environmental lecture season. Previous years' themes have circled around sustainability, landscape, the environment and energy. Very brainy, very lean forward, definitely not boring. This year's theme, "Money Talks", themes the environment, social evolution and economics together.

Andrew Revkin, author and New York Times environment reporter, speaks on "Oil, Climate, and Money". You will find the audience spans generations; these are Portland's thoughtful dreamers of the future. Sometimes the series needs volunteers, though it may be late. The lectures are viewable in replay in the Illahee offices, including the excellent ones of the past, for free, I believe. http://www.illahee.org/lectures/revkin First Congregational Church, 1126 SW Park Ave 7:30PM $75, 5 lectures or $20 each

January 16- February 24: Julie Orser Video Show @ PNCA

Julie Orser, PNCA ('99) and Cal Arts ('05) grad, opens new video work at her alma mater. At PNCA she developed a quiet multi channel style. In California she added work by actors. Other multinarrative artists, such as Julie Talen operate in the conventional film realm; Doug Aitken, one of the founding photographic artists of Raygun magazine, does multi image installation, with a cooler feel; Japan's Dumb Type combines AV multinarrative with dance and performance art, live.

Orser won the best of show award at the 2006 Portland Experimental Film Festival for Bit Parts. At PNCA, Orser presents "Anna Moore", a three channel video installation in the enigmatic psychodrama style she has developed. She also programs the project space with findings from her ART OFFICE collective. Both shows are up until February 24, school hours. Orser speaks Wednesday January 31 at the school 12:30-1:30PM

http://pnca.edu free

January 8-February 9: Metals Today @ PCC Sylvania

The PCC North View Gallery presents Sarah Graham, Heidi Schwegler and Junko Iijima. Schwegler is known for her challenging sculptures. Iijima shows shapes sampled from Disney characters and recombined into sculptures.

PCC Sylvania CT Building M-f 8AM-4PM check the parking regulations, they are confusing.

January 20-21: Big Seattle Art Museum Outdoor Sculpture Park Opening

One art professor suggested "if you can't make it good, make it red, if you can't make it red make it big, if you can't make it big, ship it out of the country to show then show it here".

That being said, there is plenty of big art that's good too and Seattle found a place for it. The Seattle Art Museum raised $85M and placed 21 big sculptures between Belltown and the Sound including a 39 foot red-orange Calder which is good.

The sculpture park is free and you can bring your dog!


Friday, January 05, 2007

January 8 - Tomorrow Will Be Better - Artist Talk @ PSU

The artist Dave McKenzie who is having his second show in the Small A space speaks on his visual and performance work. 8:15PM PSU 5th Avenue Cinemas 501 SW Hall Free

January 6 Drawing Show at The Shotgun House

Launching a collaboration between Madison, Wisconsin and Portland, Oregon, Paper Work is a show exploring drawing today by Melissa Cooke, Stacey Helm, Kendra Larson, Zach Mory, Katarina Riesing, Robin Russo, Ariestya Tjhin, Nathan Vernau, Heather White and Joshua Wilichowski. Music by Chris Buckingham, Dennis Driscoll, Michael Parich, Brian Whitson and the Night Wolves. 1419 SE Pine Street 8PM

January 5 - Eastside Art Openings

In the 811 E. Burnside mega art complex:

The Grass Hut, in a bold curatorial move, expands its aesthetic with a show by Lisa Dejohn and Roberta Aylward. DeJohn is known for her composed collages and paintings. Aylward's work has a similar feel, her Portland Modern works included striking ink drips, perhaps Zen Rorschach.

Moshi Moshi has Jilf. Very Pictoplasma.

Denwave has a vintage clothing sale, no conventional visual art this month

Redux shows kawaii paintings by Kendra Binney. Binney has those big eyed girls, songbirds and dolphins down. Somebody buy this work, hire her to illustrate childrens books or to create a huge animation series!

New American Art Union is the temporary home to large panels curated by Ruthann Brown to clothe a new residential building at tenth and E Burnside. They won't be open, but maybe the lights will be on to looksee. http://www.newamericanartunion.com/ 922 SE Ankeny

The Mark Woolley gallery is operating entirely out of the Wonder Ballroom space, with openings on the first Friday. Tonight he shows sculptures by longtime Portland sculptors James Lee Hansen, Tom Hardy, Robert Hess and Bruce West who started careers in the 1960's. Perhaps a history lesson paired with a tour of the Art Museum contemporary collection which is roughly chronologically hung. Details at www.markwoolley.com 128 NE Russell

Tunisia sits at the nexus of ancient North African East-West camel tracks, gateway to Saharan desert routes and the diversity of Medditerranean cultures. Sort of an oasis, a rich microcosm. The capital Tunis embraces discos and souks, and life where there is always time for tea. I imagine there more than a few of Calvino's Invisible Cities. Photographer James Ewing http://www.photoewing.com/ has captured some of this in his photographs. Whitney Hubbs presents autobiographical work "Nothing Happens in June" Newspace Photo. http://www.newspacephoto.org/ 1632 SE 10th

Painter -sculptor -installationist -performer -curator -arts organizer and ace bike mechanic Paige Saez shows new bright work. Saez' abstracts have great energy and feel optimistic to me. Judge yourself! Moloko Plus • 3967 N Mississippi

Curation is mysterious. The art world game can be tiresome. So when you can't game the system, transform the system into a game! The artist auditionsTM has done just that. You can read a description at http://www.urbanhonking.com/supercal/archives/2007/01/artist_receptio.html The karaoke phase sounds like fun! See the results of this art game at Brian Marki Gallery 2236 NE Broadway

Thursday, January 04, 2007

January 4 - Westside Portland Art Openings

The Portland Art Center

Tonight only, Paint and Copter perform in white, in a white room, the walls and the musicians the screen for video projections inspired by the palace Fontainebleau.

In "Second Skin", longtime Portland artists JD Perkin and Anne Thomson, mashup the scene of a campout in the woods with an exploration of materials for representing it, including earplugs, cigarette butts, beer cans, animal hides, tires, rose petals, human hair, fake fur, doug' fir, antlers, and leaves.

That sounds like a good counterpoint to "Art & Ecology in the 5th Quadrant", art by Peg Butler, Cecillia Cannon, Clare Carpenter, Jedidiah Chavez, James Jack, Laura Foster, Courtney Frisse, Susan Harlan, TJ Norris & Abi Spring, Liz Obert & Mike Suri, curated by Art on The Peninsula, North Portland artists.

In the Light and Sound Gallery, installation sound artist Dan Senn presents "Many Pairs Sounding", involving tuned resonators driven by Senn's compositions.

http://www.portlandart.org/ 32 NW 5th Avenue til 10, maybe later. Free, your best entertainment value

Michael Chelbin shows portraits on the fringe of mass culture, highlighting our quirky USA. Dennis Chamberlin shows "Screen Culture" portraits in which his subjects are illuminated by television, computer and film screens. The light mimics that of softboxes, a lighting tool now visually familiar from feature films and portraiture, screen illuminated portraits are no stranger to Myspace either. Other artists also have captured the intense concentration in the faces of gamers absorbed in play. http://www.blueskygallery.org/ 1231 NW Hoyt until 9, maybe a bit later

Jim Riswold shows Mao Home and Garden. Former adman, Riswold is known for his paint by number Last Supper. Mutually overloading pop culture and historical figures is a delicate business. He did it well with the Last Supper, and we wish him he best with Mao. http://www.augengallery.com 817 SW 2nd til 9

Compound/Just Be Toys shows "4 Dreams": Amy Sol, Audrey Kawasaki, Mari Inukai & Stella Im Hultberg. Curated by: Monica HW Choy. At Compound/Just Be Toys http://www.justbedesign.com/ 107 NW 5th until about 9:30

PDX shows Storm Tharp's "We Appeal to Heaven", Baconesque portraits and caricatures in light washes. PDX Contemporary Art http://www.pdxcontemporaryart.com 925 NW Flanders Street til 8:30?

Quality Pictures shows photographs by David Hilliard. Hilliard studied and taught at Yale and stages situations, photographing them on large format negatives as does fellow instructor Crewdson. Hilliard is less over the top than Crewdson, your choice on whether that is better or other. http://www.qpca.com 916 NW Hoyt to 11

Rake mounts a group show of works on paper. http://www.rakeart.org 325 NW 6th Ave

Brett Superstar shows his giant robot at the B-Street Gallery at the corner of NW Davis and 13th.

Elise Wagner, one of the region's encaustic luminaries, shows new work in a group show at Butters 520 N.W. Davis, Second floor til 9

Laura Russo shows "Early Northwest Artists", Louis Bunce, Kenneth Callahan, William Givler, Sally Haley, Charles Heaney, Arthur and Albert Runquist, Mike Russo and Mark Tobey. This show is a good complement to the contemporary permanent collection hang at the art museum that places generations of Portland artists in the context of East coast art happenings of the time. So a history lesson. http://www.laurarusso.com 805 NW 21st Ave. til 9

These shows are up all month.

January 4 - Ambient Giant Plays

German ambient giant Thomas Fehlmann performs at Holocene. The concept of discography seems dated, so let's just say check his oeuvre at his site. Or maybe listen. Gundrun Gut, musician, producer, video artist and sometime Pipiloti Rist Collaborator performs too. Several other DJ's for your musical pleasure are on the bill. http://www.holocene.org $8

Monday, January 01, 2007

January 2 Kamikaze Girls Film Free

Repurposing the lounge for free films on a slow night is predated by 2601's Sunday film night and tasty burgers. Valentines has Sundays, Pix Mondays and the Camellia Lounge now adds Tuesday.

Tonight they show Kamikaze Girls. This film is a bit hard to describe, but it's the funnest film since Katakuri-ke no k├┤fuku, The Happiness of the Katakuris. Set in Japan today, the small town protagonist, Momoko, lives in a cosplay world, sews herself fantastical gothic-Lolita/Victorian clothes and dreams of tea parties and a life in distant Tokyo's fashion world. Meanwhile the small town is terrorized the most colorful all girl scooter gang since Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Portland scooter clubs, watch and learn!

Momoko becomes the target of bad-assed Ichiko, the gang's leader, but ultimately these two lonely individualists become best friends, leading to a poignant happy ending. The film is shot and scored music video-style with a J-pop soundtrack. Check the trailer at http://www.kamikazegirls.net/

The Tea Zone's bland suburban front room, themed UK kitsch, gives way to the up to date Camellia lounge in the back with a full bar specializing in tea infused liquor. http://teazone.com/ 510 NW 11th 7:30PM Free

January 1 Bike Mud Bowl @ Park

The annual Mud Bowl will be held at Col. Summers Park. It's a gathering of serious free-spirited bicyclists, maybe Zoobombers and messengers, counterpoint to the BTA's First Day of the Year Ride. Mud, maybe bike polo and bike fun as only this crowd can create. Our own day without messengers messengering.
Col. Summers Park ~1PM-? Free