Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September 2 Westside Art Openings

Justine Kurland is a brilliant photographer. Her career launched as part of the infamous 1999 Yale-school show, Another Girl, Another Planet. While shocking to some critics in the day, Kurland taps some pretty transcendent memes: childhood, utopia, wilderness, mythology. Her breakthrough work featured girls on a plucky and lighthearted Huckleberry Finn adventure sometimes on the broken margins of contemporary society. Subsequent work, such as Old Joy, utilizes Oregon's bold wilderness as a background for her characters. Her work documenting present day utopian communes is compelling. She has continued her Western expeditions with This Train is Bound for Glory. It captures the lonely travels of freight trains in the middle of a beautiful nowhere, sometimes with a glimpse of the trainriders. The work will be released in book form. Also at Leach, Stephen Hayes has very excellent abstract landscape monoprints inspired by Terry Toedtemeier’s Wild Beauty. At Elizabeth Leach Gallery www.elizabethleach.com map 417 NW 9th

Adam Sorenson has some new stunning schematic landscapes. They tap the patterns and illumination styles of Japanese design while being a strong extension of his previous mystical landscape themes. Many illustrate the dramatic mountains and waterfalls in traditional Japanese and Chinese landscape illustration of the last 1000 years. Chinese and Japanese culture holds mountains and the landscape sacred, in different traditions. They are a mystical place of enightenment and home to spirits. Recommended. At PDX Contemporary Art www.pdxcontemporaryart.com map 925 NW Flanders early close 8PM

Blue Sky continues with contemporary themes in the work of London RCA grad Danny Treacy. Treacy makes self portraits in mashups of discarded clothing. Carl Corey presents interior landscapes of Wisconsin bars. Many are elaborate and breathe historical artifact. It would make a great diptych with an earlier show of Mississippi Delta juke joints by Birney Imes, work pioneered by Blue Sky. At Blue Sky Gallery www.blueskygallery.org map 122 NW 8th

Augen has former Portlander Dharma Strasser Maccoll, known for pattern-based work of organic elements contributing to abstract illustrations of nature. At Augen Gallery www.augengallery.com 716 NW Davis

Chris Hornbecker has his 1 Millimeter Project, constructed around slightly more than a year of daily photographs. The conceit is that they were made at lens focal lengths of 14mm through 400mm, incrementing 1mm in each step. Krista Connerly & Mark Shepherd, exhibiting as Luvers, has Waterfall: A Torrential Love Story. They are the artifacts of Luver's broken superhero Black Diamond, waterfall hunter. A perfect theme for our water myth infused Northwest. At W+K www.wk.com 224 NW 13th 5PM-9 Free

xyxx is a 200 page book composed from iPhone images and with phone apps. It's a love letter of sorts between lovers Kimberly Warner and David McLaughlin, including conversations in image. We'll see more of this with the HDR app for the iPhone. In associaton with Publication Studio www.publicationstudio.biz/ At Lizard Lounge www.lizardloungepdx.com 1323 NW Irving 7PM-10

Don't forget the Everett Station Lofts. They are trying to have an up to date Internet presence at everettstationgalleries.com. I find it easier to just scan them all. In the block bounded by NW Broadway, Flanders, 6th and Everett. Usually to about 10, but sometimes earlier.

Compound has Idealistically Hypocritical: a mash up art by Ryuichi Ogino and collaborators Jun Oson, Taka Sudo, Junpei Inoue, Kei Morita, Shinya Mizuno, Nekonoko, Tamu, Loose end, Yuji Oda, Y Okuda, Dominik Kruger, Geneva Smith, Jason Graham, Sam Brosnan, Michelle Yamamoto, Alex Lamm and Matt Dye. At Compound Gallery www.compoundgallery.com 107 NW 5th

Cravedog Loft Gallery has paintings, drawings and prints by Nicole Linde and Mimi Williams. At Cravedog Music Loft Gallery cravedogloftgallery.wordpress.com 412 NW Couch St. #203 6PM-9

Kendra Larsen, inspired by growing up with the Oregon forests, presents 'Tracking Wilderness'. With live Music by The Tanner Cundy Band. At Pints Brewing www.pintsbrewing.com 412 NW 5th 7PM-10

Tender Loving Empire continues its lively first Thursday events with the mad stuffed objects Kelly Rundle: Things That Don't Belong To Me. Music by Woodwinds and Love Always. At Tender Loving Empire www.tenderlovingempire.com 412 SW 10th

Chambers has Arcy Douglass, "Cloud," 2010, digital work, resembling QR patterns channeled through Charles Harper. 916 NW Flanders

Reading Frenzy connects up with new print and zine outlet Together Gallery for tonight's show. The show includes small works by Timothy Karpinski, David Wien, Seth Neefus, Doodles AKA Nick Mann, Mia Nolting, Julianna Swaney, Betsy Walton and Mia Christopher. They are making more expansive use of the window with an installation by Nicole Lavelle, Sarah Baugh and Justin Flood. Details at Reading Frenzy www.readingfrenzy.com 921 SW Oak

In other landscape news, Michael Brophy shows realistic large format oil landscapes along with old master influenced portraits with enigmatic dream themes by Eric Stotic. At Laura Russo Gallery www.laurarusso.com 805 NW 21st

alteración is an installation collaboration involving light, maybe projection, between filmmaker Laura Di Trapani, painter-installationist Susan Harlan, painter-media artist Rachel Hibbard and architect-sculptor Jeff Schnabel. It's at PSU's Autzen Gallery, opening tonight. Room 205 Neuberger Hall. 6PM-9 Free

More landscape art news: Liz Haley has landscapes with geometric digital elements added. It's a nice spot to wind down the evening, though better to see the work with the lights up earlier. Musical stylin' by DJ OBGYN and DJ Gordon Organ. At Valentines valentineslifeblood.blogspot.com 232 SW Ankeny 6PM-late

September 2 Thoughts on the World Court

The International Criminal Tribunal sits in The Hague, Netherlands. The Court operates by treaty, its signatories creating its authority. A current case involves warlord president Charles Taylor, on trial for promulgating a brutal civil war in Sierra Leone to gain control over the country's diamond resources. Taylor is thought to have traded diamonds for arms provided by Victor Bout. As reported by Washington Port correspondent Doug Farah, Taylor's diamonds were also used by al Qaeda to convert bank assets to untracable diamonds before 9/11.

Journalist Judith Armatta and lawyer Norm Sepenuk debate an early World Court case, that of Slobodan Milošević, who died in the midst of a five year trial. Armatta is a human rights activist and author of a book on the trial. Sepenuk is a defense lawyer who defended Dragoljub Ojdanic against charges of genocide and ethnic cleansing.

This should be a fascinating, though probably depressing, discussion of the World Court, its effectiveness, or lack thereof, and its applicability to current conflicts. Sponsored by the World Affairs Council of Oregon. www.worldoregon.org Advance tickets on their website are required. At the Mercy Corps Action Center www.actioncenter.org 28 SW 1st 7PM $10

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 29 Brunch Research

Can you give a Powerpoint presentation on a whiteboard? Can you pay attention in class when it's outside? Research Club takes advantage of Summer's end within our event horizon. The August Research Club Brunch is outside in PSU's South Park Blocks while the Portland Zine Symposium rages inside. Talks include Tinkering in (and with) Education, Medicinal Plant Identification, The 21st century in Five Minutes, Engineering Urban Survival and No More Batteries! Bring brunch stuff, a plate and utensils would be helpful. In the PSU Park Blocks or near the Gym. Details at Research Club research-club.org 1PM-4 Free

August 28 Painting and Graffiti Art

Lyric Cafe continues its curated shows with Life After Death by Natalie Phillips & Jessamyn Patterson. They met in the cafe as artists customizing the space and vowed to show together. This is the result. At Lyrik Cafe www.lyrikpdx.com 2035 SE 39th at Lincoln Map 7PM-10 Free

Art Not Crime celebrates Love, Life & Art with graf-style art by Sektr 1, Antonio Alcocer, Rudy Rolon, Josh Evans & Matt West. Music by Will West, DJ Mel, Kimosabe and the Love Loungers. All ages. At Provenance Gallery artnotcrime.blogspot.com 4943 NE Martin Luther King Blvd. Map 5PM-2AM $5

Monday, August 23, 2010

August 26 Last Thursday on Alberta

Light art, art involving light, is a rare and beautiful medium. It is magical and almost weightless. Plus it takes place in the dark. If you have ever seen a large scale Turrell, you know. He did a spectacular walk in work, Spread, at the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle. The Henry also has a permanent Turrell light room.

Hughes is experimenting with similar and we are looking forward to that evolution. An ephemeral mark in light on the way will be her installation tonight at Appendix Project Space. On the alley between 26th and 27th, South of Alberta. www.appendixspace.com Map 6-10ish Free

Portland artist Midori Hirose has a beautiful Portland history of work. Earlier it incorporated touches of kawaii. Her evolving work still incorporates bright elements, but the geometries are more complex. Hirose is comfortable in 2d and 3d, interesting to see how she occupies this garage space. At Little Field Gallery, on the alley between 28th and 29th North of Alberta. www.appendixspace.com Map 6-9ish Free

Together has Jay Howell's I Understand, and I wish to continue; Mission style vibe. Also, from LA, Hannah Staufer's Ritual Magick. It mixes bright chaos with landscape and animal illustration samples in a neo-mythology. Together Gallery www.togethergallery.com 2916 NE Alberta, Ste A Map

Amersand Vintage Printed Material continues last month's show. www.ampersandvintage.com 2916 NE Alberta, Ste B. Map 6PM-10

Printmaking can be heavy lifting. Though the result is often on the lightest of paper, the machinery, the press is often something you never want to move. That makes it perfect for sharing. Flight 64 is one of the Portland shared printmaking presses. Tonight they have a group show of Flight 64 residents: Jemila Hart, Joel Frank, Wiley Hickson, Anna Hurtado-Gonzalez, Michelle McKay, Andrew McReynolds, Anne Cote, Sean O'Connor, Sara Pavado, Roger Peet, Sarah Landwehr, Garret Price and Heather McLaughlin. At Flight 64 Print Studio www.flight64.org 2934 NE Alberta Behind Bella Faccia Pizza on the NE 29th-30th Alley. Map

Monograph Bookwerks is always worth a stop for your art book fix. monographbookwerks.com 5005 NE 27th x Alberta Map

August 24,25,26,27 Grand Detour Summer Blowout

Grand Detour is busy this week! Tuesday is Ben Popp, Happy Accidents: the work is simply part of the process. It's an exploration of in camera filmmaking. Wednesday Martha Early presents the world premiere of Devotion. Thursday is Pure Cinema with John Behrens. Friday is Vincent Moon. All very impressive. At Grand Detour - the Research Club grand-detour.org 215 SE Morrison, Suite 2020. Map Arrive in the first half hour, the door may be locked after that

Monday, August 16, 2010

August 19 Art Spark, Vanessa Renwick, Mise en Abyme

Art Spark this month touches on the TBA Festival, September 9-19. Tonight Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner, a movement performance ensem, previews work destined for TBA on September 14. www.portlandartspark.com at Mississippi Studios' BarBar, 3939 N. Mississippi 5PM-7, performance 6. Free

Vanessa Renwick is a Portland punk rock filmmaker. Punk rock in the sense of ignoring boundaries in making film, and promoting it, diy-style, on road trips to college towns, often showing in rock venues, basements and coffee houses. And it's working. Who can argue with the name of her production unit, Oregon Department of Kick Ass. At Grand Detour grand-detour.org, 215 SE Morrison Street, Suite 2020. 8PM Arrive within 15 minutes of start for admission due to building security.

Mise en abyme is Emily Hyde's light bending art work, viewable this month from sunset to sunrise. The title is a rich metaphor. Tonight is an opening with the artist, early, unlikely the work will be in operation. Later it's viewable nighttimes through the glass windows of the installation space. Presented by the Heidi McBride Gallery and Consultancy www.heidimcbridegallery.com. Installation at SW River Pkwy & SW Gaines St in the South Waterfront development. Opening 7PM-9 Free

August 17 Negating, Novelizing, Navigating Redundancy

Dustin Zemel a principal of Grand Detour, shows his own work. He had a great video installation using the mas television's Glee as source material, so this is a chance to see more of his work. You can't go wrong with the combination of words "Negating, Novelizing, Navigating Redundancy at Grand Detour"! At Grand Detour grand-detour.org, 215 SE Morrison Street, Suite 2020. 8PM Arrive within 15 minutes of start for admission due to building security.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 15 August Stock and Foreman Flavored Theater

The STOCK art grant dinner takes up residency at PNCA this month. Artists produce project proposals that could use a little cash to realize. The diners, you, sup on a simple meal, and vote on the proposals. It's your heady responsibility to select one proposal, through a two round cycle of secret voting, to receive the net proceeds of the evening. Grants have been in the neighborhood of $700 cash money. Each month, the previous month's winner reports on their project.

RSVP by email, portlandstock at gmail dot com, the meal reservations, limited by logistics, fill quickly. Details: www.portlandstock.blogspot.com At PNCA 12 NW Johnson 6PM-8 $10 cash only

Richard Foreman is a NY-based modern American phenomenon. Very challenging and densely constructed material. Portland fans with NY connections have been throwing a festival based on his work, the Richard Foreman Mini-Festival, now in the eighth year. The early show has David Abel + Sam Miller, Chuck Barnes + Lois Leveen, Jin Camou, Anthony Christy + Surprise Guest, Lisa DeGrace, Georgia Luce + Co., Our Shoes Are Red/The Performance Lab and Theo Wilson. The late show has Action/Adventure, Gregg Bielemeier, Tiffany Lee Brown, Mizu Desierto, Tim DuRoche + Lisa Radon, Formspace, Danielle Ross + Future Death Toll and Doug Theriault + Cyndy Chan. Both shows have the organizer Linda Austin and her Boris & Natasha Dancers. Each performer has had ten days to prepare a work based on passages assigned to them from Foreman's voluminous notebooks. All this takes place at Someday Lounge 125 NW 5th 5PM and 7 $15 on up

Thursday, August 05, 2010

August 13 Papergirl PDX and Worksound Wears It

Wearable art is a concept that bubbles below the surface of academic definitions of art, but has its own infinite vibrancy as a branch of everyday expression. Especially true in Portland, where long time craft traditions meet new art grads, meet the concentration of clothing and volume footwear manufacturers.

Many artists push art with a clothing element far beyond the craft realm with idea based clothing art, art clothing incorporated into performance and clothing art never intended to be worn. Some fabricate work from whole cloth, others sample vintage, tapping a sustainability and reuse idea. For instance see the work of Lucy Orta.

This is Worksound's take on what's happening in wearable art here. Artists include Katie Behel, making jewelry, cuffs, collars and neckties from cloth and rubber; Deanna Bredthauer, whose PNCA thesis was a tribute to her mother in the form of heroic dresses from vintage materials; Palma Corral, forming art from iconic and material language; Alex Dolan, and his reverse shoplifting program at Urban Outfitters (See RTMark for famous history in reverse shoplifting art); Abraham Ingle, who uses art as urban lens; Hoyun Son, noted for her performances; Aaron Terry, with work inspired by magical urban myth; Devon Maldonado; and Iris Stevenson,from Germany. It's an ambitious show of early and early-mid career artists pushing some boundaries.

At Worksound www.worksoundpdx.com 820 SE Alder 6PM-10

PaperGirl is a project hat started in Berlin. It replicated to Portland last year, and continues tonight. Artists contribute works on paper, which will be shown this evening. After, they are rolled and the Papergirl Posse webs out into Portland on bikes, distributing the work, free. Hosted by the Art Department www.artdeptpdx.com 1315 SE 9th 6PM-10 Free

August 12 Stephen Slappe at Grand Detour

Grand Detour continues its summer screening series with the films of Stephen Slappe. Local art prof Slappe reprises his Shelter In Place, an ambitious three screen memoir of the mediasphere of his youth, using vintage footage of the time. The work could only have been made possible by Ruth Ann Brown's Couture series of installation commissions, where the work showed first. Slappe is easily the most successful Portland artist working in multi-screen video. Smart work. At Grand Detour grand-detour.org, 215 SE Morrison Street, Suite 2020. 8PM Arrive within 15 minutes of start for admission due to building security.

August 9 Front Line Photography & Fish Extinction

It's your worldchanging Monday.

Tonight is a little different for the Bright Light series of planning, architecture and sustainability talks. In some ways it is the polar opposite: disrupted planning, destroyed architecture, tenuous sustainability transformed to raw survival.

Cassandra Nelson presents photographs and stories from ten years of Mercy Corps projects, as member of the very first teams to arrive at large scale disasters. Not for the faint of heart. Her primary role in each case has been to be the field spokesperson for Mercy Corps, shaping the narrative to focus on human needs. She is also the lead Mercy Corps field photographer.

It is part of the Bright Lights series sponsored by the local architecture magazine Portland Monthly and the City Club, a thoughtful public interest group.

At Jimmy Mak's, 221 NW 10th. Doors 5:30PM, discussion 6. Free

Three blocks away, author Paul Greenberg speaks at Powell's. Greenberg is the author of Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food. We eat little wild food. We've changed the land and changed the environment sufficiently to make it impossible. Our population density works against it too. The only exception is fish. Huge factory ships, up to 475 feet long, can capture as much as 100 tons of fish per hour, fillet and freeze it at sea. But even small boats are capable of destroying a fishery.

Author Greenberg traces the commercial history of the wild salmon, tuna, bass and cod; and their depletion. Salmon, for instance, are no longer viable in most of the North Atlantic, here, seriously depleted in the Sacramento River basin. Mediterranean tuna, which return to their birthplace to spawn, the same. He looks at fish farming, the inevitable future, though not entirely desirable, from the standpoint of the fish ground into fish meal to raise them. His conclusion is sustainable, industrial farming of species with a lighter impact on the seas, and allowing wild fish to again thrive. I'm a fish eater. This is food for thought. Greenberg speaks at Powell's Books www.powells.com 1005 W Burnside 7:30PM Free

Monday, August 02, 2010

August 6 Eastside Art Openings

Kelly Rauer continues her exploration of video art with a new piece, Shaping Sequence. At New American Art Union www.newamericanartunion.com 922 SE Ankeny

In the always exciting 811 block:

Nightwave Catalog is the latest installation of mysterious objects created by the epic Oregon Painting Society. They are also giving a talk Sunday as part of the Nationale subscription series. At Nationale thenewnationale.com

Howard Gillam has bright mythological marker paintings with animal characters at Golden Rule in the back of the building. At Golden Rule Gallery www.goldenruleportland.com

Adam Burke has photocollage on wood at Redux www.reduxpdx.com

Not visual art, but fashion art: Holly Stalder and Laura Irwin's new store Haunt is open. Holly Stalder and Kate Tower started Portland's independent fashion community as we know it in 2000. Laura Irwin is Portland's most accomplished art and fashion knitter. At Haunt www.hauntstudio.blogspot.com

All 811 East Burnside

Homeland is 5! The hardest working gallery collective in Portland easily has the most impact, including international impact, for the most modest budget. Exporting art to larger art cities is the only viable way to make a Portland art career. Tonight they gave a cross section of exportable, and in some cases, successfully exported artists: Bruce Conkle, Philip Iosca, Paige Saez, Ashley Sloan, Stephen Slappe and Vicki Lynn Wilson. Recommended. At Gallery Homeland www.galleryhomeland.org 2505 SE 11th x Division

Newspace takes a chance with a late career photographer, Linda Connor. Connor works at the intersection of landscape, cultural landscape and spiritual landscape. This is an exciting move for Newspace in establishing their reputation beyond Portland. At Newspace Photo www.newspacephoto.org 1632 SE 10th

Julie Perini is an activist artist with East Coast roots, now in Portland. Her latest is Experiments With Fact & Fiction, video interviews with neighbors and imagined neighbors. At Pushdot Studio www.pushdotstudio.com 1021 SE Caruthers

Placement Product is a take by recent PNCA MFA's Laura Hughes and Michael Reinsch on commercial windows. It will evolve over the month. Bside6 is a great spot for installations, many active at night, viewable through windows. At bSIDE6 524 E Burnside

The Globe takes the space formerly Jace Gace and the Portland Art Center. It's a cafe eatery with big walls. They are filled by urban influenced work and photography for their first First Friday art celebration party. At The Globe www.globepdx.com 2045 Southeast Belmont

August 5 Westside Art Openings

Data visualization is all the rage. That's good. It can be a big help understanding the world's problems with a view to a solution. Perhaps it is the result of a few aesthetic generations' exposure to the great work of Edward Tufte. Maybe in a few years, these 2d visualizations will have the feel we have today for Eames or Charles Joseph Minard. That's because data visualization is continually improving on the way to full moving 3d immersion. Tonight is an opportunity to sample the current state. Noted data-vis designer Aaron Koblin shows examples tonight. Koblin's work is in MOMA's permanent collection and he received a first place award from the NSF for his work. At W+K www.wk.com 224 NW 13th 5PM-9 Free

The Everett Lofts, bounded by NW Broadway, Flanders, 6th and Everett are always recommended for your viewing pleasure. Breeze Block is a new occupant. Tonight is their annual rooftop show - head upstairs from the Everett side.

Relative Picnic is a group show by staff, family and friends of PDX Gallery, including Midori Hirose, Monica Angle, Graham Bell, Greg Bell, Lillian Kingery, Peter Gronquist, Silas Beebe, Montana Maurice, Nell Warren, Wendy Burden, Jarrod McCann, Greg Misarti, Dieta von Matthiessen and Tina Beebe. Very varied. At PDX Contemporary Art www.pdxcontemporaryart.com map 925 NW Flanders early close 8PM

Next door the group Richard Hoyen, Adam Silverman, Mara Baldwin, Doron Fishman and Julianna Bright of the Golden Bears have a show too. This is an exciting move for both the gallery and Bright, her last Portland show was at the lovely Fontanelle. Bright also shows extensively outside Portland, an essential strategy for Portland artists. At Pulliam Deffenbaugh www.pulliamdeffenbaugh.com until 8

Getting into group think is an unusual triple bill: Antonio Martinez, Near the Egress - video installation and frame by tintypes; Jim Vecchi, so much depends...; and Lori Waselchuk, Grace Before Dying. Near the Egress was shot at a circus. We all have childhood memories of circuses and zoos; as adults, we have mixed emotions owing captive wild animals. Waselchuk has documented maximum security prisoners caring for fellow terminally ill prisoners at Louisiana's Angola State Penitentiary. Most of the prisoners are serving life with no possibility of parole. They will die there. Weighty material, but the program has greatly improved the prison community. At Blue Sky Gallery www.blueskygallery.org map 122 NW 8th

Paper Cuts is a group show with Apricot Mantle, David Stein, Bryce Flynt Somerville, Mary Syring, Sonya Fu, Meg Hasegawa, Yasutaka Matsumoto, Meyoko and Sherry Delorme. A great Summer-y show. At Compound Gallery www.compoundgallery.com 107 NW 5th

The Lizard Lounge has music and art amidst smart clothing. Arsenio Torres painter, displays work while his father Bobby Tores, provides perfect Summer-y music. At Lizard Lounge www.lizardloungepdx.com 1323 NW Irving 7PM-10

Over by the PNCA MFA studios there is a new space that's been open for a few months, The Canvas Art Bar. You just have to go to understand what they are up to. They open a show of abstract paintings by Crae Hasler-Elliott with downtempo DJ Devon. At Canvas Art Bar www.thecanvaspdx.com 1800 NW Upshur 6PM-9

August 3 India Ink

Portland painter David Kilpatrick had the opportunity to work in an artist colony in Jaipur. It's a center for miniature painting, an India-specific genre, with some brushes a single squirrel hair. His fine india ink illustrations of India's varied ancient buildings share the feel of fine Chinese ink paintings. It's also a record of the personal impact of India's intensity, vastness, rapid change and long history. At Stumptown Belmont www.stumptowncoffee.com 3356 SE Belmont Street 5PM-7

August 2 Body Habitat Readout

Migration and exploration are our twin romances as a species. From the origins of life there has been migration. But the emergence of bipeds with a beefy neocortex in Africa brings us to Portland today. Somewhere in Africa over 200 thousand years ago we find fossil evidence of homo sapiens. A more detailed genetic analysis finds a mitochondrial "Eve" about that time and a Y-chromosomal "Adam" about 60 thousand years ago incorporating the L2 genetic unit, which is associated in some theories with a great leap forward in human creativity. From Africa, our ancestors migrated by foot to cover Earth, excepting Antarctica, before the age of fossil fuels.

Central to human creativity is exploration. Between twin reward systems, one for familiarity and one for the novel, exploration rewards novel. We have records of explorers from the first recorded history, the Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks. We have a romance with exploration. We study the history of the names that survived. Names like Marco Polo, Columbus, Stanley, the first astronauts and cosmonauts.

The definition of contemporary art evolves continually. It firmly includes exploration by artists walking such as Francis Alÿs, Janet Cardiff and Lone Twin. Lone Twin inspired Portland and Corvallis artists Lily Gael & Lisa Wells to walk from Corvallis to Portland, recording their experience in their blog Body Habit. They arrive in Portland to report in person on their project tonight. It's at At Performance Works Northwest www.performanceworksnw.org 6:30PM Free