Monday, August 01, 2005

dog days' August surprises

Tuesday August 2

Just when you thought that the only tastes at Ripe were on the tongue, they are about to surprise you with tastes in the ear - hot. The Ripe empire has hired Matthew Stadler as writer in residence. He is starting "the back room" – "an occasional series of presentations/symposia/bacchanals, replete with food, drink, music, and general boisterousness garlanding the central pleasure of bright intellects voicing their excellent texts, winging it in conversation, and screening or presenting various textual and visual delights" (sounds like he's at work already...).

The back room events are an amped up Family Dinner, including dinner, drinks, and live music curated by Curtis Knapp of Marriage Records. Menus will be prepared with the evening's speakers and themes in mind.

The back room opens Tuesday August 2nd, at 7 pm, with departing Oregonian architecture critic Randy Gragg in conversation with Ron Paul, of the city's Office of Sustainable Development (and formerly the Portland Farmers' Market Project). Gragg and Paul will discuss the role land-use laws and politics have played in shaping Portland's unique food culture. The evening's menu will feature ingredients from farmers and artisans Gragg and Paul discuss in their talk. Live music by The Watery Graves.

This event comes at a price though, $35 per head plus gratuity for the chefs, and the first event is SOLD OUT, but upcoming events in the back room include:

Sunday September 4th: Art & Friendship, a roundtable discussion with Larry Rinder and Laurie Reid. Rinder is the Whitney's enfant terrible, curator of either the best or worst Whitney Biennial ever, 2002, including "Art and Friendship" stars Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July ( ). Rinder also curated a wildly prescient "The American Effect" show - work themed on perceptions of the United States in the 90's by artists outside the US. Rinder expected to be fired for that show, but it ended up confounding his critics and became a hit. Rinder, a Reed graduate, is now dean of graduate studies at CCA ( ), associate curator at the Whitney and on the art history faculty at Columbia.

Sunday October 2nd: Poetry, Food, and Exhaustion, a reading by Wayne Koestenbaum. Koestenbaum’s publications include works of nonfiction such as Andy Warhol and Cleavage: Essays on Sex, Stars and Aesthetics, the novel Moira Orfei in Aigues-Mortes, and four books of poetry: Model Homes, The Milk of Inquiry, Rhapsodies of a Repeat Offender, and Ode to Anna Moffo and Other Poems. Koestenbaum won a Whiting Writer’s Award in 1994. He is a Professor of English at the CUNY Graduate Center and a Visiting Professor in the Painting Department of the Yale School of Art.

While these dinners may not be on the event horizon of everyone, it can be useful to see later career creatives in order to chart your own path. Uh, and can we say, networking?

Reservations at or 503.235.2294

Wednesday August 3

Preopenings at some commercial galleries - actually free food and drink still...

Pacific Switchboard presents the art of Gretchen Vaudt, Chris Frazier and Michelle Ott.

"Isolating, otherworldly landscapes, stark prints, fragments, mysterious formations, and a touch of cuteness, the work of these three artists seem oddly intertwined." see at

Sadly I have heard that PS is disbanding in the fall as some of their members move on to bigger art cities. Are *you* ready to take over programming the space?

Thursday August 4

Compound presents SUPERHERO - an international group show. Artists from Japan, Hong Kong, and the U.S. will be participating. Each artist has been charged with the task of creating an interpretation of what SUPERHERO means to them. With the variety of artists involved, the results should be interesting. Several artists will be attending. 107 NW 5th AVE

Blue Sky Gallery presents photographs of today's Afghanistan by Paul Seawright.
"Commissioned by the Imperial War Museum to document the war in Afghanistan, Seawright traveled to the war torn region in 2002 and the resulting body of work is a sweeping, spare, understated and quite response to the terrain of the destroyed and heavily mined desert landscapes. Avoiding the trappings of an exoticizing vision, he seeks to draw upon, extend, and rework the distinctive aesthetic and conventions he established through earlier photographs of contested, politically contaminated landscapes in his home city of Belfast and more recently on the fringes of various European cities. Of the Afghanistan work, he writes that he is less concerned with the visible scars of war, but instead with the hidden malevolence of his landscape. This is his third Blue Sky Gallery exhibit and his large-scale color images mirror those included in his recently published book on Afghanistan, 'Hidden'."

Afghanistan is one of the most heavily mined countries in the world - the making of these photographs involved significant risk. The OMAR Landmine Museum in Kabul is doing excellent work on training and education, a must see if you are visiting Kabul, though indescribably sad. For more information see .

Virgin Metal - Several late career Portland artists show large scale metal sculptures in styles popular in the 60's and 70's: Mel Katz (former partner to the former mayor, and artist on the fringes of the NY abstract expressionist scene of the 60's) at the Laura Russo gallery, Lee Kelly at the Elizabeth Leach Gallery and Tom Hardy at the Mark Woolley Gallery. Today's artists are more likely to reduce, reuse and recycle materials, or photograph them, as does the rising Seattle photographer, Chris Jordan (See Chandra Bocci - Saturday August 6 below)

The Froelich Gallery presents the finely detailed etchings of plants and the natural environment by Sarah Horowitz and the work by Kevin Kadar, known for his intense old master style oils, though looser, but this time showing paintings on envelopes.

Pulliam Deffenbaugh presents a group show of gallery artists including Brian Borrello, James Boulton, Brenden Clenaghen, G. Lewis Clevenger, Anna Fidler, Linda Hutchins, Ken Kelly, and Jeffry Mitchell, Curtis Phillips and others.

The Everett Station Lofts presents its annual rooftop show - no doubt plenty of stuff and people to see.

p:ear shows the work of Lam Quang and Ketral Gates as well as their collaborations with street youth served by p:ear. For more p:ear see August 13.

Gallery 500 presents INTERSTATE by Portland artist Dan Gilsdorf - an installation of kinetic sculpture - a “mechanical simulacra as homage to human consciousness,” Gilsdorf’s sculptures incorporate elements of time, sound, and motion – embracing a sort of industrial futility as they spin in place or grind to their own demise. 6pm-midnight.

Peripheral Produce presents Current: An Evening of Videos Inspired by Water. DJ Josh Herr spins music inspired by water. The program runs about an hour... don't be late or you may miss something!

Title/Artist (not the screening order)
1. Tensile- Erika Adams, Columbus, GA
2. Water Under the Muybridge- Michael Betancourt, Des Moines, IA
3. Siren- Roslyn Broder, Chicago, IL
4. I Saw the Sound that Held You Tightly- Trevor Fife, Portland, OR
5. Coney Island- Nick Golebiewski, Brooklyn, NY
6. Eve of War- Jason Halprin, Milwaukee, WI
7. Encinitas Realization- Chris Johanson, Portland, OR
8. Swim Deep- Nicole Linde, Portland, OR 9. Untitled (for Roger)- Jodie Mack, Chicago, IL
10. The Sticky Wicket- Mack McFarland, Portland, OR
11. Setting Flotsam, Potter-Belmar Labs, Ann Arbor, MI
12. Third Angle: 5 Remixes (excerpt)- Second Story, Portland, OR
13. Water Zazen- Mariko Tanaka, Brooklyn, NY & James Jack, Portland, OR
14. Agua- Enie Vaisburd, Portland, OR And of course:
15. Beneath Our Feet- Linda Wysong/Pamela Chipman

Beneath Our Feet is a site-specific video montage by Portland-based artists Linda Wysong and Pamela Chipman that explores water, rain, and the mysterious world under the pavement. Created with footage from the West Side Big Pipe Project, the six-minute video loop takes the viewer under the street and into the 14- foot diameter pipe as it winds its way through Portland. This unusual perspective expands the discussion of form, function and beauty within our everyday lives.
Opening night screening & party 9:30 - 11:30 p.m. 822 N. River St

More the echo of a happening than art, the end results of the SCRAP Iron Artist competition will be on display until August 22 at the 5th Avenue Suites Hotel 506 SW Washington. Looks like there will be food and drink there tonight beginning at 5, actually good food and drink, and maybe free.

Friday August 5

Usual SE openings including the NAAU, Savage, _hall?, Fix, Newspace photo - look for fliers at any of the locations for further details, or just ask

Saturday, August 6

Taking Place presents "Bent", the work of Chandra Bocci, Ryan Boyle and Jessie Durost. Adjacent to the Chambers Gallery, 207 SW Pine. The show was curated by independent artist Chandra Bocci ( ), Portland hotmelt glue assembler extrordinare of recycled paper and choreographer by hue of thrift store toy ponies.

At Gallery 500, 7pm, Paul Middendorf presents and discusses the latest efforts of Manifest Artistry, Lifeboat-Hamptons, at Scope-Hamptons . This is the start of a series of semi irregular talks by many of Portland’s artists, as they speak from a variety of topics including establishing your own micro-nation, the importance of national branding, and more.

The St Johns Window Project opens noon showing North Portland artists until August 20 - in dare we say "downtown St Johns"?

Fix Gallery 811 E Burnside music by World, Jason Bokoros 9-late but not too late, All ages, donation

and August 6, 9, 12, September 22

Current: An Evening of Videos Inspired by Water described above on August 4 repeats:
Kenton Park / August 6, 2005 9:30 – 10:30 p.m. at Kenton Park, on the corner of North Brandon and North Kilpatrick.
Madrona Park / August 9, 2005 9:30 – 10:30 p.m. at Madrona Park, North Greeley and Going Court (Enter at North Wygant).
Waterfront Park / August 12, 2005 9:30 – 10:30 p.m. at Waterfront Park, under the Burnside Bridge during the Oregon Bite festival.
Chief Joseph School / September 22, 2005 8:00 – 8:30 p.m. at Chief Joseph School, 2409 N. Saratoga (at Delaware).

Saturday August 13

Courtesy of Lisa Radon's outstanding blog 220 Salon's Jodie Gertzen is putting on a fashion show to benefit p:ear on Saturday, August 13 at 8:30 PM. Everyone involved has donated their time to make this showcase of local hair and makeup artists. "220 Salon has provided hair/makeup for many local fashion shows over the years, which is why we chose to hold an event of our own to have fun with our craft in our own way," says Jodie. Some of the girls designed their own clothes for the event, but it's not a fashion show per se. Expect something a little more theatrical. Music by The Punk Group and a DJ later.

$10 admission gets you the show, entrance to a raffle for a free cut and color at 220 Salon and even if you don't win, your ticket still gets you $5 off your next haircut at 220 Salon. Stop into the newly opened Valentines cafe next door with unique hours 10AM-3PM and 10PM-3AM.

Tuesday August 16

Pacific Switchboard in a special TUESDAY event, 8pm and 10pm - Dirty

Champion of he lost art of writing on paper, ever threatened by blogs and email, Found zine publishes notes found by contributors worldwide. While the penmanship, spelling and subject matter may not represent the best writing, its heartfelt sincerity is never open to question. The zine has been transformed into a MAGAzine, and spawned a sexy twin: Dirty.

"Join Dirty Founders Jason Bitner, Arthur Jones and friends as we celebrate the best raunchy lost and discovered stuff from around the world. Too nasty for our PG-13 sister, we were forced to create a new home for these *special* finds. Witness a pervy Powerpoint presentation, experience the Dirty Found XXX Survey, and share your smutty finds. For adults only!"

The show is 10 dollars which also gets you a copy of Dirty Found, or 7 bucks without. because of our small space, Dirty Found is doing the show twice, once at 8pm, and then at 10pm. Visit their websites: and