Monday, June 28, 2010

June 29 McBride Art Consultancy Reception

Heidi McBride is a private art consultant with an open by appointment gallery, helping potential collectors narrow the world of art to a few pieces they can love. She hosts a reception with some of those pieces on display tonight. It's a good opportunity to see progressive ways that art finds its way from maker to collector. McBride partnered with Mark Woolley to pick up many of the artists his gallery represented. The Heidi McBride Gallery In the South Waterfront Atwater Place building, top floor, concierge will direct you. 0841 SW Gaines. 5PM-8 Free

Monday, June 21, 2010

June 27 Sunday Parkways and le Sprockettes

Sunday Parkways is where you can bicycle a route of bike-only streets for a few hours. Every detail at Streets blocked for your cycling pleasure. 10AM-3PM. Free

The Sprockettes celebrate their anniversary of awesomeness today at vegan central, 13th and Stark, on the grounds of Washington High School, the derelict public school building there. 4:30PM. Free

June 26 Cinema Project Films 1939-1960 & R&R Camp Showcase - Grrl Power

Every summer the Cinema Project closes it's season with outdoor films. Tonight they are vintage films restored by the Women's Film Preservation Fund, founded by New York Women in Film and Television in collaboration with MOMA. Note that the Cinema Project is seeking staff and supporters, introduce yourself and inquire if you are interested. Full details at At Amersand Vintage Printed Material 2916 NE Alberta, Ste B. Doors 9PM, films 9:45. $7

Same evening, do both, Portland's awesome Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls gets session one bands on stage. Brave. This program is a great place for your donations and support. Rock and Roll Camp for Girls Summer camp showcase. At the Bagdad Theater, 3702 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Doors 5:30PM, show 6. All ages. $7-10.

June 25 Some Closing Events and a Hoedown

Shows open and they close. Sometimes the closing is an event too. That would be the case this evening.

The Nationale show (Not) So Bright, Please, in which artists transformed some brightly colored materials into new work over the month, closes tonight. See what those bright artists did! Musicians White Fang perform at 8. At Nationale 811 E Burnside Free

Worksound's sound and music themed show, Cadence has a closing party as well. At Worksound 820 SE Alder Free

Meanwhile Project Grow, a social practice art project, throws a Summer hoedown. They transformed a brownfield growing car parts and blackberries into an organic farm that operates as a CSA. It's part of a project for intellectually disabled adults who also participate in visual art projects and yoga. Good all around. Tonight they open their projects to you and give you a chance to meet many of the people making this special Portland project. Music by SAFE, Jeffrey Jerusalem and a special guest. At the Port City Development Center. 2124 N Williams Ave at Tillamook. Enter in the back of the building on either Tillamook or Thompson. 6PM-10 Free

June 25-26 Ides of June

Children Get Stuck Places Underground is an opera theater work by Bethany Ides. Ides is brilliant with language. So this will be an opera tracing the borders of language. The opera, which incorporates video as all modern opera does, is presented in the tiny Half Dozen Gallery, in the Everett Lofts on the Everett side. 7PM & 9 each night Free (arrive early)

June 24 Last Thursday on Alberta

Dual garage galleries, Appendix and Little Field, present fusion performance- installation events this last Thursday on Alberta.

The Oregon Painting Society, returned from their show in London, occupies Appendix while Future Death Toll puts on a performance including homebuilt and circuit bent music machines at Little Field.

At Appendix Project Space and Little Field Galleries on the alleys between 26th and 27th, South of Alberta and between 28th and 29th North of Alberta. 6-10ish

Always recommended is the never anticipated Emerson Space Case NE 30th and Emerson

Alicia Blue shows Kevin Taylor's dream-like nature and figure illustrations, finely detailed and maybe a little Jungian. As well, Coleen Flaherty shows impressionistic landscapes and botanical illustrations incorporating geometric patterns, some suggestive of Australian aboriginal patterning. Both artists practice in San Francisco. At the Alicia Blue Gallery 1468 NE Alberta

False Front has Michael Lauch shows Mountains, process work made climbing a mountain near his school in Ashville, North Carolina. It's not Bill Viola's Room for St John of the Cross because it's not video. But it does represent an artistic interchange between Portland and Ashville. At False Front Studio 4518 NE 32nd 7-10

David Wien shows, The Bigger Picture, stencil-style art at Together Gallery 2916 NE Alberta, Ste A

Ampersand has reworked and encaustic crusted vintage photos from San Francisco's Jhina Alvarado. The artist's description is a little florid, so omitted here. At Amersand Vintage Printed Material 2916 NE Alberta, Ste B

Art Not Crime - Provenance Gallery team for a graf-style show. Art Not Crime creates opportunities for large scale graffiti art in spots with the owner's permission as an alternative to lazy tagging. May was a tribute to the late Pirate Town, a temporary autonomous zone, acquired, and demolished, by the University of Portland. It was the home of a notorious toxic was site, very Tarkovsky. Tonight fresh art by Vaquero, Raskoe, Ajust One, Sektr 1, delo MFK and Kauz. Music by ComputerFAM and Mr. Wu. At Art Not Crime 4943 NE Martin Luther King Blvd. 5PM-12AM $5

June 22-25 Deep Green

Deep Green is a film about hopeful solutions to global warming and sustainability, gathered from all over the world, by Portlander Matt Briggs. The genesis of the film was a trip Briggs made to China with Portland developer Dennis Wilde of Gerding Edlin and architect Clark Brockman of Sera. China has a strategic focus on green projects designed for export. In 2009, Chinese companies held 5 of the top 10 spots for solar cell production companies. Top wind turbine manufacturer in 2009. Intense efforts to develop sustainable industries are underway across the world, in the US and in Portland.

His film team gathered 40 hours of material illustrating green efforts in conservation, smart grid, agriculture, transportation, forestry and green building, world wide. The resulting 106 minute feature film film includes animated segues by Portland's Bent Image. It's a hopeful call to arms and includes interviews with many names you will recognize in sustainability.

The film has its world premiere at 7PM Tuesday, live music at 6, then continues through Friday at the Bagdad. It also shows later at the Film Center. At the Bagdad Theater, 3702 SE Hawthorne. Tuesday music 6PM, showing 7; Wednesday and Thursday 6PM; Friday 5:30PM and 8. All $6 (Also at the Film Center's Whitsell Auditorium July 1, 7PM

Friday, June 18, 2010

June 20 Atlas of Conflict

We have unprecedented access-exposure to a torrent of information, real time, about the world, not only around us, but around the world. A natural reaction is compartmentalization. I strongly believe in professional responsibility as an organizing principal for managing that.

Malkit Shoshan may too. He is an Israeli architect and author of Atlas of the Conflict, a book detailing the interplay of architecture and planning with politics in the subregion.

Mathew Stadler continues his thoughtful dinner discussion program established as the Back Room under the umbrella of Publication Studio.

You, thoughtful and curious Portlander's, gather over food at Refuel North Station, a food cart pod, to hear a talk and discuss with the speaker and one another the topic and whatever.

Publication Studio brings to mix the capability of printing a book. In this case, the subscriber fee includes a copy of Shoshan's book printed by the Publication Studio's printer and binder, food and conversation. You can bring your own beverages of persuasion on the lowdown.

Details and reservations, limited to 20 and required by the website at N Killingsworth and N Greeley. 5:30PM sharp $30

June 19 Risk-Reward

All aesthetics lies in the brain. There ancient reptilian structures play nicely with our finely tuned neocortex. Risk engages the ancient brain's survival mechanisms. Reward, in arts, is the time after a performance, when the brain rests, pleasured, by the interplay of reptilian response, familiarity, novelty, analysis, intuition and memory.

I cannot guarantee that every piece in this curated show will result in pleasure. It is a show by varied artists, produced by a great experimental theater company in town, Hand2Mouth. They have good eyes and good instincts. They have built artistic networks with East Europe and with Seattle. Inspired by On The Boards NW New Works Program, which has for many years produced a curated program of experimental and noteworthy work, Hand2Mouth is doing something similar here. It is artistic research.

To keep costs low it's a concentrated event with a 5PM and 8 program. At 5 is Erin Leddy, Oslund + Co, Angela Fair and Paul Budraitis directed by Sean Ryan. At 8 is Hand2Mouth, Katherine Longstreth, Mike Pham, and The Cherdonna & Lou Show. You can do your own research at the project website, but a guess is this is very experimental theater, so manage your risk.

There are also workshops and discussions connected to the project on Sunday, see the website.

At Bodyvox Studios. 1201 NW 17th. 5PM and 8PM $10 door per performance, $8/$15 both advance at the website

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 19 School is NOT Out for Summer: Study Hall

Who can resist smart creative talk? That is Study Hall, short smart presentations. It's all organized by Research Club. At Research Club, 215 SE Morrison Street, Suite 2020. 11AM-2PM Arrive within a half hour of start for admission due to building security. Free

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 17 Artsparking Radio

Radio, once thought dieing dead, is experiencing a revival. Radio has been with us since Marconi. The first commercial broadcasts on AM included "the nation's stations" broadcasting on clear channels at an awesome +87 dBm. That power could illuminate light bulbs within a mile of the transmitter! Radio has added fancy frequency modulation and even digital modulation (the horror!). Meanwhile in the UK in the 1960's, enterprising DJ's started pirate stations broadcasting from islands and sea platforms in international waters. The trend continued with sea-based and land broadcasters taking advantage of cheap RF technology and cassette tapes as a program source - pirates once outnumbered licensed radio stations in '80's and early '90's UK! It's gotten so bad that there have been more than one generation of Portland pirates and agencies do it for style.

Internet radio, despite rapacious per song charges, makes it easy. The FCC even licenses low band edustations, an example is KZME hinged off Gresham's Metro East Community Media and transmitting from high Brightwood. They are the featured arts presenter for tonight's Art Spark from 6:00-6:15.

Art Spark is a monthly arts meetup for free over drinks for conversation and networking. Did I say free? OK. at Radio Room 1101 NE Alberta 5PM-7 Free

Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 16 Some Days Are Better Than Others in the Future So Bright

Portland filmmaker Matt McCormick is known for quiet cinematic meditations on landscape. Some man made, others nature made. He has also produced a steady diet of creative music videos for musician friends which are pretty sublime. His landscape work includes exploring the West's resting ghost towns. He reprises a collection of works this evening at the Film Center. Films at the Art Museum Whitsell Auditorium, 1219 SW Park, 7PM $8 members/$9

June 15-16 The Cinema Project Visits Palestine and Iraq

The Cinema Project continues its international series, hosting Kamal Aljafari. His personal documentaries lens his Palestinian experience. The Roof and Port of Memory cast their gaze on Jaffa. Visit Iraq is the motto of Iraq Airlines, the film Visit Iraq is a funny take on the impressions of Geneva Switzerland residents on the closed office of the airline. Tuesday: The Roof; Wednesday: Port of Memory and Visit Iraq. Full details at At the Clinton Street Theater. 7PM. $7, cash only.

June 15 Completing the Sustainability Smart Grid Circuit

There is a small concentration of smart grid activities in Portland. It's a huge topic. Today is a small conference on the smart grid: In the past these have been organized by participants in PSU's smart grid class and drawn a great diverse group of thinkers. An important message from the last is the value of feed-in tarifs. Registration at the website above. Two World Trade Center Mezzanine, 121 SW Salmon 8:00AM-3:30PM $25

June 14 Mt Fear No Music

As part of the Pedalpalooza, there is an opportunity for you to listen to and make music. Bring your bike bell! First meet downtown for a discussion of bike law by Ray Thomas Esq. of the bike-ped legal clinic. Next ride from downtown to Mt Tabor with the group, ringing your chimest bell. Finally hear a concert by Fear No Music on Mt Tabor. They will play Eine Brise, a breeze, by Mauricio Kagel. The piece is scored for bike bells and the vocalizations of you! Details at 824 SW 2nd bike-ped legal clinic, 5:30PM. Ride departs 6:30PM to Mt Tabor. Concert 7:30PM. Free

Friday, June 11, 2010

June 12 Homeroom: School's Out For Summer!

The Research Club hosts its first Homeroom. More fun and less scholarly than a stuffy lecture, it's an opportunity for creative discussion and brainstorming. Included for your price of free is Marc Salome showing animation from Brad Neely, Arthur Smid on tarot, a screening of Tillsammans (Together) a film by Lukas Moodysson, wildman of Swedish cinema, a Scandinavian cross between Almodovar and Wes Anderson. At Grand Detour Experimental Media Space and Research Club, 215 SE Morrison Street, Suite 2020 6:30PM-11 Free

Monday, June 07, 2010

June 11 Doing It To It+

Doing It To It is a group show+happening of Portland and Berlin artists and collectives. You will see artists Patrick Collier, Per Schumann, Rudy Speerschneider, Amy Steel/Brian Drowns, Lisa Radon, Nim Wunnan, Malte Zacharias and Dustin Zemel; groups, Entwurf Direkt – Germany, Gartenstudios – Germany, Research Club – Portland and Grand Detour – Oregon. Tonight is the opening. Throughout the month there will be changing installations, dinners, performances which you can participate in as members of the Portland art community, coinspiring the artists. What is It? Come and be part of It! At Gallery Homeland 2505 SE 11th x Division 6PM-9 Free

Falling into the category of cafes with consistently and thoughtfully curated art is the Albina Press on N. Albina. Tonight they open Motion paintings, somewhat surrealistic illustration influenced work by Isaac Bushkin. 4637 N. Albina Ave at Blandena 6PM-7ish Free

At the root of Albina, longtime studio space the North Coast Seed Building hosts open studios. At North Coast Seed 2127 N. Albina 6PM-10 Free

For something completely different, join the bliss factory for an evening of Indian vocal music. Umakant Gundecha and Ramakant Gundecha, the Gundecha Brothers, perform Dhrupad, an ancient Hindustani style with poetic lyrics, often regarding Hindu gods. The work follows the raga structure, is of particular slow rhythm, in a low register. There is always something special in the vocal harmony of siblings; this would be one of many examples. At the Movement Center, in the Meditation Hall. 1021 NE 33rd $25 door

June 10 Storm Tharp at PAM+

The Art Museum hosts a monthly talk by a selected artist on a favorite work in the Museum. The talk is at the work. After the audience retires for an informal happy hour and discussion. This month's artist is Storm Tharp, recent Whitney selectee who is showing at PDX Contemporary. At the Portland Art Museum 1219 SW Park 6PM-8 Free members, otherwise regular admission and tour the Museum before

There are innumerable spaces with primary businesses that are not art, yet they have a smart eye for art and regular shows. One is Bamboo Grove, a salon and teashop; another is Black Wagon a shop for childrens' toys, books, clothes and art. Both have openings tonight. Bamboo Grove 134 SE 2nd 6PM-9. Black Wagon 3964 N Mississippi 5PM-7

June 8 A Grand Detour to Portland

Shoot First & Ask Questions Later is a talk by Portland-Buffalo filmmaker-artist-social process activist Julie Perini. It's her explanation of her working practice. At Grand Detour Experimental Media Space and Research Club, 215 SE Morrison Street, Suite 2020 7PM-8 Free

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

June 6 Stock

The STOCK art grant dinner is back after a short break for the Open Engagement conference. This month artists Jen Delos Reyes, Helen Hiebert, Connie Hockaday, Dill Pickle Club, Ralph Pugay, E.P. Davee, the Wake-Up-Art collective, Sanna-Lisa Gesang-Gottowt and Rudy Speerschneider have submitted proposals for your funding consideration. Your contribution of $10 for a light dinner of soup, salad and conversation with artists, joins that of your fellow diners. The net proceeds fund one proposal by popular vote.

RSVP by email, the meal sells out quickly. Details: At Disjecta 8371 North Interstate 6PM-8 $10

June 5 Artistery Does Art!

School's out for Summer and longtime all ages music venue, the Artistery, celebrates recess by opening a gallery upstairs, RECESS. The inaugural show includes Nim Wunnan, Gary Wiseman, Rachel Montgomery, Abraham Ingle, Justin Flood, Ally Drozd and Crystal Baxley. Music by Future Death Toll and Prescription Pills. At RECESS 4315 SE Division Show 6:30PM, music 9:30

June 4 Eastside Openings

The Research Club opens its new space in the Portland Storage Building. They are an umbrella for experimental video, art and discussion, noted for some fine brunches, entertained by short talks from the participants. For the opening visual art show, Nim Wunnan shows large scale ink on mylar paintinga as well as smaller paintings on paper. 215 SE Morrison, Suite 2020

Portland painter of figures, Allison O'Donoghue shows her paintings packed with charming oddity. At 12x16 Gallery 8235 SE 13th #5 Opening tonight 6PM-9, artist's reception Sunday 2PM-4

Worksound is known for rockin' musical accompaniments to its openings. Tonight they make it explicit with a sound and music themed show of sculpture, installation, performance art and video, Cadence. Fun as always. At Worksound 820 SE Alder 6PM-10

Tamara Lischka, known for stunning photos of small creatures cradled in a palm has an entirely different show of photo sequences, Muybridge-style, made with a multi-exposure Lomo "action sampler" plastic camera. At Pushdot Studio 1021 SE Caruthers

The New American Art Union shows Ambush: The Story of the TDA, a fictional examination in paintings of an Idaho-style revolutionary group. At New American Art Union 922 SE Ankeny

Nationale moves into the front space formerly Grass Hut with a group show by Marty Snap, Rikki Rothenberg, Jason Rens, David Neevel, Christy Lutz, Chelsea Heffner, May Juliette Barruel and Emily Baker. The show, No One & Everyone (Not) So Bright, Please, invites the audience to work with the artists to make something bright, driving away grey by the force of creative energy. Sgt. Forkner's White Rainbow provides sound accompaniment at 8. At Nationale 811 E Burnside

Redux has mixed media Portland streetscapes by Julia Gardner and documentary film related work by Edward Davee. At Redux

At bSIDE6, hosts a show of photographs from Ladakh, Shangri La in a way, as a benefit for school projects there. At bSIDE6 524 E Burnside.

There are also openings tonight at Nemo and Land as Eastside of the river art events proliferate North.

June 3 Westside Art Openings

PNCA has thesis shows in the Main Building, the Stephens Building and in the Old Portland Art Center. MFA downtown, BFA uptown. There is quite a bit to see, easily over more than an evening. Main Campus Atrium 1241 NW Johnson, Stevens Studio Building 1432 NW Johnson. Goldsmith Building 20 SW 5th. Extended hours may be found at

The Everett Lofts, bounded by NW Everett, Broadway, Flanders and 6th have been showing great work consistently, but closing earlier. Recommended.

Storm Tharp is a Portland painter-illustrator whose work has been compared to - not the philosopher and scientist - Frances Bacon. It's a tribute to his talent and the career building work of PDX Gallery that he was featured in the recent Whitney. His latest works have a Japanese watercolor style, while retaining his disquieting vibe, and are more formal and restrained than his earlier work. These would be perfect paired with the past month's Van Sant photo collage portraits. At PDX Contemporary Art 925 NW Flanders early close 8PM

Across the Hall Gallery next door has Portland artist, performer, curator and organizer, Brad Adkins. He is known for one of the first social practice performance events, "Meeting People" surrounding a large 2002 group show he did in the Oak Street building under moniker Charm Bracelet with Chris Buckingham. 929 NW Flanders early close 8PM

Portland artist, curator, blogger-interviewer Eva Lake shows a selection from her long running collage project, Targets. They are wry, hard hitting; neither overdone or underdone, in the visual elements she has selected. At Augen Gallery 716 NW Davis

The Ace Hotel Lobby hosts an installation of knitted cranes, enduring peace symbols. A three year project; organized by artist, curator, producer and music booking genius, Seann McKeel; it's Portland's contribution to activist knitting graffiti presented in a gallery space, just as some spray graffiti is today.

Writes McKeel: "The origami crane is an international symbol of peace, due to the hopeful and heroic story of Sadako Sasaki. Sadako died of Leukemia after exposure from US atom bombings of Hiroshima in 1945. Following a Japanese legend of folding 1,000 paper cranes-- a kind of prayer for long life and recovery-- Sadako hoped to get well. She completed over 1,000 folded cranes before dying on October 25, 1955 at the age of 12. Thousands of artists, children, religious groups, and other organizations commit to folding strands of a thousand cranes every year to express their commonality in banning nuclear weapons-- their solidarity for peace."

Hopefully this will be the start of regular art shows in the Ace Hotel Lobby, corner 1022 SW Stark, lobby hours.

Julie Forward Demay made photographs. She was diagnosed with cancer and passed in just 20 months, documenting her experience in a blog, cell war notebooks, photographs and writing. The result is this show, which she curated over that period, her last show. At Stumptown 128 SW 3rd

Tender Loving Empire hosts a Breezeblock organized show. Breezeblock operated on Alberta and Burnside before going virtual with graffiti and illustration styles. Music by Moonchild. 412 SW 10th

Lizard Lounge presents an art show themed on oceans and a benefit for the Surfrider Foundation, very topical. Surfrider advocates for cleaner ocean waters and beaches, free from pollution. At Lizard Lounge 1323 NW Irving 7PM-10

Reading Frenzy wins the copywriting award of the month with a show of illustration by Lori-D entitled Country Club. Writes the artist:
"Country Club features many high-end facilities and recreational opportunities for leisure seekers and so much more! As our guest, help yourself to our pond-side reclining lawn chairs and name-brand beers on ice. Take a load off and relax in comfort during the timeless and traditional bat vs. bug sunset showdown.

Whether you're hosting a business meeting, corporate retreat, wedding, charity event or holiday party, you'll find the perfect setting at the Country Club. We have enough stumps and tires to seat up to 300 of your most esteemed guests! Your guests will enjoy a scenic location, savory vittles, and surprise foot massages. Let our experienced staff assist you in planning your most memorable special occasion.

Not to toot our own horn of plenty, but our very own 'Man, I Feel Like A Woman Spa & Salon', just received the great honor of being awarded National Nail Artists of the Month by Town & Country Style Magazine! We are committed to living up to this high honor by helping you design the best nails imaginable." At Reading Frenzy 921 SW Oak

Blue Sky Blue Sky Gallery pairs Alejandro Cartagena's Suburbia Mexicana, Cause and Effect with Christine Osinski's Staten Island Shoppers. It's a development poem. Both artists speak at 6:30PM Wednesday June 2 in the gallery. In the Nines Gallery sculptor Christine Clark collaborates with illustrator Mary Blankenberg to trace the projections of sculptures on the walls. At 122 NW 8th

Froelick has a curious show. Portland artists, many of whom did not know one another, were paired. Each then made a portrait of the other. At 714 NW Davis

Valentina Graziano shows photo-based work at Ogle. She is also the curator of the space which is known for quietly complex 2d work and bold sculptures, both often involving natural materials, arte povera-style. At Ogle 310 NW Broadway early close 8PM

Camp Caldera is an opportunity for children to make art in the wilderness with professional artists. It's always a question of who is teaching who in such situations. Tonight is a chance to see for yourself as the childrens' work is on display. Camper-made film 5:30. At the Mercy Corps Action Center 28 SW 1st early close 8PM

In other Caldera news, photographer and Caldera resident artist Wendy Given presents How to Explain Magic to a Dead Rabbit. At the Wieden and Kennedy lobby 224 N 13th early close 8

Grassy Knoll Gallery is a workspace, so shows have been itinnerant. They are back with a collage show and a short film by twin brothers Noah & Nathan Rice. At Grassy Knoll Gallery 123 NW 2nd

Meanwhile Upper Playground has a bike-themed show Totally Spoked. An Alleycat starting at 6PM (register 5:30) runs from the East Bank Esplanade under the Hawthorne Bridge to the gallery. At 9:30PM the Sprockettes lead a parade from the gallery to a dance party across the river. At Fifty 24PDX in 23 NW 5th

June 1-2 Synaesthetic Energies: Abstract Video With Live Music

Japanese video artist Makino Takashi collaborates with Portland musicians Tara Jane O'Neil and Brian Mumford to present the world premiere of Inter View, a 25 minute video piece. This is one of my favorite branches of video art, abstract, ambient video, it's best known proponent, Stan Brakhage. The Cinema Project presents two programs. Tuesday: No is E [2006, video, color, sound, 23 min.]; Elements of Nothing [2007, video, color, sound, 20 min.]; still in cosmos [2009, video, color, sound,18 min.]; All music by Jim O'Rourke. Wednesday: The Seasons [2008, video, color, sound, 30 min.] music by Jim O'Rourke; while we are here [2009, video, color, sound, 15 min.] music by COLLEEN; The Low Storm [2009, video, color, sound, 16 min.] music by Lawrence English; and Inter View [2010, video, color, 25 min.] original score performed by Tara Jane O'Neil and Brian Mumford. Takashi san will be in attendance to discuss his work. This is a great example of a very small Portland presenter, the Cinema Project, operating on a world stage. Full details at At the Clinton Street Theater. 7PM. $7, cash only.