Thursday, September 29, 2011

September 30 Free Recess

I'm a huge proponent of free, most events listed here are free. On the other hand, many arts organizations which charge fees hire artists as staff, which I also strongly support. And many cultural organizations that charge admission have have yearly membership programs that pay themselves back in 3 visits for two in a year. How do you decide whether the year membership is valuable to you? Go on a free day! And the Art Museum is free tonight. At the Portland Art Museum 1219 SW Park 5PM-8 Free

Recess closes their first show, the Space-Based Arts Festival - SBA:Festival in the new space tonight. At RECESS at Oregon Brassworks Building, 1127 SE 10th 7PM-9ish Free

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 29 Crazy Eights Design Urban Alberta

Ten years ago, Charm Bracelet, created by Brad Adkins and Christopher Buckingham, had a landmark show, Meeting People, in the Oak Street building. Over 500 artists made work hung in a visually overstimulating grid. The art was made on 4 inch square panels supplied by Charm Bracelet. There was also an early Portland social practice element to the show, in which visitors opening night passed through a small entryway introducing themselves to the person behind them. The list of participating artists was inclusive of emerging Portland artists at the time.

There are many more than 500 unrepresented Portland artists today. The format has continued, including shows like Flora Bowley's Thirty, and quite a few shows by Portland City Art the Olympic Mills. Each show takes a different slice of Portland's now much larger community of unrepresented and independent artists.

Continuing that popular format for artists to connect with people who want art for their living space or gifts to their friends' living places, The Goodfoot opens 88 Strong. 88 artists have chosen from 88 themes, to make 8 panels each, 8 inches square. The show opens at 5PM, the art may be labeled only on the back, so it can be a hunt to find your favorites. All the over 700 pieces are $50, cash, and you take the ones you want from the wall, pay and take them home that very minute.

The 88 Strong slice artists are Ace Troy, Alan Bennett, Ali Schicting, Allison Bruns, Andy Vanoverberghe, Ania Palinska, Azad Sadjadi, Beth Myrick, Brad Hamers, Brent Wear, Brett Superstar, Brin Levinson, BT Livermore, Chris Haberman, Chuck E Bloom, Colby Dahlstrom, Dan Ness, Daniel DePaolo, Ed Jones, EMEK, Emily Bates, Erika Lee Sears, Erin Hatter, Erin Nations, Faith Brown, Fred Swan, Galen Malcom, Grant Johnson, GUYBURWELL, Heidi Elise Wirz, Helena Gigena, Hunter Armstrong, Jamie Ingram, Janet Julian, Jason Brown, Jason Graham, Jeff Betz, Jennifer Griffo, Jeremy Nichols, Jeremy Okai Davis, Joel Barber, John Gajowski, Josephine Brown, Kelly Williams, Kendra Binney, Kristine Schultz, Kyle Gossman, Larry Christensen, Laura Viola, Lisa Laser, Luna Littlefeaf, Malynda Shook, Mario Roberts, Matt Schlosky, Mel Defabrizio, Melissa Dow, Mike McGovern, Mona Superhero, Neil Perry, New Colony, Paul Sackman, Peach Momoko, PORQUENO, Rev. Maxwell W. Grove, Roger Peet, Ronni J. Kobrin, Scott Chase, Sean Crogan, Summer Hatfield, Susannah Kelly, Terence Healy, Teresa Garber, Tim Combs, Todd Hinchman, Tony Morgan, Tripper Dungan, Tyler Corbett, Yo Mutsu and Zak Gere.

At The Goodfoot 2845 SE Stark Map Starts 5PM

The AIA, the American Institute of Architects launches their annual design festival tonight. There is a full schedule for the event which spans a month. There will be talks, architectural tours, films and awards.Opening party for the at the AIA office, NW 11th and Flanders. 6:30PM $5

Speaking of design, design filmmaker Gary Hustwit shows his new design film Urbanized. It's a visually rich look at cities throughout the world, how their design evolved and where it's going. Just in time for the launch of place based The Atlantic Cities. At Cinema 21 616 Northwest 21st 7PM $15

The burning men and women are back from the festival in the desert and we will see if they have shaken off the dust in time for last Thursday on Alberta. Beyond that, there are brick and mortar galleries and garages with art we find interesting and that is where you will find us.

Monday, September 26, 2011

September 28 Artist's Philosophy Talk

Artists talk philosophy in a mall. Only in Portland can that combination of words be found! Continuing the Praxis series, Bob Fortner and Tim Combs discuss Natural Philosophy: Status and Implications of Science in 2011. At Place, a gallery on the 3rd floor of the Pioneer Place Mall. 700 SW Fifth. 6:30PM Free

September 27 Curious Devils and Hell

Oved Valadez, David Thorpe and Tom Lakovic are agency Industry. They speak tonight at the Curiosity Club on the topic "A Change In Trade: Why the Linear and Prescriptive Innovation Process is No Longer Relevant in a Digital World." It's their take on innovation and agile design in the product and brand space. You can tune into the free live webcast off the Core77 site or visit the talk and demonstration in person at Hand Eye Supply 23 NW 4th 6PM Free

Journalism is not dead. There is still a school for it at University of Oregon, who are presenting a free film series of documentaries on world events which are often the subject of journalism. The first is Pray the Devil Back to Hell.

The film, an episode of the series Women, War and Peace, traces the ultimately successful work of women to end one of the most brutal postmodern civil wars. In fact, one of them is now president of Liberia.

Spanning almost 15 years, and including neighboring Sierra Leone, Guinea and even the Ivory Coast, the wars were notorious for the involvement of child soldiers and surreal in the extreme. There were many bad actors, including Charles Taylor, now on trial for war crimes in The Hague. Taylor was trained in guerrilla fighting as part of Moammar Gadhafi's effort to export revolution throughout Africa.

Postscript: Principals in the film, peace activist Leymah Gbowee and President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, have won the Nobel Peace Prize October 7, 2011. The film shows on PBS October 18, check your local listings or PBS for streaming.

At the University of Oregon White Stag Building, 70 NW Couch Doors 5:30PM, film 6, discussion after. Free

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 25 Homeland Research Club Brunch #18

Brunch is you, food you bring to share, talks and discussion. Talks this brunch by Karl Anderson - Aquachoppers of C.H.U.N.K. 666, art bike builders; Sara Badiali - organizer of The Reclamation Administration, facilitators of building material reuse; Carl Diehl - video artist and curator of the Glitch Studies show; Laura Moulton - creator of the Street Books mobile library; and Dustin Zemel, video artist and founder of Grand Detour, maker of a recent multi screen experimental documentary shot on the iPhone. Vegetarian items preferred, and in a focus on reducing waste, please bring a cup, plate and utensils! A project of Research Club at Gallery Homeland 2505 SE 11th x Division Noon-3ish Free

September 23 Glitch Studies

Glitch is an artifact of the machine age. We would never say that a tree had a glitch, or a horse. It's an unintended lapse in the intent of machines or the human element in relation to them, documented for years by Peter Neuman in his famous Risks Forum (archived here). Deliberate glitch is an expanding motif in electronic dance music because it's easy with the tools and is novel.

Glitch Studies: Body of Knowledge Part III is an artists' take on the idea. Curated by Carl Diehl in association with Research Club, artists include Sue-C, Missy Canez, Ryan T. Dunn, LoVid, Stephanie Simek + Robby Kraft and Phillip Stearns. Ambitious show.

Sue-C, Sue Cotable, creates animation from everyday objects and her own creations, shot and miniature and scored electronically. Missy Canez samples vintage film and video. Ryan T. Dunn creates his own sound and video compositions, often starting with field recordings. LoVid, Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus, mix sculpture, projection and circuit bending. Stephanie Simek and Robby Kraft construct sound sources modulated by the audience through the agency of reflected laser beams. Phillip Stearns, Pixel Form, has hacked old digital cameras, made by Kodak, the originator of mass analog chemical photography, to make unexpected imagery.

At Gallery Homeland 2505 SE 11th x Division 6PM-9

Monday, September 19, 2011

September 22 Eckard at UO

David Eckard is a Portland artist making sculptures in varying size of metal with wood, leather, cotton, wool and other materials. They look like primitive machines or medieval devices. He often performs with them and even in them. He is also making prints, paintings and videos. Some of that work is in this show and at Marylhurst University, which has also hosted his large sculptures in the past. This show opens tonight. At the University of Oregon White Box Gallery 24 NW 1st 6PM-8 Free

Friday, September 16, 2011

September 17 ADX Fabrication Fest

ADX is a shop for makers and artists, really anyone, looking for reasonably priced classes, a space to work and a rental or member shop. They are throwing open their doors all day with demonstrations. Details on the website. At 417 SE 11th x Stark Starts 10AM Free

September 17 More at the Mall

The mall galleries have another confab this evening with new art by artists Ron Gassaway, Kyle Raquipiso, David Lansdowne, Michael S. Page, William Campbell, Hannah Piper Burns, Jason Doize, Portia Roy and Christina Corfield. At Place, a gallery on the 3rd floor of the Pioneer Place Mall. 700 SW Fifth. 6PM-9:30+ish Free

September 16 Art and Trash

Although we are good in Portland at recycling, other cities of more slender material means are better. Given our greater material throughput we have greater responsibility. Contemporary art has been criticized by some as trash. I promote the idea of aesthetics as tribal, not absolute, we would be better as a country if everyone embraced the concept. Instead we have attacks upon one another's aesthetics and trash talking about art.

Inspired by the long running Recology in San Francisco, the Pacific Northwest Art Program has teamed with Metro, regional trash collector, for a show of art made from trash. Artists Ben Dye, Mike Suri, Jen Fuller, William Rihel and Leslie Vigeant collected material from the Metro waste transfer station and have made art from it. It's pretty amazing what people try to throw away.

It's also a great complement to other reuse projects in Portland like The Rebuilding Center and Free Geek.

You can see the results at the Metro Offices 600 SE Grand. Opening reception 6PM-8 Free

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 15 Spark Dragon Infinity Boners

Art Spark, Portland's artist and art administrator networking event, hosts short presentations tonight by Wordstock and Portland Taiko. Art Spark At Green Dragon 928 SE 9th 5PM-7 Free

Art star Eva Lake presents artists Damien Gilley and Midori Hirose at her pop up gallery The Independent. Gilley shows Infinity Games, fabricated by laser cutting. Hirose has Boners and Blobs, sculptures. Opening at The Independent 530 NW 12th 6PM-9 Free

September 13 Curious Theremins

The Curiosity Club presents Portland theremin maker
Mark Keppinger. The theremin is an electronic musical instrument with a continuously variable pitch. You have heard it in old science fiction film soundtracks. Unusual for an instrument, it's played without touching. There are two antennas, one for each hand. one controls the pitch and the other the volume. It is magic made with electronic circuits. It was invented in Russia in 1920 and later revived by electronic music pioneer Robert Moog who made easily accessible kits. Keppinger makes theremins with vacuum tubes, a glowing circuit element in a glass bottle which are largely replaced today by microscopic circuits that are much more energy efficient. You can tune into the free live webcast off the Core77 site or visit the talk and demonstration in person at Hand Eye Supply 23 NW 4th 6PM Free

Thursday, September 08, 2011

September 10 Art & Leisure

Art&Leisure is a curatorial project of Sam Corman, writer, artist, responsible for the Carhole Gallery. He has put together a show by Darja Bajagic, Amy Bernstein, Chase Biado, Zoë Clark, Alex Dolan, Alex Felton, Margaret Lee, Israel Lund, Grant McGavin, Nick Raffel, Travess Smalley and Amy Yao. It begins at noon at Colonel Summers Park, with a tennis match at 1. The combination of art and tennis is not new, notable is the 1966, Robert Rauscheberg Open Score, with Frank Stella and Mimi Kanarek on the tennis racket. More of this please, Portland. At Colonel Summers Tennis Court, 20th & SE Belmont. Noon-5. Free

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

September 8-18 TBA Festival

The sprawling TBA festival takes over an old school building and scattered locations around the city with a mix of performance - theater, dance, music, other, visual art and talks. Night times there is a performance at "The Works" and an opportunity to talk with artists, performers and audience over drinks and often a DJ. There are small booklets around town with the full details or check the website also has materials to learn about the performers, including some videos.

September 7 Oregon Artists Front

Front is a publication written by Portland contemporary dance artists. It's artists writing about art. It is created by Tahni Holt, Alyssa Reed-Stuewe, Danielle Ross, Noelle Stiles and Robert Tyree, all movers. Writers for Front 1 are Linda Austin, Mizu Desierto, Keyon Gaskin, Barry Johnson, Emily Johnson, MGM Grand, Karen Nelson, Lisa Radon, Sarah Slipper, Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner and Lucy Yim. There is no website, the project is paper-based, and hand distributed. Stop by this evening and meet the mover-writers and see if you can help. At Ford Food and Drink at the corner of SE 11th and Division. 5:30PM-7 Free

Portland artists, after working and producing great work are noticed by local institutions on the lookout. Examples are noted galleries, collectors, the Marylhurst Art Gym, local university galleries, the Art Museum and the Bonnie Bronson fellowship award. Tonight a show of the artists selected over the 20 year history of the program opens at the Lewis and Clark College gallery. The artists are Christine Bourdette, Judy Cooke, Ronna Neuenschwander, Fernanda D’Agostino, Carolyn King, Lucinda Parker, Judy Hill, Adriene Cruz, Helen Lessick, Ann Hughes, Malia Jensen, Christopher Rauschenberg, Kristy Edmunds, Paul Sutinen, Bill Will, Laura Ross-Paul, MK Guth, Marie Watt, David Eckard, Nan Curtis. It's an interesting list. I wouldn't say they have a Northwest theme. Some have local faculty positions, or have moved to Seattle, a few have participated in national shows. All are at least mid-career, so there are plenty of future opportunities. Still the resumes of the artists might be worth study. The show opens this evening and there are associated events September 8,27 and October 15, 18 on the exhibition website. In the Hoffman Gallery on the Lewis and Clark Campus, 0615 S.W. Palatine Hill Road. Map 6:30PM-8 Free

Saturday, September 03, 2011

September 6 Oregon Stills Emergency Slow Motion

Stumptown downtown officially opens film stills from Oregon-made movies Cold Weather, Some Days Are Better Than Others, and Meek’s Cutoff by filmmakers Aaron Katz, Matt McCormick, and Kelly Reichardt. Films are a large collaborative creative effort, producer, director, art director, cinematographer, costumer, set director and many other roles make it happen. Included is a photographer making stills on set, here Scott Green, Neil Kopp, and Greg Schmitt. This show is the result, frozen moments, often from a different camera view, of a huge creative film collaboration. It's also a benefit for the Hollywood Theater, but it is not at the Hollywood Theater. More at Stumptown art website. At Stumptown 128 SW 3rd 6PM-8

Emergency Slow Motion: The Inner Life of Dianne Arbus traces the photographer's life from 1923 to 1971. The book's author, a psychologist, speaks tonight. Arbus is famous for a gaze on non-beauty which tends toward the harsh side from neutral. Rebelling against an earlier fashion photography career, Arbus began photographing members of circus "freak shows" still existent at that time. Throughout the 1960's she continued portraits outside the beauty culture. "Discovered" in 1972 by the Venice Bienialle, after her suicide, Arbus has proved a lightning rod for philosophical discussions of the role of photographer and society's relation to disability and outsiders. She taught on the East Coast in the 1960's, influencing generations of photographers since. The Arbus gaze has also been a Blue Sky Photography Gallery staple. The discussion is also relevant with a shift of curatorial interest at the Portland Art Museum from landscapes of the West to portraiture. At Powell's Books 1005 W Burnside 7:30PM Free

Friday, September 02, 2011

September 3 Papergirl COPS

The international Papergirl phenomenon rolls this afternoon, delivering Portland art by bike. More about Papergirl. In Portland their news is at and All around town. Starting at 2PM

Patrick Rock with Sean Carney, Matthew Green, and Michael Reinsch wrap their experimental C.O.P.S. - Conceptual Oregon Performance School. The participants perform their work in exchange for thoughtful critique. At Rocksbox Fine Art 6540 N Interstate 6PM-end

Thursday, September 01, 2011

September 2 Eastside Art Openings

RECESS is on! In new quarters, opening tonight, with the Space-Based Arts Festival: Hannah Jickling, Zoe Stal, Derek Bourcier, Kyle Thompson and Weston Smith. We and RECESS are comfortable in Interwebs space, but this show is focused on face to face interaction in real space. At RECESS at Oregon Brassworks Building, 1127 SE 10th

LAND has Cut Ups, work made of cut and glued paper by Brent Wick, Nathan Mckee, Emily Counts, Jessie Rose Vala, Halle Cisco, Tracy Timmins and Jason Burg. Opening at Buy Olympia's Land Gallery 3925 N Mississippi 6PM-8

Half/Dozen has inventive artist, curator and organizer Gary Wiseman At Half/Dozen Gallery 722 E Burnside (enter on 8th) 6PM-9

Newspace has Portland photographer Lauren Henkin, with a show of landscape plant photography. Plants are numerous, and our word would be sadly empty, as well as oxygen poor without them, but they have survival driven minds of their own, as illustrated by this show. At Newspace Photo 1632 SE 10th

Stumptown Division has Points of Interest by Wendy Swartz documenting her bicycle trip from Alabama to San Francisco. The show are journal text excerpts of her thoughts and observations on the trip which was an existential challenge interspersed with unexpected wonders. At Stumptown 4525 SE Division until 7PM

September 1 Westside Art Openings

There is a romance in old photographs and in images of native people everywhere. It's an artifact of our world of migration, since humanity, tens of thousands of years ago. In some cases, I think it's atonement for a clash of identities, sometimes violent. Let's grow up, please. Frank A Rinehart studied under the great Western photographer William Henry Jackson. Jackson is famous for for landscapes of the West made on site-coated and developed glass negatives on extreme expeditions. Those images established the American Zeitgeist, persisting to today, of spiritual inspiration in grand landscapes, manifest destiny and the creation of our national parks. After working with Jackson, Rinehart established a portrait studio in Omaha Nebraska, 1885, at age 24. He was able to document delegates to the 1898 Indian Congress, producing a famous body of work, predating the better known Edward Curtis. In fact, Rinehart's assistant became the assistant to Curtis. Hartman hosts a nice old-timey show of Frank A Rinehart's Indian inages, well worth the visit. At Charles Hartman Fine Art 134 NW 8th

Chris Rauschenberg has Borrowed Time, streetscapes of old Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China. Rauschenberg was invited to a show of photography by thousands of Chinese photographers in the fantastic new museum there. The museum situates in a new city, Ordos City, built from nothing in 5 years, but vacant, though entirely sold, to remote investors. The people live in old Ordos. The show's title is a reference to the wholesale destruction of hutongs, old traditional neighborhoods, all over the country, and in Beijing, it's China's realestate boom. How long before old Ordos will fall? At the Nine Gallery inside Blue Sky Gallery map 122 NW 8th

The new Victory Gallery, with a focus on artists outside the US, continues Double Dutch: Yvonne Lacet and Gijs van Lith. What's interesting to me is that not only Brooklyn artists, but European artists are compelled to notch Portland on their artist resumes. It's a great cross fertilization for Portland viewers too. At the Victory Gallery 733 NW Everett

Hellion Gallery has Taka Sudo, in his first solo show. It's illustration including aerosol techniques. 20% of the profits from this show will be donated to Kodomofukushima, Fukushima network for saving children from radiation. At Hellion Gallery 19 NW 5th Suite 208. Through the lobby of the arched brick entry, up the stairs and to the back. Very upper floor Japan-style. 6PM-10

Robert Mantho and Michael Wenrich have created an installation, Changing Place as part of the University of Oregon's series Locus, combining art and architecture. Tonight at 7:30PM Portland modern dance choreographers Dawn Stoppiello and Tere Mathern and dancers Vanessa Vogel and Stephanie Schaaf occupy the space in an experimental performance. Recommended. At the University of Oregon White Stag Building, 70 NW Couch 6PM-9 Free

Compound Gallery is one of our favorites. It's also a favorite shopping place for Portland's design and ad community. Always seeking inspiration, they enjoy the urban and international threads the gallery represents. Tonight is an opportunity to see that circle closed with a show of graphic work by designers from the big shoe company. The artists are Chris DeGaetano, Eugene Serebrennikov, Colin Flynn, Wil Green, Jack Aguirre, Kristen Shenk, Hingyi Khong, Katy Tisch, Elesben Montaya, Ian Saiki, Julia Dickey, Nicholas Winchester, Samuel Spencer, Brandon Walsh, Jason Landis, Brenden Strang, Lonny Hurley, Upendo Taylor, Meleah Rutherford, Troy White, Alison Beebe, Lynn Quan, Ashley Payne, Emily Potter, Colin Strandberg and David Mellor. At Compound Gallery 107 NW 5th 6PM-10

I Mirror Your Mirror is a project of Sarah Gottesdiener with Ania Diakoff and Larissa James Brantner. It's inspired by the apocalypse, femininity, the body, and ideas of failure, success, mediation, and performance. Interesting in our society is the apocalypse as an unquestioned meme. At Valentines 232 SW Ankeny Art 6PM-late, lights dim at 9, Free

Portland micro-tableau photographer, Grace Weston, has Angles of Incidents at Augen. She makes small scenes and then photographs them with often wide angle lenses. Also with encaustic painter Jeff Gunn and photographs by Thomas Miller. At Augen Gallery 716 NW Davis

The Elizabeth Leach Gallery continues its recommended 30 year anniversary show and adds videos from Malia Jensen, Salty. At Elizabeth Leach Gallery 417 NW 9th Map

PNCA's Feldman Gallery, which brings out of town artists has It's All A Blur with Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Dale Hoyt and Tony Labat. The project gallery has Disorientalism: Ready Mix, by Katherine Behar and Marianne M. Kim. There is also a retrospective of portland painter Bonnie Bronson, covering 1960 to 1990. At PNCA 1241 NW Johnson Map

Chris Haberman and Jason Brown, forces behind art shows at the Olympic Mills, Goodfoot and a gallery on the upper floor of the Pioneer Place Mall, presents his New Brow show at the Performing Arts Center. Artists are Ali Schlicting, Angela Gay, Anna Magruder, Beth Myrick, Brent Wear, Brin Levinson, Brett Superstar, BT Livermore, Cathie Joy Young, Chuck Bloom, Chris Haberman, Dan Ness, Dan Pillers, David Stein, Emek, Emily Bates, Erinn Kathryn, Fred Swan, Guy Burwell, Heide Davis, Helena Gigena, Icky A, Jason Brown , Jason Graham, Jennifer Griffo, Jennifer Feeney, Jeremy Okai Davis, Jesse Reno, Joel Barber, Kelly Williams, Kenny Spurlock, Kendra Binney, Kyle Gossman, Larry Christensen, Malynda Shook, Matt Leavitt, Mario Robert, Matt Schlosky, Mona Superhero, Peach Momoko, Richard Schemmerer, Sam Arneson,Scott Chase, Sean Croghan, Terence Healy, Tripper Dungan , Tim Combs, Tyler Corbett, Yo Mutsu, Zack Baltzly, and Zak Gere. Opening reception at the Portland Center for the Performing Arts. 1111 SW Broadway 5PM-7 Free

Always recommended the entire Everett Lofts 625 NW Everett. Bounded by NW Everett, Broadway, Flanders and 6th Map