Saturday, January 01, 2005


Opening Wednesday 7-10, the Pacific Switchboard on N Albina opens a group show with live music.

Opening Thursday downtown -

Linda Hutchens' typed and overtyped scrolls at Pulliam Deffenbaugh hide subtle complexity and rich associations within deceptively simple compositions of paper, words and the patterns of the type itself.

The Compound Gallery at Just Be Complex group show includes local heros including Scott Patt and Trish Grantham. Just Be has been striking very affordable limited edition prints of gallery artists available at the shows or afterwards until they run out. Recommended.

Motel shows “Wild Like Children”, paintings by Deth P. Sun and Jeana Sohn. These sweet paintings tap the fantasy worlds of childhood which we hopefully will never loose.
Debra Beers, a longtime worker with Portland's homeless community, presents her portraits of homeless kids at Mark Wooley.

Gallery 500 hosts a Portland Modern show - a welcome experiment in curation, exhibition, documentation and promotion. Sue Taylor, one of the few writer critics in Portland who operates on a (inter)national scale has been tapped to curate Portland Modern's next batch. Watch out!

Continuing from last month - The group show at the new Elizabeth Leach space designed by Randy Higgins includes brilliant local stars amid work by equally brilliant established international artists - look, learn, the Rucha print show at Augen, the dreamy photo montage portrait work of Smith Eliot at Pushdot, Mark Zirpel's glass sculptures, some animated, at Bullseye, the RC gallery group show and Valentina Graziano mixed media photo constructions at Ogle.

Also recommended, the Everett Station galleries and Backspace which usually yield surprises of the good type!