Friday, August 31, 2007

September 1 The Stars Are Beautiful

The Stars Are Beautiful is a film from Stan Brakhage, American experimental film luminary. He taught at the University of Colorado, sending forth a generation of students. He is known for hand processed film, including hand scratching exposed leader after developing allergies to film chemistry.

It is also this evening's title for a collection of shorts shown outside at Artemesia Nursery:

Bridges Go-Round by Shirley Clarke [1958, 16mm, color, sound, 4 min.]
Glimpse of the Garden by Marie Menken [1957, 16mm, color, sound 5 min.]
BOUQUETS 21-30 by Rose Lowder [2001-2005, 16mm color, silent, 14 min.]
Lions and Tigers and Bears by Rebecca Meyers [2005, 16mm, 12 min, color,
There's A Pervert In Our Pool! by Martha Colburn [1998, 16mm, color,
sound, 3 min.]
The Stars Are Beautiful by Stan Brakhage. [1974, 16mm, color, sound, 19min.]

Music by Presents! + Kelvin Tippan kicks 7:30, films at 8:15.

The Cinema Project, which usually presents inside, is creating this evening with support from NAAU. Bring your own absinthe.

Artemisia Garden & Gallery, 110 SE 28th Avenue x Ankeny $6 7:30PM

August 31-Sept 3 Westside Invite

The Portland United Messengers Association hosts the 7th Westside Invite. It's a weekend of messenger sporting. Kicking with registration at Ash St Friday noon-7, the event may include many alleycats, velodrome racing, bbq'in, criterium street racing, polo and fun and games. Check Portland Messenger for info.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

August 30 Readymade Bicycle Antics

ReadyMade Magazine is about you making stuff. This event has demonstrations and displays by Seattle rock poster guy Dan Stiles and Portland jewelry maker Melissa Stiles. Free magazine issues, cheap magazine subscriptions, free drinks, drawings for more free stuff.

RSVP darci at by email

At the Cleaners space at the Ace Hotel 1003 SW Stark 7PM Free

The Portland Sprockettes have an identical separated at birth bicycle performance troupe twin in the BC Clettes. They will both be performing at the Last Thursday on Alberta. Somewhere. Just follow the rawkus. 7:30PM Free

Saturday, August 25, 2007

August 19 Model Behavior

Organism presents contemporary art in Portland. Tonight they open a show in the old Blue Sky space. "Model Behavior" including artists Hank Willis Thomas, Yoram Wolberger, Weppler & Mahovsky, Matt Clark and others. Models are a powerful concept-tool. I'm not sure how this show relates to that. Go and see for yourself. Website for details and hours navigate to programming. 1231 NW Hoyt St # 101 Opens 7-9:30PM free

August 19 Iron Artist Competition

SCRAP saves stuff from the landfill for you. Even if you don't need anything, a visit is fascinating. It's a no profit enterprise, and the Iron Artists Competition is a fundraiser for them. Iron Artists was created at Wacky Willies, artistic love brainchild of Georgia Lee Hussey and Seann McKeel (McKeel went on to create Nocturnal). Teams compete to build a sculpture from a set of given and brought materials. There will be costumed teams, rabble rousing, cheating, fouls, sound effects and more. At SCRAP N Vancouver and Failing 12:30-5/6ish $5-20

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

August 15,21,26 Rererato Experimental Musics

Rererato invites you to experience sounds in their live, work, show space. August 15 Jellyfish & Bubbles, EET; Augist 21 Bonanza City, Full Contact Botany, Leif Kailian; August 26 Places Unknown, PUQ, Wroom. Simultaneous you can intake the zzzzzz visual show themed on sleep. But you cannot sleep there after the show. Rererato 5135 NE 42nd (x Alberta/Summer) Music's 7. Art Tue-Sat by appointment.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

August 12 Crafty Wonderland

The Crafty Wonderland instantiates at the Doug Fir Lounge. A good pre-post brunch diversion. 11-4 Free

August 11 Etsy-craft

Etsy is a website that provides a lightweight web store for crafters. Many Portland crafty vixens represent there. Today they bring Portland Etsy into the physical world. We can't say brick and mortar because they will be set up outside in the South Park Blocks by PSU at the farmers market. PDXEtsy 8AM-4PM

August 10-12 Audio Cinema Visual Collective Show

Artists Bean Gilsdorf, Candace Gossen, Cat Coats, Cyruss Smith, Dan Gilsdorf, Geoffery Ellis, Ilan Laks, Jeremy Tucker, Josh Kim, Katie Behel, Kimber Shiroma, Mike McGovern, Pasha, Samantha Wall and Uli Beutter show work at Audio Cinema. Gallery 500 refugees organize the the space yearly - the results are varied but never boring. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to P:ear.

226 SE Madison Audio Cinema

Artist preview Thursday, August 9th 7-10pm. Invitation only.
Opening night Friday, August 10th 6-2am. $5 donation (also the same night Disjecta closing party)
Saturday and Sunday, August 11th and 12th 12-6pm. Sliding scale donation.

Monday, August 06, 2007

August 8-12 Cocoon Bird

Tracy Broyles makes dance. Modern dance. Imprinteur Theory 1:dance.

In ages past, the strange birds had a place in society as oracles. Now they are discarded. One example are the anchoress', oracles sealed in caves. Inspired by these histories, Broyles has conceived a dance piece that unfolds in the rooms of a house-cave. The movement was inspired by trance-like states akin to those experienced by the oracles. The final work incorporates voice and original music. The audience is limited to 10 each evening by the intimate setting.

House at 1414 SE 32nd Ave x Hawthorne
Reservations Required: $18/$15 students, artists, seniors 8 and 10PM

Saturday, August 04, 2007

August 7 Sincerely, John Head

Is hard to explain. So look around their web site. From free barbecue guerrilla tailgating to Foghat photo session breakfasts, R. Scott Porter & Nat Andreini tap social performance art with a food element thrown in for good measure. They are having a fundraiser for their Ranchero. BBQ, DJing '77 vintage rawk, a raffle. Details at UH At Tiga 1465 NE Prescott 6-10 free spectation, or eat and contribute.

August 7 Gallery Homeland Free Breakfast

Gallery Homeland presents a free breakfast for your edification 8-9AM on the East Bank River Esplanade.

August 4, 5 Most Excellent Mostlandian Championship

M.O.S.T is a social art performance group. The Mostlandian Galactic Championship phase one includes competitive feats of cigarette rolling, singing, and Xeroxing. Phase two, for the brave, includes coffee making, bowhunting, CPR, slam dunking, fencing, computer hacking, roller skating, double dutch, pig Latin, tongue to nose-ing, cartography and joke telling. Rock, paper, scissors will be used in the case of a tie. I am not making this up - check the rules. Meet at the Galaxy Saturday 7PM sharp; Col. Summers Park, Sunday 1PM

August 4,5,6 Harmos Community Art Remembering

Time is generally thought to unfold monotonically. There are many things we might wish undone none the less. One is the development and use of the atomic bomb. The worldwide resources devoted to its creation, use, evolution and proliferation, over more than 50 years, both material and psychic, are incalculable.

Kyoto was an initial target because its "people [were judged as] being more highly intelligent and hence better able to appreciate the significance of the weapon". However it was spared because the secretary of war had fallen in love with the city on his honeymoon. Nagasaki and Hiroshima, August 6th and 9th, 1945, so long ago, were not spared.

Not being able to undo the past, remembrance is a way to meditate on decisions now to err not.

Thus is the mission of the Harmos project of community based art making, including art made by school children, as meditation and remembrance.

Saturday the project meets at Unthank Park by SEI, 510 N Shaver at 8PM

Sunday the project meets at the Japanese American Historical Plaza NW Naito and Couch in Waterfront Park at 7:30PM

Monday it is at Buckman School SE 16th and Taylor at 8PM

The essence of the gathering is a performance using the work made by children. A good kid thing. Details Harmos PDX Free