Wednesday, July 01, 2009

July 2 Westside Art Openings

I always recommend the Everett Lofts for ever changing viewing pleasure. I resist individual listings because they are more time consuming to compile than the time you could devote to just seeing everything. Nonetheless SEA Change has a political installation work about Congo, an African interest of mine.

Based on research by Portlander's Casey Bush and Joshua Seeds, Ryan Burns has created a mediation on mining in Eastern Congo, "Profane Relics--- An Ossuary of the Congo Mineral Wars". That is adjacent to Rwanda and intertwined in the 1994 genocide.

Congo has deposits of gold, diamonds and tantalum ore, all a perverse curse on everyday life. Tantalum is an ingredient in chip capacitors used to manage the characteristics of high speed electrical signals in almost all electronic equipment.

The show opens tonight and is open weekend hours throughout the month. SEA Change hosts a Congolese dinner and public brainstorming session July 11 facilitated by Mercy Corps and Run for Congo Women. One direct solution is expanded recycling of electronics, and the gallery hosts mobile phone recycling this month by Eco-Cell. RSVP for the dinner and discussion at seagallery at gmail.

At SEA Change Gallery in the Everett Lofts on the Everett side, corner of NW Broadway opening 6PM-10. Dinner discussion Saturday July 11, 5PM-7, RSVP please. Free

Across the Hall is the space shared by Rod Pulliam and Jane Beebe in the former Pulliam Deffenbaugh gallery space. This month they present a group show Catch All. The show includes Brad Adkins, Monica Angle, Lydia Beebe, Victoria Haven, Philip Iosca, Vanessa Johnson, Jeff Keller, Justin L'Amie, James Lavadour, Raymond Meeks, Vanessa Renwick, Adam Sorensen, Storm Tharp and Marie Watt. At Across the Hall 925 NW Flanders 6PM-8

For some summer excitement Midori Hirose & Joshua Orion Kermiet collaborate in installation at Fontanelle. Fun! At Fontanelle Gallery 205 SW Pine

At Compound there is an all woman show Pink Attitude comprising Anneli Olander, Candy Bird, Pink Sublime, Cikita Z, Isa Duval, Msss Kikao, B9 and Fawn Gehweiler. At Compound Gallery 107 NW 5th

Lorna Nakell who started with illustrated meal paintings has returned to domestic themes in illustration style. See at Beppu Wiarda 319 NW 9th

Dana Dart McClean, Meg Peterson & Brenna Murphy are at Valentines with DJ Cuica spinning Jamaican & Brazilian summer dreams later. At Valentines 232 SW Ankeny Art 6PM, party 9:30

Powells has a sure to be odd photo show documenting commune life in 1970's Los Angeles. Cult leader Father Yod, with 14 wives and 100 followers living in a Beverly Hills mansion, drove a Rolls and led a psychadelic band Ya Ho Wa 13, recording limited vinyl pressings sold for $1 at the commune's organic vegetarian restaurant in Laurel Canyon popular with pop luminaries of the time. In 1975, with no training, Yod died in Hawaii on his first hang gliding experience. I am not making this up. The commune carries on as Wednesday the 8th, the commune's documentarians Isis Aquarian and Electricity Aquarian read from a book and show films of the commune's history at 7:30PM At Powell's Books 3rd floor, 10th and W Burnside

Blue Sky has photographs of urban China as noted above and photographs by Amy Stein documenting our interaction with animals, some wild. At Blue Sky Gallery 122 NW 8th