Thursday, August 13, 2009

August 15 Performances + Art at Disjecta + Audio Cinema

Disjecta is currently showing PNCA MFA work at the half point. This first MFA class will go on to produce their thesis work next year. So it is a preview and a pleasure. Complementing the show is an evening of performance by Bill Brown and Sabine Gruffat themed Time Machine. I am excited for this after many a conversation about "performance art", the art people love to hate. At it's best, it is story telling, perhaps a little abstract and ideally laconic and lyrical, like Zen landscape poetry. Personal and authentic is good too. See and hear for yourself. All at Disjecta 8371 N. Interstate opening 8PM $5

Audio Cinema is a rehearsal space, shooting space, and more, making an important place in Portland music. Many musicians here are artists, and vice versa. These creative vectors combine when Audio Cinema mounts its annual art show. Artists include Candace Gossen:paintings, Dustin Zemel: video, Evertt Beidler: sculpture, ilan Laks: paintings & photos, Cat Coats: paintings, Marian Slakie: paintings, Jacob Perkins: video, Heidi Wirz: paintings, Mike Albano: paintings, Jennifer Sims: fashion, George Perrou: paintings, Michelle Thompson: photography and Jonathan Stanish: paintings. Accompanying all this art is music by Strangeletter, Casper Maccabee, Jacob Perkins, Search Party, Defeating the Purpose, Hotter than a Crotch, Drunken Prayer, Noise, Battle Axe Massacre, Doonevetter, The WokenBokes, Julius and Loyd Family Players. All at AudioCinema 226 SE Madison, 6PM-2 Free, $5-10 suggested donation