Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 21 World Butoh Here

What is the value of unusual things? My theory is that embedded in our brain, each, is an attraction to the familiar, and attraction to the novel. Butoh would, for most, attach to novel. It's value is psychological resonance. If you are creative, you value that, and use it to create hypotheses, solving problems, including those of business and aesthetics.

I have written many posts on butoh, just search. Portland has a solid butoh contingent. One protagonist, Mizu, advances it through the Water in the Desert project. They bring international artists to little Portland to inform/teach and perform.

Yumiko Yoshioka is one. She performed with the originators of the medium, then formed one of the earliest female butoh groups, Ariadine. Now she creates creative energy at Schloss Bröllin, an artistic retreat + crafts studio in a castle in the formerly East Germany.

For a time, Yoshioka has been creating a performance on Portland workshop participants, the result is this evening. See it at 55 NE Farragut 8PM $12-15. Presales consumed, arrive early to see.