Friday, May 13, 2011

May 12 Monograph Blow Up

Monograph Book Arts is one. One year old! This small store specializes in art books and art artifacts. The proprietors are artists themselves. It makes a great pair with Ampersand; both alternatives to moribund big booksellers at 10th and B-side. To celebrate and talk with artist-customers-you, they invite you to stop by for champagne, all day! At Monograph 5005 NE 27th x Alberta Map

Italian director Antonioni is master at camera moves in relation to scene movement and brilliant with color for later films in that mix. He died in 2007, but left a ton of films worth 'flixing.

Or seeing tonight, projected large, with a live band soundtrack by Monarques, The Reservations and Rocky & The Proms.

Blow Up is Antonioni's 1966(!) exploration of pop culture, creatives, parties, models in London, UK, along with the existential crisis that the main character, commercial photographer of all that, faces thinking he might have witnessed and photographed a murder.

This series has live bands who have composed a sound track to the film, replacing the original.

Have seen these and the film and recommend. There is a scene with the mobile phones of the time in a car that is wow. At Holocene 1001 SE Morrison 8:30PM $6