Friday, February 03, 2012

February 3 Eastside Art Openings

Recess has a show Hypercorrection with Paul Clay, Sokhun Keo, Krystal South, and Ross Young. Usually I don't have the patience for overly vague artist statements. But this one is more substantial:

"Our attempts at improving ourselves are often founded on misinformation. We temper conventions that marginalize and impair us.

The artist’s use of mimicry, material transformation, and dissimulation to incite critical discourses not only illuminates the ambivalence of salient cultural ideologies, but more subtly infers his/her desire to be perceived a certain way.

Hypercorrection results from the effort to improve oneself on the basis of an incongruent analogy.

While pursuing their conspicuous goals (the myth of cultural authenticity, material/relational value, fetishization of the Other and social mobility), the artists of Hypercorrection inadvertently offer intimate portraits of themselves. The works have the potential to alter the proclivities of the audience, expanding each viewer’s capacity for transformation".

Should be a good show. At RECESS at Oregon Brassworks Building, 1127 SE 10th 6PM-11

Nationale has Luminosis mori, by Portland photographer Wendy Given. Two bodies of work, nicely printed. At Nationale 811 E Burnside Map

Black Box has a group landscape show which covers quite a span of well made work, neither jarringly radical nor namby pamby. At Black Box Gallery 811 E Burnside, Suite 212 upstairs 5PM-8:30 Free

Union Pine has fourteen artist-doers in a show Duo. At Union/Pine 525 SE Pine 7Pm-late Free

Newspace has a very large group monochrome show, curated by the director. At Newspace Photo 1632 SE 10th Map

Pushdot has selections printed large from portraits released in book form by Portland photographer Tatiana Wills. The portraits are of modern dancers in straight up portrait style style, eventually to become a book. At Pushdot Studio 2505 SE 11th Avenue Suite 104

Half Dozen closes Arteries by Lisa Berry and opens If I Were You:An Apology From Myself To Myself by Gabe Flores. At Half/Dozen Gallery 722 E Burnside (enter on 8th) 6PM-9

Land opens Wild at Heart by Trish Grantham and Lisa Congdon, a romance-themed show. At Buy Olympia's Land Gallery 3925 N Mississippi 6PM-8

The Jupiter Hotel drops its own gallery tonight. The hotel proper was the site of a short lived art show modeled after Art Basil Miami's Aqua. Now they are back with a gallery opening on first Friday. They have repurposed the registration area, now relocated next to the tent area, into a 24x7 gallery curated by an late career Frenchman. That means French curators on both sides of Burnside! The show tonight is painter Christoper St. John. At the Gallery at the Jupiter Hotel 800 E Burnside all hours