Friday, August 22, 2014

August 23 Pit Beast Cypher

A cypher is a code. It hides high information content in lower information content. Sometime I have to look up the etymology of the word's use in hip hop dance. Because by design, or by accident, it captures something beautiful, and something profound.

Preserving identity is a common source of conflict. I, you, we each, all accrete and construct identity by cognition which results in action. When others threaten that identity, we defend it. We express it in our lives. It is important. Critically. It is existence.

It's playing out in the news, and the news is not over.

In this case, a cypher is a circle of b-boys/b-girls expressing their identity from the sum of their past, and in relation to one another, by a competitive and playful competition. Each all of their experience is encoded in their moves, and adapted to the reaction to those moves, by their competitors, and by their audience.

The Pit | One Cypher | One Beast is a b-boy/b-girl battle with identities Lord Tummi, NeffSaid, Juan, Victor, Skrilla, Kyle, Merk, Zesty, Bao, Fligh, Dawn, Deondre Castro, Chucks, King Vrep, Jayswiss, Scooter, Hero, Fluurd, Blazii, Matt, Classique, Johnny Dont Ly, David, Andy Manivong, Tombo, Leap, Fern C Jiminez and Madeinmanilla Motorman as well as 2on2 crews with Project Mayhem, Deviant Munkees crew, Last Samurai's, Tru Roots, Chucks in da house, STC, Tru Roots Zero, HoodValley, Kyojins, Original Kid, #2on, Misguided Formula , Real Family, Soulbreakerz Krew, Yayonaise, Fresh from the 90s, SPLASH SQUAD, Mo money Juan problem, Oly Rockers, DoggPound, Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz, DRS, Jokers, Salem's Only Boys, Dance Broomz and Shibal Tribe.

The seemingly freeform rules require some heavy strategy. Like life.

Hosted by Brian Mightymoves Baker and Tonyy Tang. On the wheels of steel Mighty Moves from Def Con 5. Judges Boogie-Moon Patrol, Boxcutta-Fraggle Rock and DialTone-Art of Movement.

You can see this cypher unfold at the Ballroom Parkrose 4848 NE 105th. 6PM $10