Saturday, November 29, 2014

November 29 Old Town

This is a film curiosity, not a visual art event.

Once upon a time, some of Portland's spiffaritic neighborhoods were gritty. Arrive a young filmmaker, Gus Van Sant. He made his first released feature film in those backstreets, Mala Noche.

Speed up to today. The filmmaker is loved by actors for his subliminal directing style, to the Academy, and to audiences for heart-rendering films, some difficult.

Tonight there is a showing of Mala Noche. The film was based on the autobiography of wild man poet-artist Walt Curtis, who will answer questions at the screening. One of the film's settings was the Satyricon Club in Old Town. Bruno, the long time doorman there, also will be there to relate the stories behind the film and the neighborhood.

Mala Noche, Portland history, at the PSU Fifth Avenue Cinema. 510 SW Hall 7:30PM. Free PSU community, $3 other students $4 everybody cash only