Thursday, January 01, 2015

January 3 New Spectral Birth

New Year, new jam. The waves of hip hop have been blastin' out for like more than 40 from the Kool Herc mothership, East Coast. Bboyin', that wus mixed up whit it all from the start. But it united coupla generations and now it's worldwide. Know what I'm sayin'?

Fast forward. Hip hop dance is on the contemporary dance stage and in Cirque du Soleil. World-span competitions with real money. An Olympic-style scoring system from Dyzee has been growing for more than ten years. Could bboy/bgirling become an Olympic sport?

Let's get down to now, Portland. The six year old New Birth Crew throws down a jam and a battle tonight. It's got a lottery progressive elimination. The battles break down with 8on8 - Elimination, 4on4 Checkmate, 2on2 Category, and the final 1on1 Death Match. Prizes for power and footwork.

Exhibition by 1hunnid, New Birth Crew - Portland verses Rhythm Man, Waikiki Bboys - Hawaii. Judges are Thomas Origami, Soul Felons/HOODZ; Impulse, Moon Patrol and Roc, KHC/F2D. Beats by Dj Disast3r. Kasra & Kevin AKA Bboy Merk MC

New Birth Jam 1820 NE 40th. Doors 5PM, battles 6 $7 advance RSVP, $10 door

Derek Corns, mid-BFA at Otis, opens Teaches A Rainbow. It's mixed media and installation themed on desire. He is known for his prismatic palette. He showed previously at Multiplex, so this is a homecoming. At S1 4148 NE Hancock Map 6PM-9 Free