Saturday, July 23, 2016

July 23 Miniature Neighborhood Tree Migration

Grace Weston has Serious Play opening tonight. She works by photographing staged miniatures. It is a great medium, because almost anything can happen lensed through the resolution and fabrication realities of miniatures. At Oranj Studios 0726 SW Gaines, South Waterfront. 5PM-7 Free

Junko Iijima is interested in pop culture mashups with traditional fabrication methods and forms. Her latest work, The Migration Series, are iron and brass castings from her artist residency at Kohler. She speaks about her work this evening where the work is on display in the current show. Talk tonight at Jeffrey Thomas Fine Art 2219 NW Raleigh. 4PM Free

Melina Bishop, Flynn Casey, Brittany V Chavez, Tony Chrenka, Rose Dickson, Joaquin Dollar, Justin L'Amie, Lauren Moran, Tabitha Nikolai and Derrick Spotts are artists with studios in the Yale Union, YU building or nearby. They have a show and open studios tonight at Yale Union.

Trees in the Forest, curated by Kari Rittenbach from New York opens tonight. It includes David Askevold, Martin Beck, Bernice Bing, Trisha Brown, Beverly Buchanan, Elise Duryee-Browner, Howard Fried, Charles Gaines, Nina K├Ânneman, Andrei Koschmieder, Peter Moore, Martha Rosler, Jen Shear & Vinnie Smith, Carlos Villa, Carleton Watkins and Jackie Winsor. It's a mix of old, new, and newer.

At Yu Contemporary Art 900 SE 10th. 4PM-6 Trees, 4PM-7 Neighborhood Artists Free