Sunday, November 13, 2016

November 13 The New American Collage: Colorful and Messy

Israel Lund is a Brooklyn Artist working in abstract multi-color silk screen.

His is process work, starting with loose inking through an open screen onto canvas. The resulting pattern captures the weave of canvas with a low fi noise-look. Then the artist photographs the canvas and burns that into a screen. The process is repeated in layers over several canvases, and sometimes incorporating mobile phone samples of other artists' work, burning it to a screen and layering it in.

The work is colorful, +1 for beauty; but not screechingly bright or poppy, also welcome.

Lund is a PNCA graduate in 2011. His work returns home for this show.

Israel Lund Apples is accompanied by texts commissioned of local writers.

At The Lumber Room 419 SW 9th, above Liz Leach Map See the website for subsequent hours and days. Opening today 1PM-3 Free