Friday, May 26, 2017

May 27 ¡Never Not Baila, Canta, Toca!

Artists as curators is beautiful. Artists think deeply and critically as they are making personal work. They expand the possibilities creatively, then they eliminate most as they test and refine. That experience: the knowledge of possibility and the experience of paring down, is the modus of the curator.

Portland artist Midori Hirose has curated Never Not Here, visual work by Natalie Anne Howard and Shawn Creeden, Rainen Knecht and Dino Matt accompanied by performance with Mia Ferm, Michael Reinsch and The Tenses.

Never Not Here at OV Project Space 7604 SE Washington 6:00PM-9 Free

La Peña: ¡Baila, canta, toca! is an evening of flamenco. Brenna McDonald dances with guitarist Jed Miley, cantaor Pepe Raphael, Christina Lorentz, Lillie Last and Nick Hutcheson. More: At Artichoke Music
3130 SE Hawthorne 8PM $20