Tuesday, August 08, 2017

August 9 Suspended Moment

Suspended Moment is a performance and a sculpture commemorating the atomic bombings in Japan on August 6 & 9, 1945. Yukiyo Kawano was born in Hiroshima. She has sewn her mother's kimonos into the shape of one of the bombs. It is suspended in the performance space. Meshi Chavez & Kawano perform butoh on that set with support by poet Allison Cobb, musician Lisa DeGrace and projectionist Stephen Miller.

From Despair to Hope is a commemoration at the Japanese American Historical Plaza, NW Naito Parkway, Waterfront Park from 6PM to 7.

The Suspended Moment is after at the University of Oregon White Stag Building in the main floor atrium 70 NW Couch 7PM-8 Free