Saturday, March 07, 2009

March 10 Bike Community Turning Tragedy to Triumph

I am on a personal crusade against bad news and this is part of it. Imagine your best friend is involved in an accident in India and is in a coma there. What would you do? My friend Eliza is facing that now with her best friend forever Hollis in that very situation. This story has a happy ending in which you can particpate.

Eliza, also known as Agent Chaos was a member of the Sprockettes bicycle performance collective. She is infamous for fighting evil crime - reclaiming a stolen bike! Synchronized bike dancing was created in Portland by the Sprockettes and has spread to Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle, Eugene and rainy Manchester. When Agent Chaos relocated to San Francisco she started the Derailleurs with Hollis Hawthorne, Agent Verve. While the Sprockettes color theme pink, the Derailleurs theme turquiose and bling. Awesomely happy news so far.

Hollis was traveling in India with her boyfriend and was very severely injured in a motorcycle accident. She is in a hospital in India in a coma. All the details, which are not a happy story, are related by Hollis' boyfriend who saved her life at

Agent Chaos, Hollis BFF for sure, sprung into action and has activated an international network to help Hollis. She has helped Hollis' parents set up all the medical help needed in California and convinced the Stanford Medical Center to donate care. A non profit group has been established, Paypal donation, websites, blogs, Google groups. It is a huge collective effort. Through the magic of the Internet Hollis' friends and friends of friends are organizing everywhere to help. The mothership for these efforts is So we are definitely into the pretty awesomely good news zone.

The big focus is to get Hollis home and to Stanford which requires an air ambulance service, with accompanying doctor to keep her alive. Donations have been coming in in small amounts, Obama-style. There are benefits in New York City, San Francisco, Austin, Atlanta, Ottawa, Salt Lake and one in Portland.

Portland's benefit is a FUNdraiser and celebration. That means FUN with Japanther, members of The Yard Dogs Road Show, Riot Cop, Drunken Boat, Early Times, a performance by The Sprockettes and a kissing booth. If you are in a bling mood, gold attire is encouraged!

It is Tuesday March 10th, 316 NW 4th 7PM Donation 100% to Hollis $5-$2000.

Spread the word and make some good news!