Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 21+ Pancake Raga Music 24/7

Saturday is your full rainy day of potential fun. The Box Game is a traveling participatory art project. The creators are traveling everywhere in March to gain your participation in a gigantic sort of Monte Carlo simulation. At each location, the sealed black box will be set up. Participants, you, fill out a secret ballot proposing a description of what is in the box. At the end of the month long multi-city process, the organizers will read all the ballots and construct their interpretation of the amalgam. Then you can find out the impact of your guess at their web site The Portland instance is at the Pancake Clubhouse Historic Township and Activity Destination for the Living arts (welcomes you). Later there is a music performance with Mikah Sykes and the Pearly Everlasting, Love Menu, Sleep Togetherand Ben Kamen in the small space. At 906A NE 24th Pancakes and game 9:30AM-noon, music 7PM-11 Free

Now take a nap to recharge.

Kalakendra presents a non-traditional mashup of North and South Indian musicians, also interesting as it is a jugalbhandi, a performance by two soloists of equal stature, and neither acting solely as lead or accompanist. Shashank Subramanyam, 30 is a leading carnatic flutist; Shahid Parvez Kahn is a renowned sitar performer. Produced by At the Intel Jones Farm conference center auditorium (JFCC). 2111 NE 25th Ave, Hillsboro 7:30PM $20 advance, $25 at the door

The destructiveness of war on all levels is incomprehensible. The United States has been at war in Iraq and Afghanistan for 7 years. To end it we need psychic recharge and music is one path. With this in mind, join in a 24 hour performance by hundreds of Portland musicians meditating on the last 7 years beginning and ending at 7: 24/7.

Hourly musicians perform classical and 20th century music on acoustic instruments mapped by this schedule. Some will be broadcast live here or there. I love the sound of acoustic instruments live and have spent enough time in the recording studio of a music school to be able to hear the difference between live and recorded. As a result, many synths designed to resemble instruments drive me crazy. This is a chance to hear real instruments live in a native habitat.

All of this takes place in the soaring ad agency atrium from 7PM Saturday until 7PM Sunday. End it at 7. At 224 NW 13 Free