Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 29 Bike Pyle 2.0 Dedication

The Zoobombers are a unique anarchy united by their love of riding the MAX to the Zoo with bikes, then riding the bikes back as fast as possible, then repeating. You are a Zoobomber if you ride. There are no leaders.

The Zoobombers favor minibikes, the dollar thrift store kid bikes with wheels under 13 inches - they are easy to bring on the train and ridiculous to ride. You have seen them locked to a post across from Roccos.

The city commissioned artist Vanessa Renwick and Brian Borello to develop a public sculpture to store the bikes between Zoobombs. The artists worked with the Zoobombers to collaboratively design the sculpture. If you know Borello's public sculptures and Renwick's film projects you know why they are a perfect fit for collaboration. Tonight everybody's work and fun are unveiled!

The whole project is a beautiful improbable collaboration, what Portland likes.

Here is the rundown: Meet @ holy rack (Pyle 1.0, Roccos) 4:30PM, Parade to new pyle (SW 13th and Stark) 5, Dedication by Sam Adams 5:20PM, Singalong 6, Bike performances by the Sprockettes 6:20PM, Celebration at the Ace Cleaners, after. Animal costumes encouraged! Free