Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 31 Micki Skudlarczyk's Speaks on Viceral Art

Micki Skudlarczyk is a sculptor and ceramicist. Her work is not the type intended for dispassionate viewing from a distance. It resembles organs, something we all have; we visualize them schematically, from drawings, but really going inside is tough. It is the work of gross anatomy students, hunters, surgeons and butchers.

Some of her ceramic sculptures draw the viewer in with little cubbyholes just big enough for a hand, and with unexpected tactile experiences therein.

For this show she works large. Her room size sculpture is constructed of butchering waste, perhaps it is like being inside a whale. It is not alive, but we know by the unfamiliar but familiar smell and texture it is something like us inside.

For the show closing Skudlarczyk speaks. At 534 SE Oak, 1PM Free