Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 29 Contemporary Architecture in China and Painting on Vinyl

Yung Ho Chang is a world architect, spanning a practice in Beijing and role as head of the architectural design department at MIT. He was the designer of the China Design Now installation at the Victoria and Albert Museum (Ziba was the designer for Portland). That China is undergoing an unprecedented building boom is no secret. That has created an opportunity for Chinese architects. Chinese in large cities are experiencing firsthand first rate architecture by international firms, the process of experience that informs aesthetics. Over time it will be interesting to see new aesthetic streams emerging China and diffusing into the rest of the world. Chang's designs relate strongly to the Mies, Kahn and Cloepfil branches of contemporary architecture while incorporating current green and sustainable vectors. Chang speaks at the Portland Art Museum auditorium www.pam.org 1219 SW Park 7PM-midnight $5 members

Vinyl Killers is a project to reuse vinyl music discs as visual art canvas. Founded in the Everett Station Lofts in 2003, it returns with a vengeance to Goodfoot tonight. Goodfoot has a ton of wallspace, especially in relation to small affordable works - it can be visually overwhelming. Luckily the opening is from 5PM to 2AM, though art judgement through beer goggles can be suspect. The works will be online for sale at the Goodfoot website after November 1. At Goodfoot 2845 SE Stark 5PM-2AM Free