Friday, October 09, 2009

October 9 Soft Floating Jelly Sound

Soft sculptor, jewelry maker, painter and puppet creator Anna Weber has made beautiful and strange costumes for sometime Portland musicians Hoolganship and Mirah. Tonight see her paintings and necklaces opening at NATIONALE 2730 E Burnside

China Design Now opens to the public tomorrow at the Portland Art Museum. It was curated by Lauren Parker and Hongxing Zhang at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Portland has many creatives deeply immersed in the emerging Chinese youth culture including John Jay who has facilitated the Portland exhibition: the Jelly Generation and Floating World Comics who curated a show of underground comix from China including 54boy, Menz, Zao, Guo Qi, Leng Leng, Jiu Haoming, Er Dong, Ann and Wo Wo. Opens tonight in the Goldsmith Building 32 NW 5th

Meanwhile over at Worksound is an instance of the PNCA graduates and instructors show that is going on all over town. Carl Diehl, Tracey Cockrell, Lennie Pitkin present sculptures, sound, video, photographs themed Memory / Frequency. At 9:30 is a live performance by Weird Fiction: Carl Diehl, Mack McFarland, jeff Richardson, Zack Benfinld and Vihn Manson. "They employ an array of obsolete video mixers, recursive digital devices, live percussion and assorted cine-molecular interventions, exploding and exploring vidsonic trajectories in real-time. A nebulous ensemble of artists and musicians." At Worksound 820 SE Alder