Tuesday, December 01, 2009

December 3 Westside Art Openings

Dill Pickle Club, with roots in the zine community, presents actvites as varied as film series and bike trips. They are holding an art show-event series-zine shop, WORK | PROGRESS. Artists include: Icky A, Brad Adkins, Moe Bowstern, Carye Bye, Bill Daniel, Dyslexxis, Harrell Fletcher, Sarah Gottesdiener, Sam Gould, Anna Gray, MK Guth, Ariana Jacob, Kendra Larson, Ian Lynam, Eric Mast, Justin Scrappers Morrison, Michael Parich, Ryan Wilson Paulsen, Brittany Powell, Khris Soden, Bwana Spoons, Matthew Stadler, Nim Wunnan and Pete Yahnke. Opening night has music by Cape Perpetua and the Niekrasz Jenkins Duet. Two special books join the offering: Brains, Brilliancy, Bohemia: Art & Politics in Jazz-Age Chicago and Art for the Millions: The Enduring Legacy of the WPA. The show-store-happening will be open Wednesday – Sunday 12PM-6 until January 3 with interim events as noted at www.dillpickleclub.com/events/. At the Eyeful Gallery in the Everett Lofts, NW 6th and Everett. Opening 6PM-9 tonight

The Oregon Painting Society sets the controls for the heart of the sun with their new installation, Radiant Dream Face. They are recipients of the copywriting award of the month: "Radiant Dream Face is a control room on board a starship fashioned from the dreams and detritus of late-20th century West Coast America... We're not looking at a UFO from the outside; we're inviting the public to come inside the ship. The general aesthetics of our shows reflect the group's ongoing fascination with the look and philosophies behind the new age and human potential movements, mass-produced consumer goods, DIY home improvement trends, suburban utopianism, and psychedelic transcendentalism. ...Radiant Dream Face finds our collective vision skewed away slightly from the rough, pagan feel of past efforts toward a more elegant, sci-fi inspired sensibility. The objects and the method of their arrangement in the gallery willfully distort, defy and establish lines between a number of different interior spaces - intimate domestic setting, office workspace, house of worship, and performance stage are all evoked. There is a feeling of a community space, a shared harmonious reality. The interactive aspect of the show (feel free to touch!) is an invitation not just to take a tour of the ship, but also to try flying it."

In the Autzen Gallery. Neuberger Hall, Room 205, 725 SW Harrison. Opening 4PM-6

Additional group shows in the MK Gallery, PSU Art Building, Room 207, 2000 SW 5th. Opening 4PM-6 and the Video Gallery, 24x7 in the same building street side.

Compound presents Neither Here Nor There work by Portlander Ren Sakurai, with some work resembling the great Japanese designer Yokoo Tadanori. He shows with bright impressionist Taka Sudo. At Compound Gallery www.compoundgallery.com 107 NW 5th

DJ and fashion designer Genevieve Dellinger presents 4/4, blankets of tapestry inspired by random visual patterns in the world mashing up with the strict structure of dance music. At Stumptown www.stumptowncoffee.com 128 SW 3rd

Portland sculptor and PNCA professor Manuel Izquierdo recently passed and Russo is mounting a retrospective. Izquierdo's sculptures will be immediately familiar, from the world of Portland public art. At Laura Russo Gallery www.laurarusso.com 805 NW 21st

Continuing its animal theme Mary Frey shows taxidermy photos at Blue Sky. She received her MFA in photography from Yale pre-Crewdson, most of her other work does involve people. For this series, she uses an archaic chemical photo process, fragile ambrotypes, as a metaphor for the decay of formerly wild life in natural history museum displays. With ironic photos of amusement parks by Reiner Riedler. At Blue Sky Gallery www.blueskygallery.org 122 NW 8th

Julianna Bright shows Our Songs of Experience, illustration style work. Opening night, her band, the Golden Bears, play songs from their new recording by the same name, at 7:30. At Fontanelle www.fontanellegallery.com 205 SW Pine

The Everett Lofts and associated spaces, bounded by NW Broadway, Everett, 6th and Flanders are always recommended for your viewing pleasure. It takes less time for you to see them all, than for me to research them all. Enjoy!