Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 22 Stock

Stock is a homemade dinner of local ingredients enabling small scale grants to artists. The results are immediate, one month, the diners select an artist, the next month they see the results. It's a project of artists who have been part of the social practice art program at PSU. This month's candidate artist projects are from Rachel Peddersen & Mia Nolting, Hannah Jickling and Lori Gilbert, Jolyn Fry, Nicole Lavelle, Public Social University, Michael Reinsch, Lisa Schonberg and Shawn Creeden, Sea Change Gallery, Shelby Davis and Crystal Schenk, Working Theatre Collective and Pete Yahnke. It's at PNCA 6PM-8 $10 but it is at capacity. Regrets only to portlandstock at gmail dot com.