Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 14-16 Uncanny Valley

Uncanny Vally is the latest work in progress by Portland's Hand2Mouth Theater. They are one of Portland's smallest, yet they consistently produce modern theater, perform in Europe and do it all on the most efficient of budgets.

Uncanny Vally continues a Hand2Mouth theme of developing performances based on the life experiences of the performers themselves. We all have deep sensory memories. The smells, sights, sounds and touch of our lives.

The Uncanny Valley is the place where one performer experiences their sensory memories related by a different performer. It's an audience moving experience. We have all had those experiences.

Further the piece is constructed around a conceit of travel to some outer space in which the characters explore memory and its dangers.

The piece recalls Dumb Type's Memorandum.

Hand2Mouth presents the current evolution of the continuing Uncanny Valley project at Reed in the theater. Leave extra time to find it if you are not familiar with the campus More information at Friday - Sunday 7:30PM, and Sunday 4. $8