Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 20 Art Spark Games Vendetta

Increasingly game is an organizing principle of interaction. See Jessie Schell's thoughts on our all game, on game, world.

Art Spark is a meetup for artists and arts administrators for networking. This month adds a curators theme in the persona of Tilt Export.

Tilt is an exhibition project by Jenene Naggy and Josh Smith, artist curators. They operated a respected space, Tilt, in the Everett Lofts, focused on minimalist-influenced installation. Now Tilt operates in opportunistic spaces as Tilt Export.

Game like, Naggy and Smith are soliciting exhibition proposals by you, artists, at this event. You can speak directly to the curators, one on two. It's not reality television. It's not location-based SCVNGR gaming. It's reality reality in an art world location. Several other curators will also be seeking artists.

So welcome to the artist-curator game. Bring a proposal and resume. You should also email an image to with Art Spark in subject. That may become part of the evening image show and will give you extra game points with the curators. at Vendetta 4306 N Williams 5PM-7 Free