Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 27-29 Seattle Portland

With a name like the Degenerate Art Ensemble you can't go wrong. And having seen them many times I can verify they are awesome. This is not an official DAE project, but it does include many DAE performers and is flavored similarly.

The plot: "Red Ridinghood faces off with her grandmother, a broken doll comes to life, a forest is born within a warehouse."

There will be a live string quartet and collaborators include Haruko Nishimura (dance), Jason Puccinelli (scenic design), Ela Lamblin (sculptural instrument), Leo Mayberry (video), Dohee Lee (dance/percussion/voice), Joshua Kohl (music), Jherek Bischoff (music), Christine Tschirgi (costume).

It's free!

At West Seattle, 2414 SW Andover Street Building F-105, Seattle WA. 7PM-8 Free

Meanwhile Portland's awesome BodyVox now has BodyVox-2, the second unit. They perform pieces originally from the BodyVox founders as part of the Fertile Ground Festival. At BodyVox Studios, 1201 NW 17th Map 7:30PM (&2 Saturday) $15, check the website for tickets or use your Fertile Ground pass.