Friday, April 01, 2011

April 1 Eastside Art Openings +

At 811 Central

Golden Rule has a show publicized by puzzling interchanges with the artist. We love meta, so stop by to see the outcome. Trust the Golden Rule. At Golden Rule Gallery 811 E Burnside, Suite 122 in the back

Black Box Gallery opens tonight upstairs. Savvy-brainy curator Todd Johnson has made it. The first show is an open call. Suite 212 upstairs

Redux has Brent Superstar. I mean how can you argue with a superstar? The artist is well known in Portland for works on Alberta and in the City Art network. You can't go wrong with this artist who has newly undertaken a more caricature style. At Redux 811 E Burnside Free

Nationale has Portland painter Jaik Faulk. At Nationale 811 E Burnside Map

All 811 East Burnside

Up the street Lille Boutique has Valerie Joan Taylor. The boutique's merchandise is sweet and romantic. But their art shows are unafraid at venturing into more complex elements of the female psyche. This show is more medium light side. At Lille Boutique 1007 E Burnside

Newspace has a show connected to the Photolucida curatorial process. That has resulted in an international show by emerging photographers Thomas Alleman, Justyna Badach, Claire Beckett, Kendrick Brinson, Christopher Capozziello, Tom Chambers, Christopher Churchill, Sam Comen, Kirk Crippens, Mitch Dobrowner, Natan Dvir, Daniela Edburg, Matt Eich, Ethan Eisenberg, Dima Gavrysh, Kevin German, Elin Hoyland, Jessica Hines, Joseph O. Holmes, Norihisa Hosaka, Mary Shannon Johnstone, Loli Kantor, Dianne Kornberg, Alejandra Laviada, Stephen Mallon, Rania Matar, Annie Marie Musselman, Louie Palu, Rachel Phillips, Benjamin Rasmussen, Christopher Rauschenberg, Frank Relle, Justine Reyes, Jeff Rich, Lynn Saville, Traer Scott, Manjari Sharma, Jeff Sheng, Tim Simmons, Pavel Maria Smejkal, Yisook Sohn, S. Gayle Stevens, Jamey Stillings, Amy Thompson Avishai, Daniel Traub, Kevin Van Aelst, Alvaro Villela, and Corinne Vionnet. Newspace is a great proponent of up to date photography. At Newspace Photo 1632 SE 10th

Photography is magic. Today it is electromagic. But yesterday it was chemomagic. That is the essence of this show of "alternative" photographic printing processes. Well worth seeing. At 23Sandy 623 NE 23 at Sandy 5PM-8 Free

We enter the emergence of the new generation of Portland-schooled artists. Keep an eye here for shows by recent graduates, though we guarantee we don't cover everything. PSU and PNCA have done well integrating themselves with art making machinery publicity vehicles. Lewis and Clark is on the upswing too, curating its own at the Car Hole Gallery and Labrador. The newest class opens shows this evening in the L&C main gallery, usually host to prestigious international artists. At Lewis and Clark College Opening 5PM-8 Free