Wednesday, April 06, 2011

April 7 Westside Art Openings

Elizabeth Leach gallery has Upstate, mixed media sculpture by Sean Healey. The show is themed on the loss of American manufacturing in his home town. There are also snapshots by poet Alan Ginsberg and friends, of Alan Ginsberg and friends. At Elizabeth Leach Gallery 417 NW 9th Map

Holly Andres has a new body of dramatic domestic photography. Andres is the best in the Northwest at constructing these situations and is a national figure to watch. At Charles Hartman Fine Art 134 NW 8th

Blair Saxon-Hill, known for painting and prints, has Tonal Sequence, collage, at the new Fourteen30 itinerant space. It's really quite elegant work. The raw material is printed matter, some samples containing recognizable photographic content, but what makes the work, work, are the other elements that are halftone dot printed elements which compose a tone and space poem. Outstanding. Temporary quality art spaces hosted by developers is a great trend we woud like to see more of in Portland, and this building is one of the more design-oriented recent efforts. At Fourteen30 Gallery 937 NW Glisan 6PM-8

Blue Sky has landscape and skyscape photographers. Michael Light makes aerial photographs of the built landscape in the West. This is the more interesting work for me, high resolution huge contrast-y prints, another look at our impact on the landscape. Mitch Dobrowner makes photographs of sky storms from the ground. map 122 NW 8th

The UO White Box Gallery and video space within Grey Box have great shows this month. Hung Keung has an elegant video installation that is best experienced with another person or a group - ask how it works to make it yours. In the main space are outsider style portraits with a twist - their stories. The artist Daniel Heyman is also showing at Linfield College. At White Box in the White Stag Block 24 NW First. Opening reception 6PM-8 Free

Augen has a selection of gallery artists Grace Weston and David Leventhal, working in miniatures, and Phil Bard classical monochrome landscape maker, all working in photography. At Augen Gallery 716 NW Davis

Froelick has photographers Susan Seubert showing < r e s t r a i n t >, Ron van Dongen showing Proof, and Theresa Wingert showing Cinema Deconstructed. At 714 NW Davis

The Everett Lofts at the corner of NW Everett and Broadway are recommended, easier to see them all than to write about one.

Reading Frenzy has This Garden of Eden, primitive style figuartive work by musician Rachel Blumberg. At Reading Frenzy 921 SW Oak

The Seasons Reverse: Leaps of Time and Distance is by music photographer and mail artist Jaclyn Campanaro. At Valentines 232 SW Ankeny Art 9PM, Free

This month Photolucida touches down in Portland, so just about every gallery in the city has photo shows. Those that aren't are showing illustration-comic art connected to the Stumptown Comics show this month.