Thursday, February 27, 2014

February 28 China Art Close

This show opened on our snow day. It is closing tonight with a reception 6PM-8.

Changjiang River waves behind drive the waves ahead. China. It is big. It is changing fast. It has all the communication overlays of, say the United States. Internet usage is higher and social media, mobile everything are thriving. The country is largely optimistic. The family structure is strong. Even so, it is hard to follow China from afar, and on the ground, the view is limited by the geographic extent and shear numbers. And I have to say I find lecturing China as immature.

University of Oregon professor of Contemporary Art History and Theory, Jenny Lin, has gathered a sample of contemporary art across media and geography. They are presented in a deep dive in her courses. And for you they are on display in Portland.

Artists include John Alexander, Chang He, Patty Chang, Chen Fei, Chen Xiaofeng, Chen Yina, Chen Yuan, Gu Zheng, Hai Liang, He Pei, Hu Chengwei, Huang Shizun, Huang Xiaoliang, Ji Tao, Jin Xu, Jing Yi, David Kelley, Liu Jiajia, Liu Jianhua, Liu Jie, Liu Kai, Liu Tao, Liu Wanyi, Liu Yanpeng, Liu Yuanyuan, Luo Dan, Ning Zhouhao, Tong Dazhuang, Wang Wenlong, Wang Peibei, Wu Pengfei, Xie Ying, Xu Yang, Jay Yan, Yan Yibo, Yang Ming, Ye Baoliang, Zhang Wenfeng, Zhang Xiao, Zhang Yujiao and Zi Bai.

The Chinese art world is unimaginatively vast and China is minting large numbers of MFA's per year.

By Whitebox Gallery at the University of Oregon White Stag Building, 70 NW Couch Closing reception 6PM-8.