Friday, February 28, 2014

March 1 Notice to Selfies: Steer Country to Peace Corps Planet Christmas

Alicia Eler is curator, writer and artist. Yes, today, you can have it all. Her show Self(ie) Portraits closes today. She speaks in person on her work exploring the edges between social media selfies and artist self portraits. At UpFor Gallery 929 NW Flanders 11:30AM

Many people have given up on politics. That plan is a tactic by some of the most cynical: make politics so dirty that supporters of your opposition give up in disgust. Then you can eat the whole cake and get all the properties on the monopoly board. Unfortunately that tactic is working. If you let it. Portland, Oregon and the Northwest has an increasingly powerful congressional delegation. One is Senator Ron Wyden. He hosts one of the periodic town halls he holds throughout the state today. The Senator and staff are here to listen to you. Which is how it's supposed to work. Cool. Arrive early. Oregon Senator Ron Wyden town hall at the Multnomah Arts Center 7688 SW Capitol Highway 2PM Free

We have visited Peace Corps volunteers on station, worked with NGO staffers who are former Peace Corps, met UN officials who were influenced to follow world changing careers because they observed Peace Corps volunteers in their home town in Zaire and we knew the gentleman who designed the Peace Corps at its founding using an ethnographic approach.

So we think the Peace Corps is A-OK, in fact, it is the best it can be. It is one of our country's greatest accomplishments.

If you are interested in possibly joining the Peace Corps they are having an in-person event today. You can meet returned volunteers with their stories.

There are significant student loan benefits involved and the Peace Corps is a great spot between undergrad and graduate school in a variety of fields, for international business, NGO's and State.

You can gather some first-hand information today beyond this introduction, on the Peace Corps, at Hip Bone Studio 1847 E Burnside St., #104 4PM-5:30 Free

Not sure what to make of this one. Artist Kathryn Andrews presents a performance For Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (Continuous Roll). The plan is audience participation. Should be might be fun! At Disjecta, in the shadow of Paul Bunyan 8371 N. Interstate Map Doors 7:30PM, performance 8 Free

And today, all day, is Dynamic Range Day! 8dB may not sound like a large thing, but in the music world, it is.