Friday, March 07, 2014

March 8 Black Chime Metal Music Machine

Many curators are artists. They can be quite creative in their rivalries. And of course the biennial is opening tonight. So.

The International Invitational Triennial of Contemporary Wind Chimes opens tonight. Artists include Brad Adkins, Portland, OR; Jesse Albrecht, Bozeman, MT; Chase Allgood, Portland, OR; Ásmundur Ásmundsson, Reykjavik, ICE; Dan Attoe, Washougal, WA; Gordon Barnes, Portland, OR; Steve Beatty, Portland, OR; Chase Biado, Portland, OR; Philippe Blanc, Paris, FR; Keith Boadwee, Emeryville, CA; Mike Bray, Eugene, OR; Nadia Buyse, Portland, OR; Sean Joseph Patrick Carney, Brooklyn, NY; Brenden Clenaghen, Portland, OR; Bruce Conkle, Portland, OR; Fiona Connor, LA, CA; David Corbett, Portland, OR; David Dunlap, Iowa City, IA; Grier Edmundson, Montreal, CAN; Alex Felton, Portland, OR; Derek Franklin, NY, NY; Eric Franklin, Portland, OR; Mary George, London, ENG; Matthew Green, LA, CA; Amelie Guerin, Montreal, CAN; Alex Felton, Portland, OR; Linda Ford, San Francisco, CA; Jason Hirata, Seattle, WA; KeKe Hunt, SF, CA; Flint Jamison, Portland, OR; Sarah Johnson, Las Vegas, NV; Kristan Kennedy, Portland, OR; Brian Kennon, LA, CA; Arnold Joseph Kemp, Richmond, VA; Jennifer Locke, SF, CA; Brendan Lott, LA, CA; Marne Lucas, NY, NY; Pam Martin, Marin, CA; Alicia McDaid, Portland, OR; Mack McFarland, Portland, OR; Michelle Liccardo, Portland, OR; Reuben Lorch Miller, NY, NY; Thomas Moecker, Leipzig, DE; Donald Morgan, Eugene, CA; FUCK MOUNTAIN, Portland, OR; Lucas Murgida, SF, CA; Johann Neumeister, Vienna, AU; Paul Nudd, Chicago, IL; Joshua Pieper, San Francisco, CA; Ralph Pugay, Portland, OR; Amy Rathbone, San Francisco, CA; Sean Regan, Portland, OR; Michael Reinsch, Portland, OR; William Rihel, Portland, OR; Gary Robbins, Portland, OR; Zach Rose, Seattle, WA; Jay Schmidt, Bozeman, MT; Krystal South, Portland, OR; Tim Stigliano, Portland, OR; Brian Storts, Ventura, CA; Jesse Sugarmann, LA, CA; Tim Sullivan, San Francisco, CA; Joe Thurston, Portland, OR; Ian Treasure, San Francisco, CA and Ian Trout, LA, CA & Carl Alexander, HOU, TX. Moar chimes! At Rocksbox Fine Art 6540 N Interstate Map 8PM-11 Free

Chiaroscuro is a conceptual performance by Matt Doyle. He has perfected the wall surfaces of the Recess Gallery, painted them black, then painted them white. Tonight's show is the documentation. Recess will also release a book on curation and custody by Tori Abernathy, gallery principal, artist and curator. Doyle is the sound designer for film Automated Futures. It places high frequency trading of financial instruments in the context of the post industrial decline of the rust belt economy. The vehicle is a road trip along a privately owned $300 million optical communication cable built by Spread Networks which connects the Nasdaq and NY Stock Exchange data centers in New Jersey with the Chicago board of trade. It also connects to a large multi tenant data center building owned by Google in Chelsea. While there are many fibers on that route, this one is a few milliseconds faster because it is shorter.

At RECESS at Oregon Brassworks Building, 1127 SE 10th Map 7PM-10

Metal Music Machine is a lengthy and legendary noise work by musician Lou Reed. Tonight is is reprised by March Music Moderne, presenter of dozens of events of 21st century music around town. Joan Laage, Sheri Brown and Alan Sutherland, butoh artists from Seattle perform. At Three Friends Coffee House 201 Se 12th 11PM Free