Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 17 Whither Society?

Photolucida is an international curation and art photographer resource based in Portland. Tonight they bring photographer and documentary filmmaker Lauren Greenfield to present her work.

Cultural processes sometimes produce extremes which are not in accord with human values. A certain direction, value or behavior can be amplified, becoming its own end, unteathered. Greenfield is noted for her photography of young women, the societal psychodynamics of beauty, and her documentary Thin. She continuously seeks new moving documentary and still photography projects focused on individuals in relation to common social narratives. Her topic tonight is "From Gordon Gekko to The Queen of Versailles: A journey in pictures, film, and culture", including an exploration of her documentary on an extreme example of the 2008 financial bubble.

Photolucida at the W+K atrium. RSVP required info (at) At W+K 224 NW 13th Map 7PM Free

The other event tonight is Happening#12 organized by the PSU Time Art Club. It's a sprawling Spring rain edition with live music by step kid and Ch2, video by Riley King, Isaac Fletcher Weiss & Tim Ferrell, diva runway for Frankie Knuckles by Manny Layers, Two-Minute Party by Stephanie J. Brachmann, live painting by Leif J. Lee, installations by Annalise Reinhardt & Kayleigh Nelson and performances by LICHI & Jah Justice. Time Arts Club All ages. In the PSU Art Building parking garage SW 5th and Jackson. 7PM-9 Free