Wednesday, April 02, 2014

April 2 Ducks, Dolls & Robots: a Genealogy of Socio-Technical Anxieties

This blog is mostly about visual art. Sometimes performance. Art and performance interesting to us and maybe to you. But we sometimes dip into other events which may be interesting to you too.

Ethnography and anthropology applied to current time are in my toolkit. Those tools of mine are well worn. One of the uses for that type of tool is the coadaption of people to change. Technology is its own self-generating change agent. The response of individuals to that change is the topic of a talk tonight.

Genevieve Bell is an anthropologist who leads a team of anthropologists who study how people use technology, and how they might use future technology. You can find many videos of her talks by search.

Tonight she speaks about about technology anxiety and coping in a talk - Ducks, Dolls & Robots: a Genealogy of Socio-Technical Anxieties. We will see if she taps narrative as a coping tool.

The talk is at Puppet Labs (thanks Puppet Labs!) 926 NW 13th 2nd floor. Arrive early event could reach capacity. Doors 6:30PM, intro 7, talk follows. $5