Monday, June 02, 2014

June 6 Shine a Light

Social Practice Art. Portland is world leader.

Social Practice Art, or social sculpture in the words of Joseph Beuys, is artists facilitating creative actions in others. It might be open source art.

Art museums protect, preserve and contextualize physical works, often spanning millennia. Slow art culture.

Shine a Light is social practice artists taking over the Museum for an evening of interactive participation, by you, in the moment, not in millennia.

Tonight there will be food and drink in the courtyard and ballroom. A chance to make art from cardboard boxes, movement performance by dancers and by you. DJs. Art discussions by you. Sound healing. Karaoke. Your stories, broadcast. Tarot. Drawing. More.

The museum will be filled with some of the most interesting people in Portland. It's an opportunity for you to share in the experience with them.

The full program, and there will be handouts there night of to plan your explorations, are found here:

There is also a participatory workshop for artists Friday through Sunday, Assembly. That program is an opportunity to practice social practice art making, and to sleep over in the Museum Saturday evening. More:

$5 Museum members; $15 general admission; Free for children 17 and under; $5 for College Pass holders; $12 for college students. Tickets available online in advance. Will likely sell out and have long ticket lines night of.

Shine a Light at the Portland Art Museum 1219 SW Park 6PM-midnight $5-15