Tuesday, October 07, 2014

October 9 Design Video Architecture

As part of design week, Artist vs Designer is a panel discussion and shirt silk screening event. Adam Garcia, Damien Gilley, Calvin Ross Carl, and Phillip Stewart speak at 7. 4-7 is interaction, a photo booth and screen printing. Bring something to screen. At One Grand Gallery www.onegrandgallery.com 1000 E Burnside 4PM-9 Free

Apr├Ęs-Upfor is a new evening dark time video programs available through the window from the sidewalk. The first is a 30 minute loop, Becoming is a Secret Process by Rose Dickson. It is a live painting video. Until December 10. At UpFor Gallery www.upforgallery.com 929 NW Flanders 6:30PM Free

Architecture. It is ever changing, slowly. The modern international style, of Mies Van Der Rohe, dominated world architecture, and survives to today. Postmodern architecture and design attempted to break that mold by sampling and combining styles across eras. The Portland Building was the first example in the world. Frankly, I like it. It was designed by Michael Graves who later brought houseware in the postmodernist Memphis style popular in Italy to Target. At the American Institute of Architecture conference post the award of the design to the architect, buttons "I Don't Dig Graves" were in abundance.

Nonetheless, it is one of less than 5 buildings in the region of international architectural significance. (Portland Building, Commonwealth Building, W+K, Mt Angel Abbey Library)

Tonight the Portland Art Museum and Bright lights brings Michael Graves at 80 to speak about his design journey. Graves became disabled from an infection and has devoted himself to designs for enabling mobility. He also speaks on potential future modernizations of the building.

At the Portland Art Museum in the sunken ballroom of the Mark (Masonic Temple). 1211 SW Park 7PM $10